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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Effective Search Engine Optimization

Many business owners think that it is simply enough to appear on the first page of Google says Edmonton accounting firms. And therefore, they will buy Google ads in order to accomplish that. However, this is not effective, because if they do not have Google reviews, or content on their websites to be seen as relevant, buying ads will make customers click on their website, but not help them purchase anything. Therefore, business owners need to know what to do to rank high in search engine results organically first, before they start buying ads.

Therefore things that an entrepreneur needs to be aware of on how they can rank higher up in search engine results. The four methods are: being mobile compliance, being S E O compliant, the most number of Google reviews, and the most HTML content. Edmonton accounting firms says that by learning about these four things, can help an entrepreneur ensure that they are doing everything necessary to help rank their business hi up in organic Google search results, so that they can find as many customers as possible.

The first two methods, being mobile compliance, and SEO compliant are something that business owners can achieve very easily, by ensuring that their web designer is able to do. Since the majority of searches are done on mobile devices, having a website that easy to see while a mobile device is important. And having a website that is S E O compliant is something that their web designer can do, that will allow Google search engines to see their website more easily says Edmonton accounting firms.

The other two points are what entrepreneurs will need to work on themselves. The number of Google reviews is important because 80% of all consumers do a Google search prior to making their purchasing decision, and the number of Google reviews a business has will factor into their purchasing decision. It is not just important that an entrepreneur has some, but the minimum number that Edmonton accounting firms recommends is forty. At forty reviews or more, not only will businesses start appearing higher up in search engine results. But also at forty reviews or more, customers are more likely to take the business seriously, understanding that those reviews are likely real, and or from satisfied customers. However, once a business owner gets to forty Google reviews, they should not stop, they should aim for getting one new Google review every month the rest of their business.

The next method is getting the most HTML content. Edmonton accounting firms says that this is important, because the more pages that an entrepreneur has with a thousand words or more on it will help the website rank high on Google search engine results. The reason why, is because the more content that a website has, the more they will be seen as relevant. Therefore, entrepreneurs will want to ensure that Google thinks that they are as relevant as possible, so that they can get ranked higher up and results.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Effective Search Engine Optimization

Entrepreneurs need to understand that search engine optimization is extremely important to their business says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is because with 50% of all Canadian businesses failing within five years, 42% of those businesses say the reason why they failed was because they were unable to find customers for their product or service. Therefore, search engine optimization is about helping businesses get found by customers who want to purchase their product or service.

One of the most significant ways that entrepreneurs can help themselves get ranked high up in organic search engine results, is by having the most HTML content. Edmonton accounting firms says that this is classified by having the most number of pages that have a thousand words or more on them. However, this is one that many business owners struggle with, because it is very difficult for them to find the time to write a thousand words down, let alone doing that on a multiple basis.

Fortunately, Edmonton accounting firms has found a time hack that entrepreneurs can use to get a thousand words down in a very short amount of time, that is very repeatable. In fact, business owners should understand that if there able to speak for ten minutes about their business, they will likely have said about thousand words or more. If the videotape themselves saying this, they can do several things with those videos.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should do with that video of themselves talking about their business, is transcribing it. If it is ten minutes long, they will most likely have said a thousand words, which will give them the content they need to be ranked high up on Google. By doing this multiple times, entrepreneurs can end up with several pages that have over a thousand words on it.

But not nor can do with that video as well, is posted on YouTube. But this will do for the business says Edmonton accounting firms, is allow businesses to now be searched on the two most powerful and popular search engines in the world, Google and YouTube. Even if an entrepreneur never has anyone watch those videos, this ability to be searched is effective.

The next thing that entrepreneurs should do, is post that video on their website as well. This gives three pieces of content for everyone video that a business owner makes. With that kind of return on investment, business owners should sit down with their Edmonton accounting firms in order to create a strategy and an outline about the videos that they are going to talk about. Because once they have created their first few, entrepreneurs should aim for a minimum of one new video and transcription every week in order to stay relevant to the Google search engines. By learning how to do this, entrepreneurs will be able to not only create the content they need to be ranked high in Google, but they will be able to continually repeat this process, so that they can end up ensuring that they have a strategy to stay relevant as well.