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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Rank Higher On Search Engine Results

One of the keys of getting noticed by potential customers online says Edmonton accounting firms is getting to the front page of Google. The reason why, is because if what a customer is looking for is not on the first page of Google, they will not go searching on the next pages. Therefore, it is extremely important for entrepreneurs not only to end up on the first page, but as high up in the search results as possible. The easier it is for potential customers to find them, the more likely that they will be able to convert those into customers for their business.

With how important this is, entrepreneurs should focus on what they can do early on in their business to rank as high up as they can on Google as soon as they can. In this is important to do even before an entrepreneur creates a website. The reason why says Edmonton accounting firms, is even if an entrepreneur has a website, without being able to rank high up in the Google search results, means that they will put money into a website that is not going to help them attract customers to their business.

In fact, there are two things that entrepreneurs can do that will help them rank higher in search engine results. The first one is getting the most Google reviews possible. The minimum number of Google reviews and entrepreneur should be aiming for is forty is Edmonton accounting firms. At forty, not only will they start getting ranked higher in search results. But also at forty, entrepreneurs will be more likely to purchase from a business. Therefore, until an entrepreneur has forty Google reviews, they should not worry about buying Google ads, or creating a website yet.

The next thing that entrepreneurs can do to help them rank higher up on Google search engines says Edmonton accounting firms is to have the most HTML content. What is considered HTML content according to Google search engines, is the number of pages that have a thousand words or more on it. The more pages an entrepreneur has, the more they are seen as a subject matter expert and the more relevant to people searching for those terms.

How a business owner comes up with that content is the challenge says Edmonton accounting firms. While it can be very difficult to sit down and write that number of words, it is much easier to speak them. In fact, speaking for about ten minutes means that a business owner can come up with a thousand words or more. Therefore, by creating videos, business owners can end up transcribing those videos have a significant amount of content a short amount of time.

A and entrepreneur has to do, is great strategy in figuring out all of the various topics that they are going to be speaking on, and then taking the time to get front of a camera and talk about their business. By implementing the strategy, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are helping their business rank higher in search engine results, so that more customers can find them.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Rank Higher On Search Engine Results

Even if an entrepreneur believes that they can get on the front page of Google by purchasing ads says Edmonton accounting firms, that is not going to help them convert people searching into buyers, unless they can inspire confidence in those customers that they know what they are talking about. Therefore, before an entrepreneur starts putting money into Google ads that are not going to help convert customers, an entrepreneur should expend all of the options that they have that are free first, before spending money to attract customers to their business.

One thing that entrepreneurs should realize, is that one of the things that they can do that does not cost them any money to help them rank on search engine results, is creating content for their website. Although entrepreneurs are experts in their field says Edmonton accounting firms, that does not necessarily mean that they can easily sit down and write a thousand word article. However, it can be very easy for an entrepreneur talk about their business for ten minutes.

How can talking about the business for ten minutes help an entrepreneur many people might ask says Edmonton accounting firms. The first thing that they can do, is videotape them selves talking about their business. For every ten minutes that they speak, they can create a thousand word article. Ten minutes of talking is a lot easier than a couple hours of writing a thousand word article. After they create a video, they can transpose it to give them the content for their page. They can also posted to YouTube, and be searchable by the second most popular search engine in the world, they can also post that video on their own website, and get a lot of content for one short little video.

With how effective this strategy is in giving entrepreneurs a lot of content in a short amount of time, means that the more videos that an entrepreneur can create says Edmonton accounting firms, the more content they can put on their website. One of the best things about this strategy is that business owners do not even need to ensure that anyone is viewing the video, or reading their article. This strategy works at helping entrepreneurs rank higher up in search engine results, that even if nobody watches the video, it is effective.

A notch been our needs to do, is ensure that they have enough content to put a new video up every week, which is fifty to a year. Edmonton accounting firm says that this is important to continually post the content, so that they remain relevant to Google search engines. By creating a list of topics, that will allow them to chalk of their business for a long time, can help entrepreneurs rank higher up in search engine results, so that more customers are likely to find them.