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Edmonton Accounting Firm | When to Incorporate

There are no real downsides to incorporating your business, however small medium or large it is, says Edmonton accounting firm. There is no time wasted, there is money saved, as well, you, your employees, and your family are all well protected once you incorporate your business. There can be situations in every day, despite that there are accomplishments and wins in every day, that will also challenge you and everyone in your life. These challenges could include a jobsite injury, a lawsuit. Or potentially losing revenue within your business.

With incorporation, the chance of you losing revenue because of the process is a fallacy. It doesn’t fact only take one business day and is at minimal cost. This minimal cost to you and your business is paramount in protecting you as you will be able to save lots of money and tax. For example, if you are incorporated instead of paying Alberta is top personal tax rate of 48% you will then be able to pay the top small business tax rate of 11%. Further, that will give you far more money to invest for your future retirement, or put back into the company or be able to pay off some lifelong debts personally at home such as college tuition, or vacation. It just gives you that much better a chance to accumulate wealth that much quicker.

Further, says Edmonton accounting firm, will give you a far better chance to equip your business was state-of-the-art equipment so that your business runs very efficiently. This could have a direct impact on keeping and finding brand-new customers within your business ergo new revenue.

Also the savings will come if, heaven forbid, you get into an injury at work, or does one of your subordinates. Incorporation entitles you to a WCB number and they will be able to work with you. You therefore are considered, with the BC be number as the prime contractor and shouldn’t have any problems in issuing your claim.

Consider too that you might have to go through a lawsuit within your business. Incorporation is a great defence in case you are in fact sued. That way, your life savings is protected, your house is protect, your car is protected and you will not lose out in case lawsuit does not in fact go your way.

As well, advises Edmonton accounting firm, if you become a subcontractor and you are incorporated, you will retain legitimacy with your fellow companies the work with and you will have far better chance to get hired and retain employment. Some companies will not hire you if you are not incorporated as this becomes, as mentioned, legitimacy issue. They may think that you are a company who does subpar work or company who does not back their workup who leaves it unfinished. There is a risk to companies bringing on unincorporated subcontractors and other companies as there is no governing body to speak for their work and the character.

If you are incorporated, you will not need new software in order to maintain and every tax files.

Edmonton accounting firm advises small businesses that the top personal tax rate in Alberta, Canada will always be higher than the top small business tax rate. For example, at the time of this article, the top personal tax rate in one of Canada’s provinces, Alberta is 40%. The top small business tax rate in that same province is 11%. In terms of incorporation, is just simple math in that you will be saving far more money by incorporating and becoming a small business. You will be able to grow your company that much quicker, you will be able to afford state-of-the-art equipment, you will be able to come far more efficient, and you will be able to invite and welcome new customers and exponential growth quicker. Ideally, everybody wants to pay 37% less tax in the long run, that is what incorporated businesses are faced with verses unincorporated businesses.

Edmonton accounting firm asks you to consider $1000. If you’re unincorporated you will be paying $480 directly of the government, which leaves you with only $520 in the bank. Consequently if you are in incorporated small business, you will be able to retain $890 of that $1000 to use for growth, either professionally or personally. Equipment for your business consequently, needs to be bought out right as it is an asset purchase and not a business expense. Although you will be able to make potential payments on that piece of equipment you will not be able to write it off as a business expense.

Let’s consider as well, says Edmonton accounting firm about your identity as a small business. Your name is your business and that’s all people know you and find you. If you are incorporated your sole ownership of that title and the name your business, and you don’t risk anyone hijacking that name. On the other hand, if you have simply decided to be lazy and register your name with court registries by no means, do you have any right to that name. Someone can very easily come along, incorporate the company, then she was your name. You will have no legal rights or ramifications.

In terms of the Worker’s Compensation board and potential on-the-job injuries with yourself or your employees with incorporation you will be considered by WCB as the prime contractor. This is one thing that WCB wants to ensure, that companies are in fact incorporated and is the prime contractor, before they consider a compensation case.

Yes, you will have more tax accounts. However, those can be easy taking care of by your accountant with 12 very simple postdated checks based on the projections of the following year. These are agreed-upon numbers based on last year’s projections. Those 12 postdated checks can be submitted to the government as the deadlines become due it is all easy as sending the checks into the government.