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Edmonton Accounting Firm | Time Blocking Is Important

Contrary to popular belief, according to Edmonton accounting firm, most important issue for a small business is in fact time blocking. It is arguably the most important issue for any business of any size. It is the essence of success for any business.

Business owners who set up a proper time blocking system are better able to keep appointments and generally do better when Edmonton accounting firm looks at their financial statements. These employers also have better sales, happier customers, and all around more successful businesses.

On the contrary, businesses who have not adopted a time blocking system generally have disgruntled employees, lose business and customers, and generally fail.

Statistics show interruption in focus at work takes on average 23 minutes to regain proper focus with the task at hand. As well, the evidence shows that no one is really a good multitasker.

As a business grows owners need to realize that they must reserve time for focused focused work as well as collaborative work amongst coworkers.

Further, it may be daunting at first, but Edmonton accounting firm recommends that you time block absolutely everything in regards to your business. An owner needs to look through what are all the functions of that business. For example, marketing and advertising, hiring and training, sales, customer recruitment, etc. Don’t forget, as well, the travel time that owners/operators and salespeople will need to garner business and meet with their clients.

Edmonton accounting firm suggests, in order to set up a time blocking system, to drill into the functions and add them to daily, weekly, and monthly categories. Use these for templates, week one, week two, week three, and week for, and lay them out on a yearly calendar. This will be the first step to a successful time blocking system. The more complex, important tasks should be grouped together and done in the mornings. Statistics show that people more productive, clear of mind, and more efficient in the mornings before lunch. Train your employees to do all of the heavy lifting in the mornings, so that they are ready for their business meetings with prospective clients or garnering new business with clients in the afternoons.

The time blocking system is not in fact industry-specific, however to major points must be taken into account. To finish tasks that are less daunting and immediate, and/or making specific and significant progress on lengthy tasks that have a deadline.

Further, pre-populate your calendar for the complete year, taking into account deviations only once or twice for that year. If you have successfully completed a proper time blocking system, you should have ample time for the pitfalls and emergencies in life such as a car accident, jury duty, a birth, or something out of your control.

Discipline scheduling equals maximum free time when you close your business for the day you can and will actually know the business is in fact closed, and everything within that business will be taking care of. You can look forward to the next day of work knowing that everything has been done.

Edmonton accounting firm is the leader in teaching small, medium, and large businesses the proper way to set up your day according to a time blocking system.

According to the firm, the most important issue for
a business of any size is in fact time blocking. It could make or break a business, and is the essence of success.

Business owners who have not adopted proper time blocking system lose customers, have more disgruntled employees, and ultimately fail.

On the contrary, business owners who have adopted and accepted a proper time blocking system have winning strategies, generous revenue flow, and much happier employees.

Surprisingly, statistics show interruption in work and focus takes approximately and on average 23 minutes for the coworker to get back the task at hand.

Edmonton accounting Firm suggests if you lay out a calendar, put a piece of paper beside that calendar. Draw a line down the middle of that piece of paper, and separate your piece of paper according to weekly monthly and yearly duties. Within those categories use for templates, i.e.; week one, week two, week three, and week four. Prioritize your
projects that have the closest deadline and that can be done immediately in week one. This should also be done in the mornings. Not surprisingly, people are more productive in the mornings and can get more done. Get all of the projects done for your clients in the mornings, and set up your business meetings in the afternoons. By the time the meeting comes around, you will have all of the heavy lifting for that client done the client will be satisfied that his needs have been taken care of.

Edmonton accounting firm suggests that as your business grows you will need to factor in time for focused, solitary work as well as collaborative, group work. This is the most efficient way in which to organize yours and your employees days.

A proper time blocking system is not in fact industry-specific. Any time blocking system is ideal if you factor in two main points, i.e.; finishing short order and immediate tasks, and making significant progress on longer, deadlines tasks.

Make sure to pre-populate your calendar year in advance. Ultimately, you should be working towards a schedule where you deviate only once or twice a year, if you have initiated a proper time blocking system, you will find that you have plenty of time for the emergencies in life such as a car accident, jury duty, a family emergency, doctors appointments, etc All of these are things that are in fact out of your control. The implementation of a proper time blocking system will allow you plenty of time to deal with the pitfalls of life.

Edmonton Accounting Firm tells that the science shows to tie the tasks to the time blocks. The success of your business, or the failure, is also directly related to how you prioritize your time.