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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Common Questions On How To Attract Customers

Many business owners understand how important it is to attract customers to their business says Edmonton accounting firms. However, many entrepreneurs are not sure of the best way to do this, or they believe they know the best ways, but those methods that they can think of are less effective. For example, many entrepreneurs believe that as soon as they have a website, they are going to be able to start being found by customers. However, there are many things that entrepreneurs need to do in order to help them get found by customers.

The first question that many entrepreneurs have is: how does our website get a high ranking on Google? This is an extremely important one to understand, because without these things, businesses can have as many websites as they want, and it will not be effective at helping them drive traffic. The first way that a website gets high ranking on Google, is by being SEO compliant. This is extremely important, so that when the Google search engines are looking for a business, they will be able to find them. However, it can be very easy to achieve because a business owner simply needs to ensure that their web designer is creating their website to be SCO compliant. The easiest way of doing this, is to ensure that their website is created on WordPress. WordPress websites are organized in a way that Google likes to find their information.

The second way that business owners can get their website rank high on Google, is ensure that they are mobile compliance. Since 80% of all customers do a Google search prior to making their purchasing decision, and most of those initial searches happen on a mobile device, Edmonton accounting firms says that this is extremely important. Again, it is very easy to achieve, because entrepreneur simply needs to ensure that the web developer that they are using can create their websites to be mobile compliance.

The third way that entrepreneurs can get their website ranked on Google is to have as many Google reviews as possible. The more they have, the higher up the search results are going to put them. However, Edmonton accounting firm says that business owners should aim for forty Google reviews to start. The reason why, is because at forty, they start to appear quite high in Google search results, and Google ads start being less expensive. In addition to that, businesses will find that they will start attracting more customers, because at about forty reviews, customers gain a lot of confidence in the business. Under that, many customers might believe that those reviews are being generated by friends and family, and will be less likely to take those reviews seriously.

And finally, Edmonton accounting firms says that business owners can help rank their websites by ensuring they have the highest number of pages that have a thousand words or more. The reason why this is so important, is because it demonstrates to the Google search engines that the entrepreneur is an expert in their field. This means the more pages that an entrepreneur can on their website, the higher up in the search engine results they will be.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Common Questions On How To Attract Customers

Many entrepreneurs understand that there are several steps that they must take to get their website to be ranked on Google search results says Edmonton accounting firms. However, they may not understand how difficult this will be, which means they need to create a plan on not only how they are going to achieve this goal, but how they are going to continue achieving that goal in order to continue to rank on Google searches.

One of the first questions is out of all of the different factors that are necessary to get an entrepreneurs website ranked, which one is the hardest? The four different methods are to be mobile compliance, SCO compliant, forty Google reviews or more, and the most HTML content. While coming mobile and SCO compliant are very easy to do says Edmonton accounting firms because a business owner simply has to ensure that the web designer that they pay can accomplish those for their website. That leaves getting Google reviews, and creating content.

While many business owners understand how difficult it is to get Google reviews, that they may believe that this will be more difficult. However, it is even harder to get more content on their website. In order to get Google reviews, business owners simply need to ensure that they are asking their customers to give them Google reviews. They can create a script, and then ensure that they and all of their employees are asking all customers to give them Google reviews. Once they find the method that works best for their business, this can be fairly simple.

Creating content is much more difficult, because most people struggle with trying to write a thousand words. It can seem very daunting, but creating the right strategy is key says Edmonton accounting firms. For example, many people may not realize that they can speak about a thousand words in about ten minutes. Therefore, by making a ten minute YouTube video talking about different aspects of their business, an entrepreneur can create that content verbally. By creating that video and putting it on YouTube, and then transcribing that video to put the words on their website, they can very easily creates many pages with a thousand words or more, as long as there able to make enough YouTube videos.

But coming up with this strategy on putting YouTube videos together, and then transcribing them is very powerful. As many videos as an entrepreneur can make about talking about different aspects of their business, can give an entrepreneur as many pages as they want to make videos for. By doing this, they will start to rank even higher on Google search results, and help drive traffic that they need to become successful.