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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Attract More Customers

One mistake that many entrepreneurs make is thinking that as soon as they build a website, that they will be able to attract all sorts customers says Edmonton accounting firms. Because of that, many entrepreneurs believe that mother first things they need to do to market their business is build a website. However, this can end up with an entrepreneur not attracting enough customers for their business. Industry Canada says that 42% of all failed entrepreneurs are unable to find the right customers for their business, which is why they fail. By teaching entrepreneurs what they need to do first in order to start attracting customers will help them overcome this obstacle, and stay in business.

The reason why building a website should not be the first thing that an entrepreneur does, is because websites alone do not generate traffic or attract customers. In addition to that, a website costs money, and many business owners are very short on money. There are many more effective things that entrepreneurs can do that will attract customers that do not include spending a bunch of money at the beginning of their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should be doing is creating YouTube videos. The reason why says Edmonton accounting firms is because not only will this make them searchable on Google, but will also make them searchable on YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world. When customers are looking for that service, they are typically going to Google it, and when people are on YouTube as an expert, they are more likely to drive traffic to their business.

Once entrepreneurs and have their YouTube videos which are about ten minutes in length, they should transcribe those videos and post them online. What this starts to do, is creates a lot of HTML content. The more HTML content a business owner has online, the higher Google will start writing them in search engine results. An entrepreneur should aim for twelve ten minute YouTube videos to start, then transcribe them. After that, business owners should aim for putting one new video up every week, to ensure that they are remaining relevant not only to Google search results, but to customers as well.

This is not the most difficult things that entrepreneurs can do, that will be very effective at generating traffic to their business. They can do this even before they start making a website, by creating a Google my business listing, and posting content there. In fact, Edmonton accounting firms recommends that entrepreneurs do not even make a website until they have their twelve videos created, along with the transcriptions for them.

Business owners should avoid making a website as their first step, not only because it is expensive, but because it does not help custom find a business. By creating content first, it starts driving traffic to the business owner, and when they have traffic, that is when they can create a website that will help them get more customers.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | How To Attract More Customers

One of the first things that business owners should be concerned with in their new business says Edmonton accounting firms is getting their products to market as quickly as possible, and attracting lots of customers. However, many business owners do not know what the first few things that they should be doing to attract customers would be. They often think that the first step needs to be creating a website, and that is not effective. I websites alone, does not generate traffic. Business owners need to be able to rank on Google to drive customers to them, and there are many things that they can do that are much more cost-effective right away in their business that is more effective at attracting customers than a website.

One of the first things that an entrepreneur needs to do in their business, is get as many Google reviews as possible. The number that all business owners should aim for to start is forty Google reviews says Edmonton accounting firms. At this number, business owners will be able to rank higher in Google search results. But also customers will also start taking the reviews it seriously. 88% of all customers look at Google reviews before making their purchasing decision. If an entrepreneur does not have at least forty, that decision will negatively impact their business. Once they have forty, then business owners can concentrate on getting content online.

The reason why content is so important says Edmonton accounting firms, is because that will demonstrate that the entrepreneur is an expert in their field, and help them bank higher on Google search results. An effective way of doing this is to create ten minute YouTube videos. Not only does this make them searchable on Google as well as YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world. But also, it will start giving the business owner a lot of content that will start demonstrating that they are experts in their field.

The reason why ten minute videos are important, is because if a person talks for about ten minutes, they will typically have a minimum of one thousand words. Google considers having a page of one thousand words or more as content that will count towards a business owner’s expertise. Therefore, by creating these tenant videos, and then transcribing them, an entrepreneur will be well on their way to having more HTML content that can help them rank high in Google search results.

Once an entrepreneur has created these things, they will be able to start ranking higher in Google search results, at which point a business owner should start thinking about website. But until they have forty Google reviews, and twelve YouTube videos or ten minutes long or more, it is not going to be an effective way for business owner to spend their money to attract customers. Once a business owner has reviews and content, they will start ranking higher in search engine results, that will help them attract customers they need to stay in business.