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As a new small business owner, Edmonton accounting firm and any CPA that you work with who is experienced and knowledgeable in working with new small businesses will understand that new business owners do not in fact have the instincts and experience to keep the making money and keep them a viable company. This is when working with a charter professional accountant is of paramount importance immediately from the inception of your business plan. Edmonton accounting firm states that there are very elementary things that small business owners can do right from the top that can save them whole lot of money and can provide them with a small beginning nest egg. However, as a new small business owner you probably won’t understand or know where to find all of these wonderful opportunities.

Edmonton accounting firm insists that upon the initial visit with you your retain chartered professional accountant they will no doubt take a look at your financials and stress that you are probably paying too much right from the top in tax. They will then potentially suggest that you research and do what’s called incorporation of your company. This will provide you with multiple benefits for your company in both time savings and financial savings. Speaking of tax savings, for example in the province of Alberta, in Canada, the personal tax rate is 48%. That is you paying almost half of your salary revenue in tax if you are not unincorporated company. On the other hand, if you do in fact incorporate you move to a different tax bracket, and you pay only, again in Alberta Canada 11% in a small business tax. That is a savings of 37% and $0.37 on the dollar of savings. That can provide you with brand-new efficient equipment for your business, a time savings plan by hiring new employees, and a revenue-generating marketing plan.

In speaking of equipment, consider that it is not a business expand but a asset purchase. In order to purchase equipment you need to have money in the bank and purchase it either outright or using payments.

Sadly, Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, has done a survey that says only 11% of small business owners, in particular new small business owners, will actually seek the help of a professional chartered professional accountant. This statistic no doubt lends itself to the fact that almost 50% of small businesses fail and dissolve within the first five years of its inception. If all of these small businesses that have failed simply took the easy steps with a charter professional accountant and incorporated their business they would’ve found much savings to put forth to potentially save their businesses.

As well, if you are a small business that works in high risk industries, you may be needing the help of the Worker’s Compensation board. Heaven forbid that either you or an employee gets injured on the job or on task. If however you are incorporated you will be issued WCB number which will be far easier to process.

Edmonton accounting firm cannot stress enough that, particularly because you are new small business, you need to retain the help and advice of a qualified and experienced charter professional accountant. They will be able to, despite their billing by the hour, save you much money in taxes and in other business expenses. Yes, they will in fact Bill you by the hour but that money can very quickly be regained with all of the savings that you are going to make and the education that you were going to get from a charter professional accountant, says Edmonton accounting firm.

For example, normally you will visit your charter professional accountant personally maybe four times a year, and being contact and having constant communication with them through the year via email, telephone etc. One of the first things that a charter professional accountant will teach you is that you will potentially be paying right off the bat far too much tax. Likewise, they will alert you to the problems that you may potentially have if in fact you get sued from your business. Other aspects of incorporation include retaining a Worker’s Compensation board number two go through a very easy process with the board of rehabilitation, funding, etc. either yourself or a subordinate gets injured on the job. As well, despite the charter professional accountants hourly billing, this is a wonderful way to accumulate wealth as, you will be able to save more money quicker with the wealth of education that you are going to get from your CPA.

Often times if you are not incorporated and you own your own business you will have just a personal tax account. If you are incorporated you will have to navigate between four or fiv tax accounts which include federal tax account, a provincial tax account, GST account, payroll account, etc. This may seem like an impossible task and lots of bookkeeping and paperwork. However this doesn’t have to be paperwork for you, and you can pass it on to your charter professional accountant for them to deal with and manage. Your charter professional accountant, says Edmonton accounting firm, should be able to advise you to simply pay all of your fees, etc., to the Canada revenue agency with postdated checks. You and your charter professional accountant will reasonably be able to project what your income is going to be for the coming year, based on facts and figures from the previous year. You both will agree on what amounts of money you’re going to take out the business every year within or without a couple of percentage points. You and your charter professional accountant will be able to simply write a schedule of payment plans every month. With those postdated checks the charter professional accountant can subleased submit them when they are due so as not to infer any fines, or account freezes from Canada revenue agency.