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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Search Engine Optimization With Youtube Videos

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs understand that it is very important to optimize search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms. Without doing that, entrepreneurs are virtually powerless at attracting customers to their business. Therefore, business owners need to learn what they can do to ensure that they are attracting as many customers through search engine results as possible.

Business owners should understand that there are four factors that are going to help them get their website ranked. They are mobile compliance, SEO compliant, the number of Google reviews they have in their business, and the most HTML content. By understanding these for aspects, business owners can ensure that they are helping their business find many customers as possible, as early as they can of their business.

In order to ensure that they are both mobile compliance and S E O compliant, a business owner simply has to ensure that they are hiring web designer that is familiar with these, and will build their website that way. Mobile compliant is important, because since the majority of searches are being done on mobile devices, if a business owner does not have a website that can be seen on a mobile device easily, they can miss out on important sales. The S E O compliance is important, because this help the Google search engines read the information on their website, so that they can rank it in their search results. This ultimately means says Edmonton accounting firms that designers should be building their websites on WordPress. WordPress was designed by a man who asked Google the best way to build websites to help businesses get rankings. Therefore, if not nor ensures that there web designer is building a WordPress site for them, they will be far more likely to rank on Google search engine results.

The next one is Google reviews says Edmonton accounting firms. This is extremely important, because not only do they help entrepreneurs rank higher in search engine results. But also, customers who see more Google reviews on an entrepreneur’s business, will be more likely to use them, especially over businesses that have fewer. The minimum number of Google reviews that an entrepreneur should be aiming for immediately in their business is forty. Once they get to forty, not only will they rank higher on Google search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms, but also Google ads are going to be more inexpensive as well. Once they get to forty, entrepreneurs should focus on getting about one every month for the rest of their business is lifetime.

And the most HTML content is extremely important, because this will help the Google search engines see websites that have more pages with more content as more relevant to search results. They use the theory that the more content a website has, the more relevant they are to a search result, and will rank them higher up.

Edmonton accounting firms says that business owners can optimize their search engine results by paying attention to these for things, and ensuring that they are as search engine optimized as possible.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Tickle Bar Search Engine Optimization With Youtube Videos

Many entrepreneurs have heard how important it is to optimize their search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms. And while mobile compliancy and S E O compliancy is very important, it is also very easy to achieve, because an entrepreneur simply has to pay their programmer to do these things for them. The most difficult ones are getting Google reviews, and creating content. However, an entrepreneur simply needs to understand how to ask customers for Google reviews, and they can generate the most Google reviews possible for their business. That means the most difficult one to accomplish by far is creating content.

Google considers content that will help search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms is the number of pages that a website has with a minimum of a thousand words or more on it. This is very difficult to achieve, because many entrepreneurs are limited on the amount of time that they have, that they do not want to spend what little time they do have in their business spending hours writing a thousand word document. However, business owners should rejoice in the fact that Edmonton accounting firms have discovered a time hack that they can use to make this much easier to accomplish.

This time hack discovers a way how business owners can have a thousand written words they are easily. The first thing that businesses need to understand, is that if they are able to talk about their business for ten minutes, they will most likely have spoken thousand words. If they recorded themselves speaking for ten minutes, and then transcribed that video, they would end up with their thousand words very simply and very easily. Therefore, a business owner merely has to create several tenant videos on a variety of topics in order to end up with the content they need to be considered an expert by Google.

The real great thing about this strategy says Edmonton accounting firms, is that if an entrepreneur then posts those videos to YouTube, and then the videos onto their website as well, from one ten minute video, they now have three different pages of content, in addition to tapping into the second most popular search engine in the world: YouTube. The more videos that an entrepreneur can create, the more content they will have for their business. In order to avoid running out of topics, a business owner should sit down with their Edmonton accounting firms and create a business plan that include all of the topics that they need to create. Because, a business owner should aim for creating one new article every week on their website.

Once a notch been our has tapped into this time hack, they can much more easily creates content for their website, which will allow them to be found on Google much more effectively. By doing this, they will be able to ensure that customers are able to find them, so that they can sell their product or service much more effectively.