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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Create Content For Websites

Many business owners are aware how important it is to create content for their website says Edmonton accounting firms. However, this is a big challenge for many people. Since Google classifies content as the most number of pages that have a thousand words on it as content, this is what business owners should be working towards. However, for most people, creating a thousand words is very difficult. It may be so daunting, that entrepreneurs simply do not even attempt this, because of how hard they perceive it to be.

There are many services online that are offering content to business owners to put on their websites. However there are many things that are potentially wrong with this service. The first thing that business owners should understand, is that if the content is duplicated anywhere else online, Google will see this as plagiarized content, and not only will it not help business owners rank high in Google search results. But it will actually cause entrepreneurs to be pushed farther down in the search engine results. Therefore, business owners may not want to use the services that offer content, because they do not know if it is being used elsewhere online.

Another reason why entrepreneurs should avoid using those content providers says Edmonton accounting firms is because they may not be specifically relevant to an entrepreneurs business. The more relevant the content is, the higher up on the Google search results though gets. Therefore, it might be very difficult for people to find a content creator who is going to be able to create content that is specific enough to their own business.

What a business owner can do however to help them create content for their website says Edmonton accounting firms is by speaking the words instead of writing them. Most people can speak very easily about their business, and business owner speaking for about ten minutes will give them about a thousand words. Therefore, a very effective strategy for creating content for website would be for an entrepreneur to create ten minute YouTube videos, that have them talking about their business. By talking about their business for ten minutes, gives them contents that they can put on their website, and on YouTube. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, this itself can help an entrepreneur starts driving traffic.

However, many business owners are wondering how this YouTube video strategy is going to help them get a page with a thousand words on it. The answer is to simply transcribe the YouTube videos into text, and then put that text on a website page. This way, the more videos that an entrepreneur creates, the more content they can create for their website. Many people are very shy about appearing in video, however Edmonton accounting firms says that nobody even needs to watch these videos in order for this method to be successful, as long as they are on YouTube, and the transcription is on a business owner’s website, they will start getting ranked by Google search engines, regardless of how many people watch their videos.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Create Content For Websites

Business owners need to be aware of how important it is not only to generate content for their website says Edmonton accounting firms. They also need to have a plan in place on how they are going to continue to create content for their website in order to remain relevant, and get right consistently by Google search results.

Once an entrepreneur is making ten minute YouTube videos, they should aim for creating one new video every single week, so that they can not only continually add content so that YouTube will see them as a content creator that should be ranked higher in search results. But also, that speed at which entrepreneurs are putting that new content on their website is important as well. The more often they are able to put new content out, the higher they will also appear in search engine results.

Many business owners might be stuck at what videos they are going to be creating every single week in their business to puts on their website. However, business owners need to understand that the content of the video is the not as important as creating the videos themselves. A great strategy that many entrepreneurs implement is having a staff member, or customer appear in the video with them, asking frequently asked questions about the business, or talking about their experience. By using the strategy, entrepreneurs can have many different staff and customers appear in their videos, and cover any content that they want.

It is very important that if this is the strategy that business owners are implementing, that they sit down with their Edmonton accounting firms in order to create a plan on what they are going to talk about and when. By creating this outline ahead of time can help entrepreneurs avoid running into a situation where they cannot think of content to talk about. And ultimately, as business owners are the experts in their business, they should be able to give a great number of topics to talk about on an ongoing basis.

By creating a strategy that will allow business owners to continue to put new content on their websites, Edmonton accounting firms says that business owners should then start discussing how they are going to achieve getting Google reviews at the same velocity. The more Google reviews an entrepreneur has, and the faster that they can get them in their business, the higher their going to be able to rank in search engine results. By coming up with these strategies, and then working everyday to implement them, business owners can ensure that their website is not only going to rank high on Google, but they are going to be able to continually rank on Google, so that they can continue to find the customers they need to sell the products in their business.