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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Using Youtube Videos To Attract Customers

Helping entrepreneurs increase their ranking in search engine results is extremely important says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is because if a business appears on anything but page 1 of Google results, they are virtually invisible. Customers will not go past page 1 to look for a product, service or business that they are looking for. Therefore, it is extremely important that entrepreneurs not only are appearing on the first page. But that they do it they can to appear as high up as they can, because that will increase the chances of customers first of all seeing their business, and second of all clicking on the link to take them to the website.

One mistake that many entrepreneurs often make, is that all they have to do once they create a website is to buy a bunch of Google ads, and they will appear in the first page. And while this strategy might work says Edmonton accounting firms. It is not effective in helping an entrepreneur convert shoppers into customers. If they do not first of all have the Google reviews to backup their business, customers may see their business, but they will not be inspired to buy from the business.

88% of all consumers look online in order to find a business use. And those people that are looking online, will use Google reviews in their purchasing decision. If an entrepreneur has either none or very few reviews for their business, that will negatively impact consumers decision to purchase from that business. Therefore, it is extremely important that entrepreneurs get Google reviews first, before they start buying ads.

However, once an entrepreneur gets forty Google reviews in their business, they should not start purchasing ads next says Edmonton accounting firms. There still things that entrepreneurs can do that is completely free, that can help them appear higher up in the organic search results, so that they can be more likely to convert those people into their customers.

Edmonton accounting firm says that by creating content, entrepreneurs will help ensure that their page appears relevant to search results, have Google put them higher up on the page of Google results. By doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are attracting the most customers that they can as cost-effectively as possible. Once an entrepreneur has started to generate business, they can worry about spending money to attract customers, but until they have exhausted this method, business owners should use whatever free methods they can.

Therefore, entrepreneurs can focus on creating content for their website, and then most number of pages that they can create that have a thousand words or more will help their business get seen by more potential customers. A have to do, is work with Edmonton accounting firms to create a list of all of the topics that they are going to create articles for, so that they can spend less time thinking of topics, and more time creating that content for their website.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Using Youtube Videos To Attract Customers

While many entrepreneurs believe that creating content might be an effective method that they can use to increase traffic to their business says Edmonton accounting firms. Many entrepreneurs do not do this, because they do not believe that it is possible that they can create the content needed. And while if business owners were writing a thousand words by hand, it might be very difficult to do, there are tiebacks that entrepreneurs can use that will help them create that content quickly as well as consistently.

The time hack that business owners can use is speaking the words instead of writing them. This to work, Edmonton accounting firm says that all an entrepreneur needs to do is videotape themselves speaking about their business for about ten minutes. In ten minutes, most people should be able to get a thousand words or more, and then transcribing that video, and not nor can end up in a very short amount of time with a thousand words depend on their website.

Even half the day of creating videos can help an entrepreneur end up with several pages of content for their website says Edmonton accounting firms. And while many business owners are very shy about appearing on camera, they need to realize that nobody even needs to see these videos in order for them to be effective.

In addition to transcribing videos, and putting that on their website, Edmonton accounting firms says there is other things that an entrepreneur can do it is most mileage out of this videos possible. They can put the video on YouTube. And again, many business owners are very concerned that this, because they do not want to appear on a video. If they do not promote video, chances are very low that anyone will see it, it just important to have a video on YouTube says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is so that they can appear in the YouTube search engine results. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, being able to be found this way is very important.

In addition to posting their video on YouTube, entrepreneurs can also posted onto their own website, getting a lot of mileage out of when small ten minute video. By creating a list of all of the topics that an entrepreneur is going to speak about, can help them avoid doing the videos because I cannot think of what to say. Not only is it important for an entrepreneur to create content for their website. They need to ensure that they are creating new content on a regular basis in order to remain relevant to the Google search engines.

When entrepreneurs are able to tap into this time hack of creating content very quickly, they will be able to consistently add content their website, that will help them be seen as relevant by Google search engines. This will allow them to be seen by more potential customers, and be likely to sell more products and services to more people.