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Edmonton Accounting Firm | Why Financial Plans Are Vital To Business Plans

Most entrepreneurs understand why business plans are so vital in their business, says Edmonton accounting firms. Just like Abraham Lincoln said ìgive me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first for sharpening the axeî. But many business owners do not understand that not only business plans are created equally, because while a business plan can be a great tool, if it doesnít take the business ownerís specific needs into consideration, it is a plan that they cannot implement.

Spurrell and Associates have been creating business plans for over seven years, and see over 100 business plans to completion every single year. They have also seen thousands of businesses in their years of practice, and have a great idea of what works in business and what doesnít work. There able to work with their clients to ensure that they come up with a comprehensive plan that can help business owners succeed. They also have ensured that there process is something that all of their clients can afford, instead of charging hourly which is often too expensive for most business owners, there planning is included in their monthly fee. If a business hires Spurrell and Associates to help with their accounting, they get the planning in at the same price. This ensures that all businesses they work with our being set up for success. They also have developed template that has been refined over seven years of business planning experience so that they donít start from scratch with each business owner every single time. This ensures that there processes are consistent and duplicatable, so that each business owner ends up with a comprehensive and effective plan every single time says Edmonton accounting firms.

One of the most significant ways that there plans are very different than most says Edmonton accounting firms, is that they start with a financial plan first. They first start by taking into consideration the business owners personal financial situation. Everything from their assets and liabilities, to what they need to take out of the business on a monthly basis as well as what their personal goals are. By taking into consideration these variables, they can create a business plan that is fully supported by their financial situation says itís not only important for business owners to walk away from the process with a functional business plan, but they need to know that it has been developed with their specific circumstances in mind, that they will be able to achieve their business goals under their own circumstances.

Business owners should be assured that this process is a much simpler process then they might expect, they can usually end up with both the business plan as well as the financial plan in four meetings. Edmonton accounting firms says that not only do you business owners get to work with one professional, but they also get a team of people to work with, to help them through the process giving them sounding board as well as people to bounce ideas off of, who have helped thousands of business owners in the past, and can offer a unique viewpoint.

Entrepreneurs who are operating their business without a business plan may discover that they are working extremely hard but not actually growing their business says Edmontons accounting firms. They also may discover that they are paying too much in taxes, or their business does not match their personal finances because they are looking at their business in a vacuum. For example, they want to be able to hire a staff member, but if they do they will have to reduce how much they get paid, and then they wonít be able to pay their mortgage. Itís not just important that business owners have a business plan says Edmonton accounting firms, they also need to have a plan that will take into consideration their personal circumstances in order to create a plan that not only is achievable, but will work with a business owners own life.

The plans that are created at Spurrell and Associates are a two-part plan that includes the business plan, but also the financial plan. Edmonton accounting firms says itís extremely important that a business owner has a financial plan along with their business plan. The reason for this, is so that the business plan they create is based on of risk tolerance that the business owner can withstand. At Spurrell and Associates, they take into consideration the business owners financial circumstances. They look at all of the business owners liabilities as well as all of their assets, what their financial obligations are on a monthly basis, and how much they need to take out of the business on a monthly basis. One of the biggest payoffs that business owners have been to this process have said, is being able to see a plan that shows them how they are getting paid. They will come up with a effective mixture of salary and dividends based on what a business owner needs.

Edmonton accounting firm says this is extremely important to figure out before they create the business plan, in order to create a plan that helps the business owner get paid what they need, and addresses all of their personal finances in the risk tolerance. A business plan for a business owner that has high debt is going to look extremely different from a business plan for an owner who has no debt at all and doesnít need to draw a salary. By taking into consideration both aspects, Spurrell and Associates can create a business plan that not only looks good on paper, but actually functions in real life as well. When business owners have a business plan that they can implement, and they know will work with their personal life, they can be even more likely to grow their business and achieve all of their business goals.