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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Can Youtube Videos Help Entrepreneurs Find Customers

With how important search engine optimization is says Edmonton accounting firms, business owners should focus on this early on in their business. However, entrepreneurs need to understand that they do not even have to have a website to start doing this in their business. In fact, the recommendation is for entrepreneurs to not have a website as one of the first things that they do in their business. The reason they should not, is because websites cost money, and websites alone do not attract customers. Therefore, an entrepreneur should focus first and foremost on the activities that are going to help them generate traffic first, and only when they have exhausted all of the inexpensive and free options, should they create a website. If they do this in the wrong order, business owners may find that they voiced a lot of money making websites, and it they still are struggling at finding customers.

There are several things that are important in ensuring that an entrepreneur is getting the most out of their search engine optimization. However, Edmonton accounting firms says that many business owners are confused at how they can become search engine optimized without a website. The first thing that business owners should do, is create a Google my business listing, also known as a Google places listing. The reason why this is important, is because these listings will allow an entrepreneur to start getting search engine results even before they have a website and it is completely free.

Because it is free, and it can allow customers to start finding them, this is an extremely important thing to have. A business owner should do this early on in their business, even if they have decided that they are going to create a website anyway, they need to have a Google places listing, so that they can start generating Google reviews and traffic for their business even as their website is being created.

However, entrepreneurs need to understand that having a Google listing alone is only going to generate a certain amount of traffic says Edmonton accounting firms. The next thing that they should focus on is ensuring that they have a significant amount of content. Entrepreneurs can put content on their Google my business page, which will help that listing get ranked even higher on Google. What Google considers content however is the number of pages that an entrepreneur has is a thousand words or more on it. Therefore, it is very important for entrepreneurs to create a plan on how they are going to generate that content as soon as possible, so that they can start getting ranked on Google, so their customers will be able to find them.

By understanding the first steps that entrepreneurs need to do assumes the open their business to help get them ranked on Google is vital to an entrepreneurs success. By creating a plan on how to do this, entrepreneurs are not only addressing the high failure rate that business owners have in Canada, but that they are actively working to avoid that as well.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Can Youtube Videos Help Entrepreneurs Find Customers

Even if an entrepreneur is convinced that a website is not their first plan of action when they open their business says Edmonton accounting firms. They still need to ensure that they are creating content for their Google my business listing, so that they can start generating search engine results. However, many entrepreneurs find creating content very challenging. it can be very difficult to create a thousand words once, let alone creating a thousand words on a regular and ongoing basis. Because of this, many entrepreneurs simply do not do this step, and miss out on a significant portion of search engine optimization.

There are several things that entrepreneurs can do that can help them create the most number of pages that have a thousand words on it. However, Edmonton accounting firms also says that business owners need to avoid certain methods because not only are they not efficient, but they can also and in an entrepreneur being ranked even lower on Google results. One of these methods is by paying a company to create the content for entrepreneurs. The reason why this is not a great method, is because an entrepreneur will not be able to verify if this company is reusing content or not. The reason why this is something to be avoided, is because Google does not like duplicated content. And it will penalize businesses that have duplicated content on their websites. Not only will it is not help businesses rank on Google results, but it will actually cause them to be listed farther down as well. To avoid this, business owners should create the content themselves.

In order to help entrepreneurs create content easily, Edmonton accounting firms recommends that business owners create YouTube videos, or audio files. The reason why, is because people who speak for about ten minutes on a topic that they are knowledgeable in or passionate about can result in a thousand words being spoken. By transcribing their videos, business owners can end up with the thousand words that they need to start making high on Google search engine results.

The number of videos that an entrepreneur can make is limited only by the amount of time that they have. The more videos that an entrepreneur can create, the more pages with a thousand words they can have, that is extremely relevant, because they are the subject matter experts. But also, they know that it is not duplicated, and can help them rank on Google search results. The great thing about this method is, people do not even need to read this content, so that entrepreneur does not need to worry about ensuring that the transcription is particularly accurate. By putting the effort into creating the videos, not nor can end up ranking high on Google search engine results, and finding the customers they need to remain a business.