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Edmonton Accounting Firms | How Business Owners Can Optimize Search Engine Results

One thing that many entrepreneurs struggle with is finding enough customers in their business says Edmonton accounting firms. In fact, industry Canada did a study that found that half of all Canadian small businesses failed within five years of opening their business. When they looked at all of the various reasons why, they found out that the overwhelming reason why most businesses failed was because they were unable to find enough customers in their business. Therefore, business owners should ensure that their business plan creates a strategy on how they are going to find customers immediately in their business, so that they can avoid failing due to this reason.

When extremely effective method that entrepreneurs can utilize to help more customers find them is search engine optimization. However, many business owners think that in order to utilize search engine optimization, the first need to have a website. While business owners can start doing search engine optimization with a website, this is not the first place that they should start says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is because it costs money to make a website, and business owners should utilize all of the free marketing that they have their fingertips before they start paying money for marketing.

In addition to that, Edmonton accounting firms says that business owners also need to understand that without optimizing search engine results first, they will put a lot of money into building a website, that is not going to generate traffic itself. Therefore, business owners can optimize in search engine results first, because it is free, and when they have optimized results, that is the best time for them to put money into building a website. Doing it in this order will ensure that business owners are finding customers as fast as possible, at the lowest cost to them. Saving money as a new business is extremely important and can help entrepreneurs avoid running out of business because they ran out of money. Which is the second most common reason why businesses fail.

The first thing that a business owner needs to do in order to utilize search engine optimization for their business is to create a Google my business page, which is also called a Google places page. This is very beneficial for many reasons says Edmonton accounting firms. The first reason is that these are completely free to create. Once they have created them, business owners can start being found in search engine results. Not only that, but they will also show up on the first page, as part of the map listings that Google shows, as long as an entrepreneur has included their address on their listing. Also, once they have created this free listing, it will allow entrepreneurs the ability to start posting information to this site, such as information about their business, hours of operation, services, photos and even content.

Once entrepreneurs have opened their business, and started creating Google places listing, they will be on the right track to being found online. The next thing that business owners can concentrate on, is utilizing search engine optimization, in order to appear higher up in search engine results. This is important for an entrepreneur to do even before they create a website.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | How Business Owners Can Optimize Search Engine Results

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to understand that search engine optimization is necessary, and possible even before they create a website says Edmonton accounting firms. By optimizing search engine results, can help entrepreneurs start finding customers right away, and do it for free. Once they have completely optimize their search engine results, then an entrepreneur can focus on making website that will have the ability to immediately right. If they build a website first, not only will it cost them a lot of money, but actually will not end up attracting customers right away.

There are four different ways that entrepreneurs can ensure that they are utilizing search engine optimization to find customers. The first two are specific to when they have a website, but the second two can be done even when all they have is a Google my business listing. The first one is it getting Google reviews. The more Google reviews an entrepreneur has, the better. However, this may be difficult if an entrepreneur is trying to find their first few customers. They might be able to ask friends and family to give them reviews early on, and they may also trade services or advice for Google reviews. However, this is going to be something that entrepreneurs can simply build into their company culture, asking customers for reviews says Edmonton accounting firms.

The second thing that business owners can concentrate on, and is a lot more easily controlled, even before an entrepreneur has any customers is generating content. Edmonton accounting firms says this is extremely important, because the more content that a business owner has, the higher the going to appear in search engine results. Google considers the content that will make them higher in search engine results as number of pages that have a thousand words or more on it.

Edmonton accounting firm says this might be something that many business owners are overwhelmed by the thought of doing. However, instead of thinking that they have to sit down and write a thousand word article, there are much easier ways to accomplish this in a shorter amount of time. Business owners should understand that they should be very easily able to speak about their business for ten minutes. And by speaking for ten minutes, business owners will say on average about a thousand words. Therefore, if they create a video of themselves talking about their business for ten minutes, they will end up with the content that they need.

Simply by transcribing these videos, and entrepreneur can start creating the content that they need for search engine optimization. Once they have these videos, they should also start posting them on YouTube, because that will give them even more content, as well as being able to be searched on the second largest search engine in the world. By implementing these methods in their business, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are optimizing search engine results, so that they can start finding customers they need to sell their product and service as quickly as they can.