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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Rank On Google

Many entrepreneurs are very concerned with how they are going to rank on Google says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is because this is how most customers are finding businesses. In fact, one person mentioned that ranking on Google was like having a Yellow Pages ad several years ago. If you cannot rank on Google, you are not seen as relevant. Therefore, many businesses are working very hard to ensure that they rank on the first page of Google, so that they can get found by their customers.

There are many things that entrepreneurs believe that are efficient ways of getting ranked on Google that are actually not true says Edmonton accounting firms. Many people believe that as soon as they create a website, that they are going to be able to get ranks quite high on Google and this is not true. Also, many businesses think that they can get on the first page of Google by buying lots of Google ads. And while this is effective at getting them on the front page of Google, if they do not have any of the other important things that will help their website rank, all of the customers that are finding them still will not purchase from them.

In order to ensure that they are getting customers to click on the ads that they are purchasing, Edmonton accounting firms says that businesses simply need to get the most number of Google reviews possible. The minimum number before they start getting taken seriously by customers is forty. Not only that, but once they get to forty Google reviews, the Google search engines are going to start ranking them higher as well. However, businesses need to ensure that they are not only getting forty Google reviews and then stopping, once they reach that minimum threshold, they need to be aiming for one new Google review every month to stay relevant.

Once they have forty Google reviews, the next thing that they should be focusing on, is getting the most amount of HTML contents on their website, or on the Internet. Edmonton accounting firms says that this is classified as the most number of pages that have a minimum of a thousand words on each page. What this is doing, is demonstrating to Google that the business owner is a subject matter expert, and has a lot of relevant content. On these pages, a business owner should ensure that the keywords that are associated with their webpages are in the content as well, so that when Google searches the Internet, it comes up with many relevant pages associated with the business.

Edmonton accounting firms says that when business owners are able to get forty Google reviews, and start getting many pages with a thousand words or more, they are going to be seen as more relevance by Google, and start ranking high in search engine results. Also, this is going to help their customers who are finding them in the search engine results click on them, when they see that they have enough Google reviews to be seen as relevant.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Rank On Google

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs are creating plans on how they are going to attract customers says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is because industry Canada says that 42% of all failed Canadian businesses will fail because they have the inability to attract enough customers to their business. Therefore, even before a business owner creates a website, they need to ensure that they have a plan in place on how they are going to attract those customers.

Many entrepreneurs are confused as to how they can start ranking on Google if they do not have a website. But Edmonton accounting firm says it can be very easy as long as they set up a Google my business page first. Not only is this free, but it ensures that from the moment they set up the page, they can start getting searched by their customers, and being found by Google. As soon as they set this up, entrepreneurs should create a strategy on how they are going to start getting Google reviews, and how they are going to start creating content to be put on the Internet.

In order to get the most HTML contents, Edmonton accounting firms says one of the proven strategies is to make YouTube videos. One of the great reasons why this work so well is because YouTube is also the second most common search engine in the world. Therefore, when entrepreneurs are putting content on YouTube, they are getting found by two of the most powerful search engines in the world. Once they have a video, they should work on transcribing that video, and that will give them their first page with over a thousand words on it.

Not only will making YouTube videos get them found online quite quickly, but also it will start cementing them as a content expert. The more videos that they can create about their business, the more they will be seen as an expert. Once they transcribe all these videos, Edmonton accounting firms says that the next step in their plan should be figuring out a strategy on how to create one video a week, so that they can be seen as relevance on a continual basis.

Edmonton accounting firms recommends that entrepreneurs have about twelve YouTube videos that are transcribed even before they start thinking of creating a website. The website is not the first step that business owners need to do in order to get searched by Google, and until they have forty reviews and twelve videos that have also been transcribed, having a website is not going to help them get found by customers.

By creating this plan even before business owners open their business, Edmonton accounting firms says that they can start to avoid the reason why most Canadian businesses fail. By following these steps, entrepreneurs can be seen as relevance not only by Google, but by their customers so that they can start attracting more customers as early on as possible in their business.