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Edmonton Accounting Firm | 8 – 2019.02.02 #BeatTheOdds Boot Camp – Recruiting

8 – 2019.02.02 #BeatTheOdds Boot Camp – Recruiting | Edmonton Accounting Firm

Very, very,

hey guys, we made it. We made it this far. One more to roll with it. Roll with, remember the third thing, why businesses fail because they can’t find the right Reiki. And there’s not that much difference between one and three. Like one is, you know, can’t buy enough customers, run out of cash and find the right heat. There’s statistically, the three of them are almost equal. Well, there is some differentiation. They’re almost equal. So this is super important and probably the thing that we’re going to show you here in this whole might be a little bit, um, sometimes this one’s the hardest one to receive because if you had any formal HR training, if you’re going to be, what? I’m going to tie it back to the schedule again. I’m going to have you all like help me with this one. The candy, give me some color on how this, how this works out.

So always, always bookkeeping. Um, has anyone ever heard the line? Whoever has the best team is true. Whoever has the best team wins so it doesn’t really matter and it gets all my templates one day or steals everything I have one day I’m going to mess team. Um, and that’s why we’re going to in now how do you assemble the best team? How do you act? That sounds right. I’m going to build the best team on and do interviews and we had one of those myths of power is how many people you have to meet to make a good hire. Both people are going to hire the first staff member because of some sort of personal referral from my sister knows somebody and I’m going to hire this person. I did a grand total of one interview or maybe you placed an ad and he always been through this process.

The old way, the hard way. I think you’ve helped me with interviews and then you can seen the new process. So um, but you have it up here. I don’t have this one in great form but it has all the details you need to know. Okay. And I’ll walk you through conventional what you’re going to learn in school. This is how you think it’s going to have to happen. So conventional recruiting, we’re going to post an APP, it’s going to take us an hour. We’re going to craft an APP, we’re going to get something out there. We’re going to stick it up on the, okay. That’s going to generate, um, between 40 and 80 revenues, uh, 40 and 80 resumes. Okay. Um, and that’s going to take about eight hours to review all those resumes. Okay. That’s the conventional what happened? Amazing. I got to review the resumes, right. Sounds logical. That’s what I did. That’s what I did. Uh, how fun is that gallery reviewing 80 resumes.


So like, I dunno, I, at some point you’ll just look at the rest of May and it doesn’t go anymore.

So when you redo the last one isn’t the same as when you were you the first one? No bias there on, on that way. Um, okay. And what was one of the other myths? Anyone remembers? Let me about resumes on our bits. They lie on resumes. So now you spend eight hours reading lies, 70% of his lies. That’s useful. Okay. Then we’re going to phone screen. What’s that like? Tell me about that is I, I just stopped doing this long. You’re like these guys.

Oh, it was great. Like you, you talk to someone and you can hear it Dell or tea or you, you’d have someone who’s absolutely do not have, um, the phone, like the qualifications to answer the phone. Um, did their resumes look great? That’s why you call them and then you get them to, to call you and it’s not fair. And trying to test each, uh, each of those resumes they’ve been looked at. It’s so much time consuming. Yeah.

And what’s that process like now you, so now we have about like a running tab here. Took me an hour post. It took me eight hours to review it, went to Kelly and now it took nine hours total. And now he spent eight hours of screening people on the phone, calling them, calling them back, seeing what they’re like. Now you’re 17 hours in the day, right? Yeah. Great. So now you’ve got to try to do it. You gotta be this, the, the scheduling monkey and you got to call these people and Juggle Times. It’s how I live that. What’s that like the answer the phone right away. Every time.

Well, no, first you got to leave a voicemail and they call you back and then you give them the hours. And of course some of them will still have, uh, let’s see. They will have jobs and um, you’ve seen her schedule B, our offices close at seven, but at that time we close at five. So we bent over

backwards just to accommodate their schedules. And the time that you spend on doing these schedules, while half of them might not even show up, it’s, it gets a lot of really, really pressed rating. Yeah. So from that ad normal, we would get on average about six interviews, maybe one more, maybe one less, um, less eight slots. And then we have two no shows slots. So we booked time. We could’ve seen a client or done something else. And we have two no shows, lots that’s going to happen 100%. Um, and then we’re going to do a skills test on them. Those, those interviews are going to take us 24 hours to do or meeting with all these people were doing skills tests on all of these people. That is a big project and we’re evaluating those skill sets that you were now up to 45 hours on the project and we’ve met how many people?

Six men, six people. We have 45 hours and we met six people. Now what do you do? What are you going to call references? Check the references. Half of them will use their friend or someone that they know or you know, you could weed those out a little bit, but it’s going to take some time. So two more hours. I’m going to check. The references are now 47 hours and then now I want to meet that. Now he always free you and now I actually want to meet them. So you’re going to call them back and schedule second interviews. So another project, we have one at one hour on that for 48 hours in and we’re going to conduct, you know, short second interviews with at least two people were being generous there because lot of times we would have three or four people on the second interview to get to know them a little bit better.

Um, so that would take four hours, 52 hours. So the minute I become shorthanded, so either a, the business has grown and I need someone or you know, someone’s leaving. So the minute that happens and I’m already stressed on time, okay, the team stressed on time, um, you know, I’m, we’re going to start to put that time in once or twice a year. You know, that’s kind of how we’re being growing. You know, to grow one person a year and you use, you got to replace one person a year or two. That’s just the law of business. Um, I have to carve out 52 hours when we’re shorthanded and I going to do that twice a year and the ads are going to cost me about a thousand bucks and I’m going to meet a grand total

12 people. Wow.

And I got to pick two of them to work for me.

Two of them. How

didn’t want to hear sports fans here. You want to hear a hockey fan at all? What would you say if the Edmonton Oilers fired their recruiting department every time they hit the 23 men roster limit. Oh there was, it’d be better off


out of town sports reference

but it’s, that’s the way it is. It would seem counter intuitive. Why would I stop looking for people? Why would, why would any sports teams stops scouting once they have enough people to play it as business owners and they do it all the time. I did it. I did. I stopped doing it until I found a better way. Okay. Now this way is really good because if I have an HR department, I can just assign somebody to do this all day long each and everyday and I can see no candidates. Right? Or remember every strategy you say, well, why don’t I do it more often? We’ll do seen the calendar, do senior, old calendar. You see what you need to do to run your business and grow your business. How many hours you put in. So more time is probably not the answer.


I’m gonna tell you something else. I can see it’s a question. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

Uh, what about a recruiting agency? Great. And eliminate all of that and just, uh Huh.

I know you’re paying fee. Yeah. But you’re not spending 52 hours. The human traffic, there’s just like all the, all people say, or you’re hiring someone for 40,000 a year, they’re going to take at least 10,000 bucks. A least $10,000. Right. Um, that’s a pretty hefty fee. And it’s my experience. They don’t do much better than the business themselves. Okay. This is the one thing I’ve thought about. You know, I have a counting brown and a even around and mark and Brent, why don’t have any chart rep? I really think this is the one thing that entrepreneurs you’re going to need to learn how to do is you’re going to need to know how to build a team. If you’re truly wanting to scale your business, but you can’t do it because they’re not going to fit your culture as well as human to do it yourself. Okay. Um, first of all, the best team wins and they don’t care. They just good. Yeah. So I mean it’s, it’s, I’ve had, have we done with external HR consultant

farewell? Um, we do have, um, we have, my client came with us, um, where to open a business. They hired an HR consultant which help them stack the, um, uh, our staff, the, the facility. But the problem is, um, the expectations up the HR consultants could vary from the expectation of the owners themselves. So, um, it ended up costing them about $40,000 to, um, to use this, uh, agency. And then it ended up I’m not aligning with the values and the employee are yes, their um, their needs are met from the contracts but it’s not necessarily aligning with the businesses, financials and also, um, their values.


and we’re still dealing with [inaudible] still dealing with their hair. So I mean it’s, it will work but I don’t think it’ll work well and it will be expensive for a satisfactory solution. I think this is like, this is the time, there was only three issues you were ever dealing with in your business and its number of customers. It’s cash and his team. And so this is one of the things that you can let anything else. Go ahead.

You’ve this retirement papers. This is a crucial importance. And just to go back again on, um, when we were talking about the two videos, most of us don’t even have our own value set up. So how are you gonna explain that to an outsider from that will help you actually build your key, right? Yeah.

Most businesses haven’t written down their values themselves, but they want an external party to explain those values for them. Now make it people and you’re good, right? Yeah. Okay. So I’m gonna hit you with it. Now. How many people are a little bit uncomfortable when you hear the term group interview? Who’s a little bit, I’ll be honest, I was, when I heard it, I was thinking skill. So long interview, I’m going to show you the math side and hoping the math will change your mind.


So I have an ad that’s always running. It takes me 15 minutes a month to, uh, to manage it. So I was in three hours a year and managing this ad that’s running 365 days a year when someone responds and their interest in working at our firm, you remember our request, the new client email information. People now get a templated response, a boat when we’re holding our next three group interviews.


ask me. Oh wait, did we read the resumes? Oh No, they’re going to show up. Why are we going to read these resumes? That, that was a whole day that we were gonna spend on people. We’re not going to show up or the first 20 seconds when they open their mouth, we know we hate them and I’ve spent hours and hours reviewing those resumes. Okay? So they’re going to get the same template of response. Say if you’re wasn’t working in the firm, here’s our next three group interview times. Okay? And it changes the dynamic because thinking about it, when you hire someone, you’re hiring them because they need to fit in with, you know what you’re asking me to do as an employer, you’re going to ask them, when you show up your first day at work, you have a retail store, right? When you asked your employees that, hey, when do you want to come in for you?

What’s good for you? When do you want to work next week? Can you say that? Occasionally. Occasionally. But you have to have someone there for open. Everything is covered. Okay. So think about the process that we set up. Intake employees, we bend over backwards to do an interview with them, but the minute first day of work rolls around, it’s like, okay, I’ll see you here Monday morning at eight you’ve completely changed the dynamic from what you’ve asked them to do the first time you’ve changed the relationship. Not then they expected something else. They expect that they can come in and book whenever they want. That’s the one thing to show up for work. It’s not going to work out. So we send that template of Ray’s response that’s going to take us, you know, 15 minutes a week, 13 hours a year with me so far in the math room and going with this, okay, I’m going to conduct three group interviews per month with an average attendance of eight people.

Okay, so an average attendance of eight people. So they come up to the group interview, I’ll get into it. You know how we can do an interview and in a good manner, in an efficient manner and the useful better after. But we get eight people to show up. Now we’re blowing the good review, the resumes of the ones we like. That’s it. So, and it was hard, but I had it for the first time you did. It says sometimes we get like four people and sometimes we had like 15 people and they show up to the office and I couldn’t do it in the first time. I knew who he liked. And the other 12 resumes, I put them on my desk and I’m like, what did I do with these? I feel strong. I can’t throw them out. And the next day I came in, I took them and I dropped it in the garbage and it was the most liberating thing. I didn’t read the resumes of the people didn’t like, why they’re not going to work here. It’s just not going to work. You, you, you didn’t like the line. We’re going to read those resumes, but I’m going to take that time. Okay. So that was, that was liberating. Okay. Edmonton Accounting Firm, that’s going to take me 3.75 hours per month. We’d run them, you know, three per month. Now I’m up to 45 hours per you good so far.

Now instead of we know are, does anyone, is anyone’s job particularly like a resident of the year interview or does the job the day at work always feels slightly different than the interview. It’s so difficult to replicate job. So now if we like them, we’re going to have them come in and shadow or an entire date cause they might not like the role and we might not like them in the role and you can’t explain it to them in an interview, but you can show them. So we’re going to bring them in for a shadow day. All we’re really doing is the skills test and live there. The rest of the time it’s a shadow of who was doing what we’re doing. We’re doing anyways, confidence scape, their phones at the front. We have our security there. Uh, and we’re going to do, that’s going to take us one hour per week.

That’s, you know, we’re at 52 hours per year for one. Ours come in for one hour, they come in for all day. Oh, it only takes us an extra hour when they come in because we’re just doing exactly what we would do normally except for administering the skills test. Right. Okay. Just on pay that they’re volunteering for you. Yeah. Not really accomplishing any worth or just talk to you. Yeah. Okay. We haven’t taken notes and see what they can actually understand it. Actually. That’d be read those notes after. Right, so we know exactly what they, sometimes it’s just completely over their heads and sometimes it gets it. So now let’s think about the time we spent with his people. We might have a second interview first to get more, keep team members to meet them. Okay, so now with the math I’m looking at as I spent the 115 hours per year, I spend 1200 bucks spread evenly throughout the year. Both the time and the money you’re spread evenly throughout the year. I have met and skip, I, I’ve met 288 people and skill tested 48 people who’ve been in the office the full day.


Who’s going to get a better team? I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable with your interviews, you’re, you’re, you’re not an interview spot. Do you think the Oilers, I’ll go back to the others again. Do you think if they had really good scouts but only sculpted two teams really well that they would get caught up with David?


Or do you think they should, you know, maybe go and watch every single one of the junior teams define who the best player is. It doesn’t matter how good you are interviewing, you just need more bullets in the chamber. Okay. So we’ve gone from, you know, just meeting 12 people a year to meeting 288 people per year or a meeting and skill testing 12 we’re meeting now meaning 288 the skill testing 48 and seeing them for an entire day.

And some of them are really want to come back. They’ll come back time and time again that they really want the job. We’ll see if it’s, let’s see if they really want to work here. And that’s your only hiring one or year, whether I need food or not. So now that’s a good point. Right? Um, because there was a, there was a couple of things because sometimes you don’t, you can’t really project what you’re ready to need. Maybe you’ll need to this year, maybe only three. So in the old system, now I’m trying to draw three or four and I’ve only met 12. No, if I need, you know, three or four, uh, 48 to choose from, I got 288 that I met. It was so much more easy to scale it up or scale it down. I have to spend any more time I have to spend any more money.

I’ve just seen that many more people because I have a waste of time reading resumes of people I haven’t met primary. Okay. And it doesn’t take you long when you meet someone. How many people in this room have met someone and know that you don’t like them within the first 10 seconds? Everyone, every single person in here. How many hours do you spend reading these people’s resumes? It’s, it’s, it just doesn’t, the math just doesn’t add up. And once I got over the, the, the comfort level of it, I just, you’ll just run circles around your competition. You just try to do a one to one. Right. So in your business as an accountant, it’s a little different setting for, do you know of any contractor companies that have implemented? Yes. I’m trying. Um, I’m beating it into them because like the shadow complication, I push back, what are you telling me this? I’m like, you’re right. Your mind guy though I can see huge value filter on that. It’s a huge filter, trickles down to your best guy. But with Dolby CVPP like all the different things that a contract with basin and onsite situation put him in the truck, you have to pay for the day. You don’t pay the three hour shift. I mean that’s what it takes.

Or the teams, they got a good movies, three hours if that’s what you were going to go. Business is a game of risk. That’s great. You’re really is a, it seems like a not tested version for death out of an office to remember I used to working construction. I’m 100% full guys onto the site. If I knew what I could do this right. Yeah. You might not be able to get a full day if you’re a one man show when you’re on the tools. But if you’re in a supervisory role, you should be able to get them four hours. Bring them on. Both of your site does is hey, what do you see this going right on this side. What do you see as going wrong on the side given this boot shop or something to, yeah, there you go. And as someone who’s been going through an interview and then do you have whole process? You get hired and then you spend your first day and you’re like, oh this is not, they might not, they might be coming the way you guys do something.

Well, because as much as you lie and resume employers lie to you about great places to too. There you go. So, uh, are you having them shadow and then not necessarily like making your hiring decision within a small period of time? Like just kinda like keep, Yep. Okay. So how do you mitigate getting another job in the meantime? I’m always doing it so I just go back. I pick my favorite from who I’ve seen when I need someone to better, they’re not going to go back and pick my second favorite third favorite report. So on and so forth. Yeah. Okay. So what’s your language on that? Is there your, we’ll call you and you do or, yes. Good. Thank you. Shame.

Well, I guess nobody would ever want to do interviews. What did it, nobody hit the bill to bed. We lost someone or, Edmonton Accounting Firm, over Christmas I took three weeks off. You got some good systems for some other were taken three weeks off, had a new baby at Christmas and we lost someone while I was off where they replace buried. And before I even go back to work, we already knew who it was. Lose business. Just kept going like nothing happened. Right. So, um, that’s the evaluated liver as the best team wins. That’s the value of it. Why wouldn’t that be a no brainer to like how people mind that like public pool aren’t most employers doing or ethic we’ve heard along that line? Or is it, I don’t know. Cause they’re just uncomfortable with the graffiti. Right. But if you’re going to bridge the gap, you know, do I want the best people for my team? Is it better that I become one of those small businesses, plastics, and I’m 50% of people go out of business or should I get the best people on my team? So my whole team has a job.

Yeah. Can you just give us an idea of that group interview like that?

That’s my next step. Yeah. So how I sweet, at least one person in the room who was slightly uncomfortable in group interviews and now you’re thinking, man, I can see 208 people to the 12th is early. One person in the room.

I was thinking the other way around because I’ve been on the end where I’ve been interviewed by people. Yeah. That is very intimidating.

Oh, I see. Yeah, that’s what I need. What is that? Yeah, but the boss side, yeah, that’s a great product to the Boston. Yeah. So step one, you’re interviewed, we’re going to review the APP. I know this sounds crazy, but if you have a well written ad, you should ask lots of ads, lots of question, how much they’re going to get paid, where you’re going to work with the hours of work, or you’re going to be where you’re, where are you going to be located when people that are applying for jobs and they’re going all over the place and then one jumbles into the next. So they’re invariably going to ask questions that was already on, on, on an ad. If that APP was a little written. So step one, just review that attic again. And if that adds, you know that you keep getting these really common questions over and over again and you realize it’s deficient in your, I just adjust your head and make it better. If they’re wondering, Hey, is there a, it takes you ask me if there’s any travel in this job. You don’t have that near your APP, your APP. Yeah. Okay, so that’s step one is you’re growing, you’re reviewed yet and you’re going to tell them all the steps that what you’re going to do beforehand. So step one is we’re going to review the APP.

Step up or to

is you are going to communicate your problems, vision, mission, and values. Step number two, you’re going to communicate your problem, vision, mission, and values. So this was not just necessarily for branding in order for you to brand your business properly, this was necessary to communicate who you are and does anybody, I remember I connected one word with values. They’re supposed to be what values should be polarizing. Sally’s should be polarizing, but it shouldn’t be everything to everybody because they’re everything to everybody. People are going to think this is great. You me a place to work. There’s going to be good things about working there and there’s going to be challenging aspects of working there. And if you can’t communicate to that to them and your values, well you’re going to have a bit of a disconnect. You’re going to put yourself and them in a bad situation. So we’ll go through it on,

I have the website up.

Another thing about Google reviews,

everybody wants to work for you.

Your ads, your indeed has become more effective too. So this isn’t just about getting, customers are calling us about recruiting people. So you, you get the problem. 50% of small businesses fail within five years and you know, tell them this is an incredibly hard problem trying to solve as a result that this firm is an incredibly hard place to look. And if you’re looking for an easy for him to work at, this is the wrong firm. This is something you got to be truly passionate about working. Our vision is to help thousand business five years or more than order to accomplish that. We’re going to have to grow. This is me in this interview, right? This is exactly what I’m communicating with them and our mission is to help gain business beat the odds and we’re going to go through our values. We’re going to bring a positive attitude, integrity in all situations.

Okay? Integrity kind of goes to the saying as being an account of positive attitude that might seem easy to people, but positive attitude as hard when things aren’t going well. That’s what it’s important to bring a positive as. Okay, we’re going to stick to the schedule, show up early, finish strong and document your progress. Even when life is hard. Show up early. You scheduled time off record we’re sharing is right here. I will tell them if you are the type of person who calls him the sniffles everyday, don’t work here cause I will fire me.

Or just when you’re saying they are not going to wait. Um, we’re going to stick to focus solitary work in the mornings and collaborate the afternoon. We tell them when you work here, people don’t talk in the mornings. We collaborate in the afternoon. We have focused solitary work will lead to show them the dollars that are sitting on the table for people need to interrupt people. Um, it’s a real thing. We’re going to prioritize, understand the big picture. Xq Review the big picture and repeat a lot of other accounting firms. Those are just processing numbers. We’re trying to understand the new recommendations on the big picture. Quickly document off top new objectives and refocus. Don’t switch tasks and the deletion immediately pull this back into the game when they get distracted or discouraged. And I tell them cell phones are banned in our office. You cannot use your personal cell phone, our office telling them what’s important to them.

That’s a polarizing thing. Some people are not going to want to work there because I’ve said that I’ve gotten it out of the way. Right? It’s really clear what the expectation is. And someone who’s really passionate about helping business owner doesn’t care if they can’t see their cell phone for three days. Never mind. They can’t see it for eight hours. Okay. Um, we’re going to continue learn, develop talent, and promote from within. You know, I know you can’t bring in key people to key positions and expect to scale. You need to develop that talent from within. So people think, okay, I’m coming in an entry level position. I got a shot of doing something in this job. It’s important to us. It works for us. It’s one of our values, right? But yeah, they’re going to work hard. Edmonton Accounting Firm, they got a chance to move up in this business.

Okay. Um, they’re, they’re going to use those from prior years, other clients and other proven strategies to help clients continue to make incremental improvements by a finding and following process. And then I bring it to the checklist. We have checklists. We follow a checklist in this farm, and I tell them, you, we are, you know, the best small business, finding a tax planning firm in the city. We’re extremely good at business plans because we do so many of them that we’re only good at it because we follow a process. If we started from scratch, we wouldn’t be as good at it. And I’m the guy who wrote the processes. And if I didn’t have my templates, I wouldn’t be as good at it. So you’ve gotta be someone who’s willing to follow the process to the work at our firm, not be cowboy, so to speak.

Um, bounce, professionalism, humor, and empathy and report. And I tell them what the challenges, you know, if you don’t have empathy, you’re job as a, as a good small business advisor is to convince small, stubborn entrepreneurs, uh, who probably went into business because they never want to listen to another human being for the rest of their life. You now have to convince them to do something that they might not want it to do. So, uh, empathy and you know, uh, sales skills are necessary even if you never have to sell the coin. Um, take calculated risks, celebrate wins and learn from the losses present complete solution to keep going. When it gets hard and we tell them our expectation is that you’re preparing files, is it myself and the other managers are going to be abducted by aliens and you have to present to the client the next day.

So you have to finish before we’re going to review and help you because that’s how you’re going to learn as quickly as some people be like, that sounds scary. Some people were like, okay, I get it. I gotta to do the whole thing. Take a hack at it and then someone’s going to help me cause I’m going to learn quicker that way I want them to know that going in, right. That’s what we value. Um, we’re going to collaborate in person or by phone and then confirm in writing. And I tell them, I do not want to see you emailing people back and forth that that is required you to pick up the phone and talk to somebody because there might be someone who’s super nervous about talking to somebody. But Hey, I charge flat fees and clients want quick information. So sometimes you can pick up the phone and talk to people that’s valued in this business.

Okay? Uh, if you realized your organization, uh, maintaining organization, reducing clutter, when I pointed around the office that we have to keep things in an orderly manner, includes their digital files, provide tiny progress updates and keep all the relevant parties confirmed, informed, um, promote the health of our employees and their families. And we have to overdeliver. And when you get knocked down, get up and keep moving forward. So I tell them that you’re going to lose some clients along the way. That’s how this is going to work because we can’t keep 100% of the business. You gotta be able to, you know, get up and do that all over again. Sometimes that’s in the same day. Sometimes the person at three o’clock is really leaked in the first one to five o’clock. They want a high five because they did so well. That’s a, that’s the life that, that we’re gonna have.

So how many times have you guys gotten into an interview and probably not learned as much as an organization? And I just needed to do in five minutes. There’s a group, remember that much? We’re working and now we haven’t even brought the minion for a full day. So we haven’t even shown them right now. The next step is we’re going to ask them, let them ask whatever questions they want. We’re going to ask them whatever question they want with the job all the time. You know, you’re kind of concerned if they don’t ask any questions, that’s probably the wrong person to, if they started asking you know, questions like, uh, Edmonton Accounting Firm, what’s the benefit package is their first question or when’s the, when do I get my first race? You’re kind of, you know what you’re getting at this point, right? Um, so you’ve got to use those questions a little bit and then there’s only one question the ask them.

That’s this question. Where do you want to [inaudible] frontline associates specifically asked why we asked them and they have to say it. It’s incredibly awful. It is incredibly August. So lots of them are going to say, well, I’ve always wanted to be an account, throw that resume away. And then someone’s going to say, well, I want it to work for a firm or of bolt this size. You guys got about 10 people. I think that’s a great fit for meal. Say it nicer than that for that resume anyway. And then someone’s going to say, you know, I, you know, my parents had a business and it didn’t work out. And I really want to learn how to help small business owners. That’s the person who’s coming shatter bait. It is painfully obvious. We only need one question to know who’s going to come in. It’s got to be someone who aligns with your values because if they don’t align with your values is just going to leave.

As soon as one job pays a little bit more or it’s a little shorter travel time, I need to get one extra week of vacation. They’re out the door. You have to tell them something that’s important to them other than, you know, it has to be a balance. It can’t just be a monetary item or convenience item. They have to have something that aligns with your values as different than other values. That’s why those values have to be polarizing, okay? Because that’s why they’re going to want to stay there. Um, and that’s what we’re looking for. And then we send them on their way and now it’s the first time we ever read their resume. And that one person who said that one answer that connected with our values, that’s the blueprint. We read their resume to see if they actually have the credentials to do this job. So I haven’t read all of these. I haven’t read the resumes. I’ve written one and then we’re going to call him. We tell them, hey, we’re going to call you. And uh, um, how this works is there’s always two people in it. Um, and cold Colton it for the first time yesterday, was there any difference in the person that we chose?

It was the first time he ever did it. It was just painfully obvious we were going to fit it. There was only one person. Sometimes there was no one. We both picked the same person and we would send them out the door. We tell them, hey look, we really appreciate you coming in. Um, you know, what we’re going to do is we’re going to compare notes and in both me and Cole, like, but you had to say, we’re going to bring you in for a shadow day if we didn’t like it. You know, if we don’t call you in the next 15 minutes, we should best luck. And if you think we made the wrong choice, you can come back next week and give us a different answer. That’s what we tell them. Um, and you get people who will, who will come back, um, may, how many times you come.

Other people gave good answers and they came once, came back another time. Okay. Um, that’s how we do. And then we bring him in for the shadow day. So it’s not just the number of people is the depth of power, you know, getting to know these people and the time that’s an so being saying that. How many of you think you could actually conduct a group interview? Mm, that’s it. Whoever has the best team wins. That’s really what you want. You have to do. And y’all way that you see, even our decision making is better because of y’all y’all way brought up a good point. There’s a lot of, it was based on fatigue because in a, in a, in a situation where you see them over two days and you’re conducting all these interviews, your own feelings about how tired you are and stuff that they change me and y’all are talking about this on the day, but when you see them all at once, they all have the same, you’ll have the same biases when you’re seeing them all, it’s all at one time and if you do it weekly, it’s more of a routine feeling as opposed to when you’re doing it traditionally, you’re already stressed at that point that you need people.

Yeah. Yes. Excellent. Um, so that’s, um, any questions on the interview process? Just the one thing when you bring them in, you tell them at the beginning that you’re going to ask them the questions and then kind of think about it the whole time. Yeah. It’s not like you’re just kind of spring the question on them after they’ve sort of ask all their questions. Yeah, yeah. They, they don’t get it. They know. The one question we’re going to ask you, so you like earlier on you say rowing and asked me one question, this is what it is, is what it is and then I review the, the ad problem. Does your mission values let the master question. I’m pretty much telling them this is what I want to hear.

No. How many of them could give you that answer, that text values, right? Oh and we shut our door. Five. Yes. Yes. The interview happens at five o’clock and the door shuts at five o’clock. If you come in and five alive know come again. Next thing. That’s just how it works. If you do, if you’re doing that one by one, you can’t do that cause they ain’t got the two hours blocked off. They showed up five minutes late. Well what the heck am I going to know in many ways, right? That’s kind of a tendency when we have the group there, he no longer feel that pressure. He’s like, I got file of the people showed up on time. You don’t stand a chance and all came at the same time frame. Um, one thing that we didn’t talk about too with the other, like the traditional way of doing it.

Like when I did it for you that one time, not only did I spend all that time doing that, I still had to get my work done. Then I had to work like so many overtime hours to get everything done and I was totally stressed out. And it’s distracting work too, right? 28% of your days because you’re multitasking. That’s right. Now you’re just enforcing and multitasking on someone, on your teams. It was valuable and it is costing you to in a sense that, let’s say you did get two weeks notice from one of your employees, um, do you really think this, uh, two weeks of, um, that, that the top person is staying on the yard from would have that best work? Let’s say if you need, let’s say taxis and we’ve lost an employee give to two weeks notice and we need someone to cover in four a or stay over time because we need more people.

Do you think that person will do it? No. It’s going to be a satisfactory period to the worst efforts you’ve seen ever made a resolution my life that um, I love when you’re here, but when you had your hand in your notice, that’s your last day. Um, it’s just, it’s a morale thing too. Um, it’s not, it’s not something you want to work for, right? Sometimes you need them there. He only put it in their look good people is this is, it’s no problem. But Hey, we’re trying to be the best small business accounting from in the country. You don’t want to be here anymore. So we’re, we’re moving on it. That’s kind of how it goes and get redundancies built in place. So no one’s bigger than the team peck. I could probably get hurt tomorrow and uh, you guys manage your three was fine with that week, so everything would go well.

So, um, yeah, so thanks y’all for that one. Yeah. So I think, you know, we’re kind of coming to the conclusion, here we go. Five more minutes here. Um, what I want to encourage you to do, you know, what the, the offer I have here for you today is we’re trying to assemble as this, um, December, this is my first time ever speaking for eight hours. I hope it wasn’t terrible listening to my, Edmonton Accounting Firm, my, my first time. I’ve done so many one or two hours. I just don’t have enough time that you can actually use the next day. And that’s my goal is to give you stuff that whether you hire us, you can actually use this next day in your business. If you are looking for account or looking for a bookkeeper, you’re looking for a small business marketing, he’ll go book a console up there, they’re free console.

But if not, just use this information that’ll be good enough for me cause she uses information. Say it worked out. Um, I truly, I truly believe that that 50% small business failure rate is avoidable and the significance of it all is, you know, a lot greener than everybody gives it. Tried to port 53% of everybody who has a job in Canada works for a small business. And most of those small businesses are going to fail. And if anyone thinks that’s not making a really sizable impact on our economy. And I’d love to have some pipelines and I would love to have, um, you know, some change in our tax structure, but there’s stuff that we can do right now, the people in this room with that 50% of small business failure rate. And if you think that you get the edge and just you getting the edge alone is better.

Well guess what, one of the biggest things that you have to overcome is the economy that you’re functioning. Then if the economy sucks, it doesn’t matter how good you are. So other small business owners succeeding is good for every other person in this room. I think because there’s less people drawing in the system, you know, these lists, the default, the system, there’s going to be more opportunities for people. So we’re trying to do this conference to give people the heads up. There’s only so many fights that we can deal with on a, on a one to one basis. So if you’ve enjoyed what you have here today, you think there’s something useful that other business owners can use. Um, you know what the ask would be to, you’ll come down here just to give us a quick, kind of 32nd video testimonial and we’ll give you a copy of my, of my favorite business book. And it’s just, you know, something that you think, if you think they’d have some value in attending this conference in the future. Cause I really think if a business owners work together, we really can, um, edls business guys