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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Key Performance Indicators Ten Minute Youtube Videos

One of the biggest challenges that business owners have is that they are unable to find enough customers according to Edmonton accounting firms. In fact, industry Canada did a study and found that half of all Canadian businesses were out of business by the time they reached five years. 42% of those failed businesses said the reason why they were not able to stay in business was because they could not find enough customers for their product or service. Therefore, business owners can significantly increase their chances of success if they write into their business plan how they are planning on finding these customers.

One of the most effective things that entrepreneurs can do as soon as they open their business says Edmonton accounting firms is starts creating contents to put on the Internet. The reason why, is because businesses that have the most HTML content associated with their business are going to rank high in search engine results, resulting in more customers finding them. What this content looks like is creating webpages that have a thousand words on them, or more. If they are able to expedite this process, they are going to be able to find customers even faster, because they are going to rank higher on Google search results.

Many people believe that all they have to do when they open their business in order to get found on Google is to create a website. However, creating a website does not mean that they are going to be found any faster. Therefore, business owners need to find a way to create as much content as they can, as quickly as they can so that their websites can actually start ranking. Edmonton accounting firms recommends that entrepreneurs create ten minute YouTube videos about their business. What these videos will do, is it will give them the ability to be searched on YouTube, and once they put these videos on their website, the help them get ranking there as well. Then, if they simply transcribe those videos, the have their first page with a thousand words on it. Studies have shown that people talking for about ten minutes are going to create about a thousand words.

Once entrepreneurs have created their first few videos, and transcribe them to put them on their website and YouTube, the next stage is to continue doing that. Edmonton accounting firms recommends that once business owners have the first few videos up, that they aim for putting one new video every single week on their website.

Therefore, when business owners who are able to get enough HTML content on the Internet and YouTube as fast as possible send a better chance at being found by customers who are looking. By doing this through YouTube videos and transcribing them, business owners will be able to minimize the failure rate for not being able to find customers, and be more likely to succeed in business.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Key Performance Indicators Ten Minute Youtube Videos

It is very important for business owners to learn what they need to to do in order to be found online by customers says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why this is so important, is because many businesses struggle with finding customers, and it is the number one reason for businesses to fail in Canada. There are actually four different ways that businesses can get ranked on Google, and once they figure out how to do this, they are going to be more likely to succeed.

The first way that business owners need to ensure that they are going to be able to get ranks high on Google is to ensure that their website is mobile compliant. In order to achieve this, all they have to do is talk to their web designer, and ensure that they are creating the website with these specifications. Edmonton accounting firm says that this is one of the easiest to achieve, since all an entrepreneur has to do is pay a web developer to do it for them.

The second way that entrepreneurs can ensure that they are going to get ranked as high as possible on Google, is to ensure that they are as CEO compliance. This is ensuring that their website is created in such a way that Google likes to search. Word press websites are created with this in mind, therefore if entrepreneurs can ensure that their developers using WordPress, they will be able to ensure that their hitting this specification.

The third thing that business owners should be doing according to Edmonton accounting firms is get the highest number of Google reviews that they can. The minimum number before they start being seen both by Google and by customers as being relevant is forty. Once they reach forty Google reviews, not only are Google ads less expensive, they will start ranking higher on search engine results, and they will be found by customers. Once they receive forty Google reviews, then the metric that they should be going for is approximately one every month indefinitely.

The last thing that business owners need to do to be found on Google says Edmonton accounting firms is to have the most HTML content. This is the most difficult to do, and the most content is classified as having the most number of pages that have a minimum of a thousand words or more on its. If business owners can create a plan on how they are going to achieve this, and then continue doing it in their business, they will be more likely to be ranks high on Google search engine results.

By mastering these four factors, business owners cannot only ensure that they are going to rank as high as possible on Google search results. But also, they will be able to be found by more customers, and once they are found by more customers, they can minimize the failure rate. Since 42% of all failed businesses say they were unable to find customers for their product or service, this is going to significantly help business owners avoid this problem, and be much more likely to succeed in business.