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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Create A Business Plan With A Financial Plan

One of the most important things that a business owner can do says Edmonton accounting firms, is to create a comprehensive business plan for their business. At Spurrell and Associates, business owners can create a business plan that has an accompanying financial plan, that can ensure not only will they have a plan that they can implement, but that it financially will work for them. Business owners that simply have a business plan, are 50% more likely to increase the revenue in their business, but an extremely good business plan can do even better for the business owner. Since 50% of all businesses close the doors to their business within five years, business owners can avoid the three most common reasons why businesses fail with a business plan. The three most common reasons that businesses fail is that they couldnít attract customers, they ran out of money, or they werenít able to hire the right team. All of these things are easily addressed with an effective business plan.

The experts at Spurrell and Associates are not only experts in their field when it comes to business plans, because they have created their own template through years of experience and refining. They are also included in the cost of using Spurrell and Associates as and accounting firm. But Edmonton accounting firms says that many other businesses that offer business plans are often too expensive for business owners to be able to afford, but since Spurrell and Associates is included in their monthly plans, this is a service that all of their businesses get.

Even though the business and financial plans that are created at Spurrell and Associates are templates, those templates have been developed by Spurrell and Associates, and have been changed and refined throughout the years, to ensure that the business plans include everything that needs to be considered when talking to business owners. This also ensures that the process is consistent as well as duplicatable, so that each business that comes to Spurrell and Associates is able to come away with the same effective business plan. Edmonton accounting firm says that this is extremely important that the process is efficient as well as effective.

The first thing that Spurrell and Associates is going to do is take into consideration the business ownerís personal financial situation. They will take inventory of the business ownerís personal balance sheet such as all of their personal assets, liabilities, what bills they pay every month, but they need to take out of the business in order to survive, and what are they personally trying to accomplish. This is extremely important says Edmonton accounting firms, because they will need to know how financially secure the business owner is, in order to create a business plan that is something that they can accomplish.

Once they have a comprehensive financial plan, they can then go on and create a business plan that has the appropriate amount of risk based on the business owners personal circumstances says Edmontons accounting firms.

50% of business owners end up failing in business within five years says Edmonton accounting firms. One of things that business owners can do to combat that, is create a business plan. As Abraham Lincoln once said, give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Business plans should be considered what a business owner needs to do to sharpen the axe in their business. Statistics have shown that business owners who have business plans are 50% more likely to grow the revenue of their business, but if business owners are going to create a business plan, they should create the best one that they can.

The plans at Spurrell and Associates are extremely in-depth and well thought out plans. Not only do they have a business plan that can help a business owner define their business goals and this devastated to achieve those goals, but Spurrell and Associates will also take time to understand the personal financial situation of each business owner as well as their goals in order to create a financial plan based on their own circumstances. A business owner with a mortgage and a stay at home spouse and lots of children will probably need a very different plan than a business owner who has a spouse that is the breadwinner, and they donít need to draw a salary. By taking into consideration the various personal circumstances of each owner, Edmonton accounting firms says they will be able to create business plans of varying degrees of risk based on what that business owner can withstand.

Once Spurrell and Associates have fully considered and understood the business ownerís financial situation, itís time for them to start talking about the business plan. The business owner needs to put their vision into the template of the plan, and together with the experts at Spurrell, come up with the business goals and strategies of how to get there says Edmonton accounting firms. The plan will be extremely specific, and include things such as what are the specific marketing initiatives that needs to happen in the business, how will they attract new clients, what are the recruitment and retention strategies they need for employees, what schedule does the business owner needs to keep, and what activities and tasks does the business owner need to work on a daily basis in order to achieve those goals. Their business plans are extremely in-depth, and include the business ownerís schedule for the next year. This is to ensure that not only does the business owner no on a daily basis what tasks they need to do in order to achieve their goals, this also helps them understand if the business owner has enough time in order to achieve all their goals and if not, they can revise it.