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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How Does Creating A Youtube Video Help Business Owners

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should be concerned with when they open their business, is ranking high on Google search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms. However, not only do many business owners know how to accomplish this, they also believe that the most effective way they can do that is by creating a website. Not only is this not effective, is also expensive, meaning that entrepreneurs often end up wasting a significant amount of money, and not attracting customers to their business.

However, Edmonton accounting firms says that there are some strategies that entrepreneurs can use that can help them develop search engine results, even before they have a website. The first thing that business owners need to do, is create a Google my business listing, also known as Google places. Not only is this completely free, but it will allow entrepreneurs to start ranking on search engine results, as well as start obtaining Google reviews. One other nice thing about this, is it allows entrepreneurs to start posting things directly to their Google my business listing, including pictures, information about the company, and content.

The important thing about being able to post content on their Google my business page says Edmonton accounting firms is because by having a significant amount of content, their listing will start ranking even higher. However, this can be overwhelming for a lot of entrepreneurs, because Google counts content as the number of pages that have a thousand words or more on it. Many entrepreneurs struggle with writing anything, let alone a thousand words. Therefore, if entrepreneurs struggle with this, they might not implement this strategy in their business, and miss out on attracting customers to their business.

Fortunately, Edmonton accounting firms has a great time hack that entrepreneurs can use to create that thousand words very easily. Instead of trying to write the content, business owners should understand that it is far more efficient to speak the content. Therefore, if an entrepreneur creates a ten minute YouTube video, that will give them enough speaking time to create a thousand words. By creating this YouTube video, entrepreneurs can posted to YouTube, as well as their Google my business listing and start generating traffic that way. Then, all they have to do is transcribe that video, and start ranking even higher.

Business owner should be able to create about a dozen videos fairly effortlessly about their business. By thinking up all the various topics that they want to talk about, and being the direct expert in the subject, will be able to create a video fairly quickly that is ten minutes long. Edmonton accounting firms says that not only should business owners concentrate on getting the first twelve videos done right away, and then transcribed, is also very important that entrepreneurs create strategy on how to do this on a continual basis.

By understanding the various components of search engine optimization will help entrepreneurs start appearing higher up in search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | How Does Creating A Youtube Video Help Business Owners

When business owners realize that creating content is going to help them rank higher on search engine results, Edmonton accounting firms says that they can create a strategy on how they are going to achieve this. Therefore, they should create a business plan that has an outline of all of the various topics that they are going to make YouTube videos on, so that they can not only have a lot of content online, but they can add it on a regular basis as well. It is important that business owners continually add new information, so that they can continually be seen as relevant content creators by Google, and continue to rank high on search engine results.

Business owners may struggle with this concept, because they are camera shy, or do not want many people to see their videos. The good news about this says Edmonton accounting firms, is that it does not matter how many people watch the video, or read the article in order to be effective. In fact, if an entrepreneur does not advertise the video or the article anywhere, it is still being searched by Google search engines, and will work whether or not people are reading or reviewing the content or not.

A business owner should aim to have twelve videos made and transcribed, and once they get to that metric, Edmonton accounting firms recommends that entrepreneurs start adding one video and one transcription every single week in their business. By doing it this often, can help entrepreneurs ensure that they are remaining as relevant as Google wants to show up in search engine results. Only after they have achieved a minimum of twelve videos and transcriptions should an entrepreneur worry about creating a website. The reason why, is if they have a website sooner, without optimizing search engine results, that website is not going to generate traffic.

However, Edmonton accounting firms says that once an entrepreneur has figured out how to optimize search engine results, then a website makes a lot more sense, because as soon as it is created, it will contribute to generating traffic, so that entrepreneurs can find more customers. Therefore, business owners should use this video strategy first, not only because it is key in helping them achieve search engine optimization. But also because it is going to allow a business owner to achieve this for free, whereas creating a website costs money. The more cost-effective methods that an entrepreneur can use the better.

By grading a strategy that allows an entrepreneur to get search engine optimization at its peak before they spend any money, the better for an entrepreneur. Since 42% of all entrepreneurs fail because they cannot find enough customers in their business, not only does this help entrepreneurs address that concern, but it allows them to address it very cost-effectively as well.