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Edmonton Accounting Firm | 5 – 2019.02.02 #BeatTheOdds Boot Camp – Marketing

5 – 2019.02.02 #BeatTheOdds Boot Camp – Marketing | Edmonton Accounting Firm

Okay, now what’s going on the market? Why would you listen to the account you guys have probably two years of my life because I saw so many clients waste so much money, so much money for Solo on how to do this right. One on a personal quest to figure out how to do it and it wasn’t just be reading books and involve me flying out to different places in the world and meet people best and I can give you other people will charge you $10,000 a month for it. It gives you a house.


so if you were to Google, let’s go Edmonton.

So up top

you’re going to have Google ad words, so you have to pay to be up top. Sometimes you’ll see my ad, there’s won’t see my ad there, although it you’re going to have the Google places lifting or the Google map listing. This is a lot to read it by how far you are in proximity to the type of service that you’re good. Okay? Now below that paid ads, because Google places you’re going to get the organic listings. So now go here. These are listings that you, you don’t have to pay for. It doesn’t relate closely to how far you are from that location and it’s just all on the strength of your website. So you can see you there. If I’m number two was Berlin associates is the number two website. That was pretty cool. He’s an accountant as an extremely competitive term. Most of you guys I would suggest probably are an industry.

Some of you might be more competitive, but I would suggest the majority of the people in the room or probably in less competitive industries and that if you go down on that one there is, I have 10 there, I think there’s 12 so there’s probably about 240 listings on there. Those 240 competitors on there. That one of the first page and I’m on the first page. The first page is very important, you know? Yeah, you can do, you can get something from the first page, but if you’re not on the first base, but it was a good line saying, um, if you want to hide a body, do it on page two of Google.

So also we another one and this one, depending on how we do here, it might be even more impressive than that one. This was the first term that we might have because the way you have to do this, you have to mow it, turn by me. So you’re not just going to win alternate overnight and it’s going to be a surgeon who wants to come. This was a term we started with, so it was empty CPA. We’re not having any paid ads show up there right now. Again, we have our food places listing, it’s showing us in the Google play’s listing and then you’ll see we’re not just on the first page on that one, but we’re number one on the page. And what’s really important here is who’s below us. So we’ll see if we’re, where’s our next competitor? Next competitors rape, have grey hair, kw, meek. But in between that is, this is like my governing body. This is CPA Alberta. So I’m out raking Cpl. Verda for Edmonton CPA are doing better than our governing body who had been doing it for years and wants to learn how to do this. So we’re going, I’m going to pass out to another about pastoral devaluation and the Info path. So we did the evaluation on the infographic.


I’m going to have Chris Milkie helped me again with this one.

And what I’m going to teach you is actual real strategy. It all the threats. And usually it’s not a magic will only work if you do. Okay. But it’s not a charlatan saying that they can get you to the top when they they’re, you know, my favorite is these internet marketers who say, I can get you to the top of Google and they’re on page nine. I love that. That’s amazing. Public heck had been at the top. So I’ll pull up the program and we’ll walk you through the magic number. So we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to, because one of the problems is business owners. It’s that paralysis by analysis. There’s so many ideas out there and the problem is that most of them work or repeat that again. The problem is most of them work. So now it becomes hard for the average business owners to say which one works better. So, um, that’s what I’ll show you here.

Does this infographic, so Chris asked you, yes.

What is the number one thing any small business can do full stop for marketing? Google ad words will stop. Edmonton Accounting Firm, probably uh, yeah, Google places, places, Google places. Number one thing, I don’t care what business. I’d be surprised if there’s something better for anyone else in this room. The first thing you have to do is Google places. It is free and it is the most impactful. It’s going to cost you zero ks. So Google places is number one. So you need to list your business with Google places day. So I go back to the example here.

This is my Google places listing.

So you need to list your place, your place of business with Google places, and then you need to choose all the subcategories and when they move a place, so you’re not just going to put it up into an account. You could have been had it been bookkeeper and you’re going to put edit to a small business advice and business consultant. Do you want to list your category and yourself category? So you need to set up your Google places. They might not set up your place until you, they might send you a postcard. So we’ll make an application to set up your Google places and they might send you postcards. It takes a little while to go alive. But I don’t care if you’re doing any other marketing initiative. You don’t have Google places set up, stop and do this first. And I tried to do that and then he told me that, Edmonton Accounting Firm, that is not available and I have to contact Michael Lou administrator. Like, what the hell is that? I have to see that. Okay. Did you do it from Google by Google my business? Like you went to Google my business and then, and then they sent you a postcard and then you sent it back. Well, I guess it was dark Google places going through Google

my business, cause it’s the same sort of thing. Uh, and so, and then made sure they send that, that postcard with the thing with the like, I guess I’d randomly generated numbers. They’re trying to make sure that you’re human. Um, yeah. Yeah. So that’s why, yes. Sorry, I’m taking you over you. Yes. Say, um, what is the counter argument I heard once that he’s done, when you go with the Google places, as you can see, you automatically are then subjected to ratings. And then nod means anyone can put any information. And what I was told that oftentimes there’s trolls would do negative regions of you who are your competitors? Can I ask why are difficult to actually then we moved out negative and we’ve actually, we have a, we know someone who had just went through that check. I went through that recently. Um, what, what does he do? I’m sorry. Your Business Dna sequencing. So, um, how many DNA secrets eat trolls are there? Right? So the thing is there’s, there’s big fears of course, that every, every business person has. Uh, the thing is if everyone takes out their phones right now and they put, uh, they go to search 100% of this room, it’s going to have Google. So that’s, that is, that is, it’s, that is what it is.

And I’ll tell you what that might blow your mind a little bit is your SEO ranking isn’t the star rating. It’s the number and frequency of reviews. A bad review boosted your se girl. Yeah. If you get another STL, you’re Morrell. So Google a bit in the algorithm there, they’re ranking the frequency and the number of reviews. There is a

competitor of mine who has a ranking of I think like 2.5 and yet he shows up all the time when you search for your Edmonton garage door and it’s because of that

are looking for relevance. So the worst thing in the world that you could be Nicola is I know, I mean the second worst thing has to happen, not rating, but the worst thing is just no one can find you. That’s that’s, that’s the worst outcome and that’s what’s going to like fire me. You too when you get it back. But my very first Google review is a one star review. Took me a long time to get back to five stars. I didn’t think it was awesome, but I guess they did round up after, while it was a guy who came in and Edmonton Accounting Firm, he, he wanted a quote on his business. He wasn’t even a client, a quote on his business. We gave him a free consult and a first of all, free console. We’re talking like the end of April. It’s like tax died. Uh, this is before I knew Google reviews or even important.

And He, uh, he canceled his review like last night. I don’t even know if you’d like send that confirmation, said he’s gonna cancel his consultation, just going to go see and read books. And I read book him another one for April 30th, and it has been to my consultation, put a lot of African, do I bring to people as myself. It’s usually another CPA and other staff members, some of that I’m paying a lot of money to be there and we’re going to do everything we can help them in that review. And one thing about our services, I won’t sell you the car without a seatbelt. I won’t sell you financial statements and the tax return. But that’s the only in the business plan too, because I don’t think you’re going to be around and you’re not going to be happy. And that’s just my personal preference because I don’t believe in it.

I actually think it’s unethical because it leads you to, I have a chance to failure. And so we give as much free advice and camp and he didn’t like it. You went, I already found something for cheaper. I don’t even think he found something for cheaper. He just found out an incorporated business. Um, and what the price was to incorporate a business. And so that was my very first Google review. One Star. Hmm. Um, but so then I went home and got three more reviews and they got a four star rating. I was like, oh, that’s good. That’s all you need. Right. And I learned how important it was on SEO ratings. So there’s like 200 factors that Google is using to rate you and where are you going to show up on Seo? Um, there’s only like for you to focus on, number one is Google places Google reviews. You need to focus on Google abuse. Okay. ADG reviews were more than any other CP for the city. Probably happened more than twice as many. Any other CPA firms? That’s factor number one. Okay, I’ll bring up the infographic. Yeah.

Okay. Number two, I don’t even have a website yet. Let’s pretend you’re starting a new business. You’ve got your Google places set up. This is in order to guys. This is the, the border is very intentional. So number one, you would set up your Google places and these are, you know, you can see this kind of dropping onto a conveyor belt here. It means I would not do these things until this conveyor belt is moving. Okay? So number one is Google places. Number two is youtube owns youtube. Google. You think they want people ranking high, higher if they have youtube content? Yup. They’re just intrinsically motivated to do so. Okay. Plus there’s some stuff that you can do with that content. So second thing you do also free. These are going to set up a youtube channel. Now that’s scary scaring. Some people are like, well, do you want to be at the top of Google or do you want to be using the paperclip wallet forever?

Drive by.

So let’s do the same search on youtube now. Youtube, it’s way easier. Youtube. Anyone know what the second most used search engine is? You do youtube. Okay, we’ve got one in to cover here. So if you searched Edmondson CPA, I’m not first. I’m like Kim. John Boone.


scrolling now before this guy, what if I fail?


well down there. Okay, so that’s number two. Do two videos. They need to be 10 minutes in like 10 minutes in length. Okay, so the youtube videos, we’ll have to be 10 minutes and like why is that? Because Google the other, the other factor that you’re going to look at in terms of your website is you need the most number of pages with a thousand words or more. It’s almost going to say, I write a blog, it has to be 800 maybe. I don’t want me, I want for sure that was on words or more for sure. Okay. Write a blog and don’t you have to be 500 I don’t care. I just want to get the top, but I don’t want to take a chance at it. So a thousand words, most number of pages of a thousand words or more. And if you talk for 10 minutes in a slow country drawl, you will get a thousand words. No are all, some seats are simple. Just think about, it’s almost like Obama just thinking about what you’re trying to say. So I don’t care if I’m ever a youtube star, it’s not my goal. My goal is to be on the first page of Google. That’s all I use is for it. People Start, I have 25 subscribers then I was like shot at 25 right. Cause that’s awesome. That’s like 23 more than I thought.

The six year olds you subscribe to me. So she hates it. My videos pop up because they’re not, but they don’t. The cartoon videos, no pop wrong. But you know they tell me when I get to a hundred I get like a custom URL. So that’s another goal of mine. When you get subscribers and then I can get youtube slash sprawl CPA. Nice looking and going with that. That should be your next BNI pitch 30 right there. I’ll go back to the infographic here. So here’s what I forgot one to bring up with Chris. Chris, you’re not a, it’s not like your garage door company and everything has been around for years and years. Let’s go. Let’s take a look at this. Chris has 62 Google reviews. How often does your phone rings and Google? A lot. A lot. If it’s not from a BNI referrals from a Google review or Google ad word or whatever, Google something someone’s researching, add more often than that.

Uh, even if they hear your name from, from a friend, let’s say Josh refers me, chances are, especially when you’re in my market and you’re buying something that’s a little more than 50 bucks, a hundred bucks, they’re going to look at your reviews and if they see five or six, they’re going to think, no, I’m okay. Whatever that seems good. But if they see 60, or if they see or did they see, they’re going to know that those reviews are genuine, especially if you reply to them. So that is a big, big thing. Uh, not only just seeing the review and you don’t have to fight all of them, but some, I get it. I mean, I met someone who said you should apply to every single one of them. We’re all business owners. If you don’t have time to sit there and do that, but raw replying, it shows authenticity shows you’re grateful to it and ensures more reviews down the road.

So that’s how I’m Chris Paul CMW graduate is competing with the big guys. The big guys go on. And how many big guys you’re meeting?

Oh, what’s the big three? Um, creative door, bark hole and Edmonton Accounting Firm, uh, Edmonton, uh, sorry, uh, overhead door are the big three in the city. Um, maybe have more reviews than me, but I’m still jumping to the front of the line in Google because of, because of these reviews and because of, uh, the, the ranking and because, uh, just the fact that they look authentic and I know companies now that I used to work for a, that are mirroring me because of this, they’re trying to be me.

88% of your ideal and likely buyers will look at your boom for purchasing. And that number does not change if it’s a personal referral. So even if someone refers you work, you think you’re going to do this old school, there’s still going to log on. Check your online reviews. So even if you’re going out of word of mouth, word of mouth, word of mouth, you’re going to close less a little word about, dude,

can I add a little something? If you click my website, uh, like yeah, go ahead. Yeah. And school down at my face. This right here, sign, it’s not, go down. Go down a little bit. This is something I’ve recently added. This is huge. That is one click degenerative you because your views need to be as easy as possible for people to get to because if you ask someone to do her review nighttimes in spent. Absolutely. I do that all the time. I’ll do that for you. Absolutely. And then nothing happens. So if you get them, hey, go to my website, scroll down to the review section and click that buy button and click the button.


that simple. They can write that review five stars. So that’s something especially I know someone who is doing websites here in the in the room, something that you should get off of your gut. It’s super easy to do. I might get my life, this coding. So she had, it was the simplest thing in the world, a especially for the old timer that uh, that it’s that for, that has a Google doc that has a Gmail account but that doesn’t want to go online. And I already did all that. I found you just one stop, one button done. Super simple. You still have to ask. Even if you have a picture of tool and like asking, you cannot replace asking. Yeah. Asking needs to happen, but just make it as easy as possible once you get that ass. Okay, cool. Back to the, you know, I’ve been telling my clients to like, like literally leave it open on an iPad at their credit or something and it’s done. It’s also a good thing. Can we just fill it up? You could also a, it’s less effective, but you could also do a, I think an email and have those, the Google embedded in there. Please leave a review if you like to serve us. We really appreciate your updated. It looks really professional. There are companies that can do that. It’s pretty cheap, but uh, but as simple as possible because people have an attention span of a GNAT nowadays. So that’s what you got to, that’s what you gotta do.

Okay. Now you are going to want to establish what your problem, vision, mission and values. Are you good problem. Vision, mission. Nice. Um, I probably missed 50% of Canadian small businesses fail. Our vision is to help a thousand businesses. Uh, or more for five years more. So I’ll go to my website, put it right on the website, right on the home page of the website. So if you guys want a coffee and what does a problem vision, mission and values look like? Just go to my website and look at it. If you present a volcano, it’s all this suspense. So sick rate to the point, what am I trying to solve? Um, our vision is to help a thousand visits more for five years. Your vision should have a number in it. So your vision should be a quantifiable goal. Your mission is what you’re doing today. Your vision is what you’re going to accomplish over the longterm and drama number and it matter. Okay?

Really convoluted values, vision and mission. Mission. What I’m going to do today, vision is what I’m going to accomplish over the long term. And it must include number, I’ll file value. Um, admission we’ve been, we went over that in the plan to help visits, help team business beat the odds, and that’s the same. Then we get to the values. Okay? Now you can see some of our values that we’ve written in there. This is also important for recruiting too, but the values are important because it’s going to establish who you are. And this might sound a little fluffy hope. Why are we getting to, this is important when you’re trying to build a team and it’s important when you’re trying to create any branding. We just want to know what’s important to you. Just like when we said the mission statement had to be quick and succinct and it had to say something riveting.

Your values should be portal polarizing or repeat that again, your values should be polarizing. So what that means is if everyone likes your values, you haven’t written them correctly. That makes sense because if everyone likes your values, you haven’t written them correctly. So I know we’ve adopted a lot of the values that you know are, are consistent with entrepreneurs. Even when life is hard. Show up early, you scheduled time off for activities we’re sharing. We tell people in the first interview if you’d call them with the sniffles, do not come work at this firm that will just fire you. Not People might be not like that. That’s true because that’s what we’re kind of accomplished. So we can’t tell our staff to do that. And then they expect their clients to do something different. Okay. That’s a polarizing value and something that we’re going to read it and they’re going to love it. It’s something we’re going to read it and they’re going to think Josh was a slave driver. So you have to write those values that are polarizing. If they’re not polarizing, they can’t. They shouldn’t be everything to everyone. Okay? They should be polarizing. They shouldn’t say, we know who you are, what you stand for.

Can we scroll back up to vision

please? Thank you.

Does this actually impact us? You as well still? Or is this a different purpose? Different purpose. Different purpose. But you do need a thousand words or more on every page. So what the heck else am I going to put on there to get to a thousand words? So you’ll notice here like I would have probably stopped my website here and you’ll see all this stuff down below. I’ll get it to this no one. I don’t expect anyone ever read that. Every once in a while you get someone who reads it bunny in a thousand words on every page. So it’s like every single page on the domain has to have a thousand words. Each word is like total sum over. The whole domain needs to be a thousand. They’re not getting any strength and they don’t have a thousand anyone ever notice? Let’s do, Hey, I like this example who always shows up first in your googling stuff. What website? I’ll be shows up first. What can you do with your, with a PDA? Okay, here we go. So I just googled German shepherd. Can you go to Wikipedia? How did they show up first all the time?


you must feel it right? Here we go.

German shepherd is written 147 times on the page and this page is way more than a thousand words. That’s why Wikipedia is always the first dice. Google can’t read pictures. Google doesn’t assess cyl. Google bots read words. You need to write words. Okay. You might not like that. It’s just some designers in there and I say great. You can have a pretty website that’s on page four that nobody seats. Uh, as a, as someone who has a, a wife at the street, uh, they’re also a web builders and you’ve probably attest to this as well, have a really creative ways to putting up, putting those into your website. So some of it could be as simple as a button to go to a design on the, on the website. It’s still has the word garage door and that’s what, that’s what Google’s going to fight for myself in terms of divisions real small. Exactly. It’s kind of like you’re sorry. You go ahead. No, go ahead. So it’s like you have a nice presentable part where it’s like easily it gets a sales funnel going in and you basically have like the text dome underneath all that

word, counting, electrician, electrician, electrician, electrician, electrician, electrician, electrician with, that’s fine. There are some websites where that’s the background it, but it seriously works and gets them to the top of the page. You may not be the prettiest website in the world made turn off your your competition, but they’re at the top of the page.

You, you want to understand your differentiation factors. We’ve walked through that. The business plan, the three that are most important to you. Okay, you want to make sure and now you’re going to do, your branding does a very specific order for this. Again, it’s very intentional. These weren’t just throwing, just like we organize this presentation today, these are actually happening in order and you might say, well, why the heck would I do my branding or my division after speaking in the Youtube? It doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to get a lot of queries on that one, but a lot thought that if you have to speak for 10 minutes at a time about your business through your four or five times over, now you are in a better position to actually tell people what your vision, your differentiation factors are and your branding should look like because now you have to verbalize it.

It’s going to help you get through the process. So just rather than go through that process in your head, both of that process on youtube so you can get some SEO value out of it. Just trying to maximize your time here. I’ll always look back with 168 hours. Okay, so talking to your business or you can be a roofer. I don’t, I don’t care. You don’t know what you’re granting and you’ve got, what’s my, what’s my differentiation, what are my values? I don’t know what my values are. Just start talking to the camera and Youtube for 10 minutes at a time. They’ll start to become a little more clarity. Okay. Then we’re going to get into, you need a no brainer offer, a no brainer offer. So this is an offer that’s going people at the top of your website. So one of the things that people are confused about is they think everyone is going to read everything on their website.

I have news for you. You are going to spend hours and hours on this website, on pages and pages and pages and the majority of people who visit your site are going to look at the homepage above the fold. Everyone knows the is so the fold is great here. So everything below here, this was below the fold, the stats, I don’t care what business you’re in, the majority of people are going to visit your website and they’re going to make a decision based on this and chances are they’re not going to make a decision based on this one. They’re going to make a decision based on the mobile line, not even desktop one. So you’re looking for an account and every town gives a free consultation. I give her a free consultation and my favorite book, maybe you don’t know who I am and you haven’t read the reviews. Maybe you don’t, but I’m going to give you, I’m going to go one step further. I’m going to give you 20 or $30 a month or whatever it costs me. Um, and that’s what we’re going to do. The different, okay? So if you’re an electrician, you’re going to get a free estimate like everyone else, and you’re going to give one of those fancy plugs with an led light in it. Like it’s going to cost you 50 bucks.


That’s, you know, that’s what’s gonna move the needle for you because you’re going to spend so much money and time to get in front of them. Give them something of value more than your competition has to be a no brainer offer. It has to be better than everyone else, okay? Don’t be cheap about it. Don’t be, don’t, you know, put yourself into bankruptcy over it. Um, but it has to be more value than everyone else because that’s what’s going to go on your web page, okay? Now, once you have those things up and running and only then,

now you were finally ready to do your website, you see this graph I have on here, this will probably take you between six to 12 months to do all this stuff. If you get, can you get this conveyor belt running? So there’s a very specific order I want you to do that. We recommend you do it based on what’s going to move to the yield quickness just by getting some Google reviews to do it. There’s no point once your website until you have this, because you’re going to go to a, you know, we, I, I my my marketing brand that I worked with and I parked it with people on it, there’s no point of view your website because we’re just going to rip it up and figure out what branding is and get you some SEO content, fill it in there. Like, cause this is not going to work. Um, so now you need a website.

Your website needs to be wordpress broke someone’s heart and know what your website needs to be. WordPress. So it is not, uh, wigs. It is not go daddy is wordpress. Do you want the quickest path to be number one? It’s wordpress has the most market share. Google index it the best. So if you want to do it easy, you can do it other ways. I’m just telling you the easiest way. Everything we’re trying to tell you today is not the only way. It’s just the easiest way to get the biggest chance. Okay, so you’re going to want to use wordpress. It has to be an SEO friendly website. Now I’m not a programmer, but I’m going to give you two programs cause you’re going to hire a programmer. Well maybe you want inspired method. You can give them a call. I’d be happy or you can get someone else to call. But if you get someone else to call it, what you want to do is you want to check up on the progress to programs that are called Seo rush.


Scm Rush. Sorry. Yeah, let’s just make sure I got it.

Yeah, there you go. Then

s e o Moss. I use Mohs. Um, but this is going to be able to crawl your page and identify the heirs. It’s going to cost you 200 bucks a month or the uh, uh, for the license. You can keep it for the initial bill if you want to do a on a shoestring or you can keep it forever if you want to make sure you know your, your website has air’s moving forward, but you can check on the code that you are not going to be qualified to write. Okay, so this is, you’re going to pay someone 5,000 bucks to build a website, which I think is a kind of a broken model. I think monthly fees work better because this is a continual process, but it’s not, there aren’t good. Lots of, you’re going to pay a fee and you’re going to wonder, you’re going to think it’s right. You should not pay the fee until you do web crawl. Okay? That’s going to tell you if your website is Seo compliant, it has to be more wild compliant. You don’t need a fancy program to test mobile compliance twine. You just do it on my website. If you want to apply, it’s just this, you just put in the URL here and Google’s going to give you a yes or no.


This is not one the, the STL friendly test has kind of like a rating scale of one to a hundred type of thing. Uh, but this is more yes or no?

No, that’s all we care as well.

You, Josh, what’s the name of that website? Do you use a youtube video? A good question. How do I get me, I had these videos on my phone. How can I edit them quickly? There’s a program called we video. It’s a web based program so you don’t have to install any big video editing programs on your computer. We’ve been, you’ll let you edit it from your desktop, what base? You can use it anywhere. There you go. Page is mobile friendly. Chris Gwynne’s Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding. Okay. Now how do I get more pages? Obviously I’ve written a thousand pages or a thousand words for everything on the page. Um, keep in mind that most people make their decision here. Uh, go ahead.

Okay. So how do you get people that hired one? People know what you’re,

oh, you’re going to describe your product. You’re going to go a whole 10 minute video on the type of seal you’re using. You’re going another 10 minute video on what the interior of the thing is. You’re to another 10 minute video and comparing it to another one of your competitors. You’re going to do another 10 minute video on the quality of the lid, other 10 minute video or the potential, our value. And you can just keep going.

So you took page easier to find them all in store.

Um, they’re going to show up both, which is kind of a good thing people are looking for. So if you’re gonna go like spurling associates, you going see my, my youtube videos, which is good because people are going to get with that.


okay, so a thousand words or more. Remember what’s the second I told Chris this, what is the second most viewed page on your website? What do they want to see second most? Your, uh, your team out with yourself. I like, well, no, no, no. I have this, um, you’re, you got it. Yeah, it did. I just say your team, you’re still, and if your teams, one person, it’s just you, you have a bio of you, people think that they’re going to spend hours and hours looking at your services. If they’re, if they are going to click on a page at all the second most likely, the next place that they’re gonna put him on as a teenager. They want to know who they’re doing business with, Moreso than what service do you provide. Believe it or not, I actually have an act or if you want to go back to my website real fast.

Uh, I, so yeah, taking Joshua’s device, Edmonton Accounting Firm, I, when I first did my website, that’s my, my face wasn’t on there. Um, so he’s like, first thing we need to do is put your face on here and then the about section. And uh, when you hit read more at schools down and it tells you more about me and my, and my background. I’ve had customers quote this back to me when I show up to their house. Oh, you’re from California originally. What brought you out here and that she’s worth it. Trust me, that whole spiel. Uh, but yeah, like it, it, it, it, you’d be shocked that how many people want to know what they’re dealing with. So it’s very important that you are here and you’re in an a story about you or your team is on your website. Okay? So now you got your website set up, but that’s still compliant. It’s more wide compliant. And getting the Google reviews, like videos. Here’s the secret, the most pages with a thousand words or more. How many of you have written a blog ever?


yes, you are my competitors and you try to write blogs and beat me. I’m going to just demolish you. Here’s why. Take every single one of those videos and I transcribe them. So you’re, you’re sitting there and trying to write Polish material and I’m transcribing it. Let me go back to [inaudible] open now.


These don’t have to be good. I only have, you know, six, 12 written pages here. Go down on my site now. Oh, this is a little bit dirty, but this is how it went. So you’re going to look at these videos and you’re going to click on them.


and I have them all transcribed. Lots of services out there. A buck a minute. This is not, this is not great. This is going to be bad. It’s going to be bad. I’m not having someone to edit it and I’m just putting it on there. No one’s going to find it. The bottom of the page of my site map. Even if I, even when I give them a good length, they’re probably not going to on anyway. This is great at the Bot, there’s actually a service out there that gives you the option to have that machine transcribed or um, you’ve been transcribed and she would want is like a little bit pricey. Like Josh said, like a buck a minute. It felt more of what the machine one completely free. It takes like two days and they spit it back out. It really does look like complete crap.

Like Siri tries to write an essay or whatever, like no one’s going to read it. Yep. Ain’t one person read it. And so that actually just put them, even if they made it to this page, we’re probably just gonna Click on city and I’m a CPA and I, and I write 50 blog and you’re going to run, you’re just going to run another video and transcribe it. And I in you already beat me. That’s why I have more content than the KPMG and Deloitte. And they got people who can pay blogs and I can just, yeah, you won’t, you won’t be that person. It’s like one person’s in a car and the other person walking, you can’t do it. Okay. Um, so then you have the SEO at a quiet website. Now it’s sales training. When you’re the primary salesperson, um, there are some channels, trainings, books you should look at.

But once you have people involved in sales training process, you need to actually train them. So when you have people answering your phones, you should call the phones and see what they sound like. You should role play with those people. Um, because this is absolutely 100% important. So I think we did four meetings this year on answering the phones for of our weekly meetings. I asked you all the, it doesn’t matter how, you know, what, what knowledge we have. We, we pissed them off on the phone and not a client anyways. So who cares? So you need to do sales training. What’s your opinion on having a special spiel when, when someone answered her son for example, like if I was like, if I trained online employees and say, Edmonton Accounting Firm, thank you for calling scene that you can have the garage doors were servicing elation is just too strong.

This is great. So I’m going to help you if it slows, it works or versus like something that just like, Hey, this is Christina. We kinda happy to help. I’ve had some ones that are really well done sir. As the clinic had a red deer, there’s is awesome. The answer, the phone, how can we make your spots, how can we make her smile brighter today? What am I going? It’s acids or phone like that the feds are again and it’s not so long that it’s bad, but they just like knock it in there and then knock it out every single time that you call it and it’s like, oh cool. I haven’t heard it like six times now and every time I hear it was like, now you guys are good.

So, but they practiced it. They didn’t get that way. Right. They all did. They write the script, but in practice it over and over here, right here, these companies that are super good on there are only good at it because they keep practicing it over and there was nobody who was just naturally good at it. You’re not just going to pave your receptionist more and expect them to keep it is, it doesn’t work. That what you got to practice it. Okay, so now you have this conveyor belt running. This will take you six to 12 months and this is the order that you should do it. Okay. Now we’re going to get into what the pipeline initiative should be. Okay. In terms of the reviews. By that time you should have 40 reviews. I see so many people they pay for Google adwords and a, they cost more.

If you don’t have more interviews and B, they’re less likely to convert if you don’t have any online testimonials. So I’ve seen people pay tens of thousands of dollars on Google ad words and don’t convert anybody or convert from Miami. So you want to have those reduced. We want to get 40 before you turned the ads on 40 reviews before I turn the ads on. So then your outbound initiative, outbound calling you, whether that’s a cold email or cold call, um, that might be one of them. Then these are these foundational initiatives on the conveyor belt are probably things that you need to do a 100% these initiatives are probably more industry specific depending on your business and you do, you won’t necessarily do all of them and you’ll do the ones that are right for you. Trade shows, networking and they go back to it again. People think that, yeah, I’m going to do outbound calling, but guess what?

You need to do an outbound calling. If you don’t have a website and then he reviews, you’re going to have to pick up the phone with three times as many times in order to convert one person paid online ads. I’ll get into a little bit of detail and paid online ads, so Google ad words. Number one, you’re going to need Google adverts. Okay. Then you want Google, sorry, not to be with you want ad role company called ad role. Write that down. This is kind of the, the note takers are profit makers here. Roll Av roll. Yeah. They’ll, this will give you the creepy retargeting ads that follow you around the Internet and the men are where you go there. You need your web guy to put a pixel on your website. It’ll capture IP address and then we as you surf around the web, it’s going to be targeting.

How does anyone know how often the average person has to see your ad before they’re going to take any action three times. If not, that’s really good. I have a 4.3 because they don’t have 4.3 within a month. They need to see you’re at 4.3 times in one month in order to execute. So some people just buy right away the needed right away. Anyone what you’re selling, but Google ad words, number one that gets them to the site and then add role is going to retarget them as they search around the end. Okay. Sounds a pops up on Facebook when you just searched it and then you scroll through. The other one that we’ve been doing just recently is um, uh, youtube ads. A lot of people don’t do youtube ads because they don’t like the camera. Um, watch our ad. There’s some science behind it.

It doesn’t even have to be high budget. Take it and walk around in camera walking around because you know, feel you’re not interested in you. Like, how is this going? Good one [inaudible] guys, there’s lots of, you’ll hear there’s a lot of these internet charlatans. They’re going to tell you how to build a business and then it usually sounds like this. They’re, they’re sitting next to their, their leased a condo. There are air BNB and in, uh, uh, in La with a Lamborghini. Are they ready for the weekend? And they’re like, oh, probably that. Right. I didn’t realize you were there since you’re here. I’ll just tell you how to make news is always on the Internet. Don’t do what that guy says. It’s not going to work. Um, so youtube ads are fantastic. We’re getting over 400 clicks every single week for 40 bucks. Wow. They don’t convert as well as the other ones.

The 400 clicks, 40 bucks, that’s pretty good. This is absolutely ridiculous. And Youtube ads are so targeted because they’re targeted based on your previous search history. So they’ve searched Edmonton accountants before and now they go onto youtube and they want to watch a, a video on a car we’re thinking about or they want to watch whatever people are watching on. I watched the traffic videos on Hawaiian. What’s chocolate? That’s fascinating. I watched car and truck videos, but I’m sitting there and watching a short video and all of a sudden when I searched on youtube, well actually I paid 20 bucks. So the ads are blocked, but everyone else, they’re getting these ads, right? And they start heading to an account and now they’re on youtube doing something completely different. And all of a sudden, I never did the higher new thanks for that premium. They’re cheesy freedom.

The other one you’d consider his Facebook, you’ve got to remember, Facebook is not people in the buying mode. So Facebook has the more longterm play. You got to go over and over because they, you’re, you’re targeting their demographic. But they didn’t actually search it in history saying, you know what you do Edmonton electrician. All right. They’re just seeing it until I’m like, just because you’re in your area and their demographic that you get. So you gotta, you gotta be careful if that’s the right one. So we use the Facebook ads, can you do this to them? But we don’t use the Facebook ads. The converter clients is more for branding, more for branding. It’s more for, um, probably something that’s, uh, an everybody purchase if you’re going to pay for Facebook. So like dog treats, that’s good because a lot of people have dogs, right?

Only 5% of the population has a business that I’m really interested in. This is my target markets. It’s definitely not a high conversion rate. It’s, but it’s more keeping your brand in the back of people’s head, really, really specific business directly from my Facebook videos. But that’s also where you could get your attention memorable. And that’s also where your, uh, your, your social networks is going to come into play. So when you’re, uh, I recommend joining every group you can and uh, and once in a while generating some sort of like, hey, by the way, I do this sort of thing. For me, what’s worked best is just uploading of design every single day on Instagram that sharing it to Facebook. And after like seven days, I got my first client after 14 days it bounced three or 21, I got five more. It’s because you’re in the back of their head.

They see you off with often enough. It’s not, uh, uh, uh, go out there and get a conversion sort of thing. It takes time. And every single sale was like no page. They just see my stuff. They’re like, can you do this for me? Yup. Pay me five adults. Okay, perfect. Exactly right. So that’s, um, you know, I’ve, I’ve, uh, I’ve done this research are you guys don’t have to do it, so it’s not just the only way to get to the top of Google, but show me the way to get the thought Google for the least amount of money and the least amount of time, least amount of money and least amount of time. So, uh, I have, uh, one aspect you guys do.

These guys have 113 reviews. They’re not even CPAS. They’re not even close to as good as us. Um, yeah, one reviewed. My goal is to get to, there’s enough people in here. I don’t know if we could get 113, but you guys can get me to do a hundred. That would be excellent. We’ll come around if you verify it, if you need help with it, we’ll give you a ticket. We want more people to come to this conference and it’s not just about converting business. I’m probably going to eventually fill up our client roster anyways, the clients that I can service. But this’ll be the form. So we went and heard Josh speak and he had real relevant information, not stuff that I can’t use. Right. Um, so that would be good because this is our first step. A hour presentation have been so many one or two hour ones, but I don’t have enough time to actually get them enough stuff that they can actually use a Monday morning. So, um, if you do it now, hold up your phone, someone will come around and give you an extra raffle tickets. You guys will. So you’re just going to go to Google.

Say it again. Okay. Number one, Google reviews. Okay. Number two, Seo compliant. Website number three, mobile compliant website number four, the number of pages over a thousand words. That’s there’s over 200 factors that Google is going to analyze. Those are the only four you should target as a small business owner who only has 168 hours in a week. You have a professional blogger who can write full time. Maybe you could do something different, right? But those are the four that you should target on. So if you’re not thousand words and your, your SEO, how you’re going to pop up more. If you have 10,000 words on pages that kind of pop up more than 1000 words, it’s a law of diminishing returns is the discreet and what’s your passion? Yeah, and there’s like people say it’s 500 800 and just go a thousand and it’s safe. Right? And how many times are you repeating the words that you want to be searchable? Because if you can do a thousand words, but if you don’t say an accountant account account, Google will recognize keyword stuffing. Oh Man, don’t, don’t just pop. Just naturally. It’ll come up one more time. Super quick and score. Yeah. So it’s the number of Google reviews.

You need an Seo compliant website. You need a more while compliant website. I needed the most number of words. They’ll close number of pages of a thousand words of morning. That’s it. Some of them have a little video there, but you mentioned that Google places, you can’t get the reviews about the place where you start. That’s what you need. All three basically. Sorry. All three are a little solutions. Yeah. Except the only one who’s building the website. But the Google places and the youtube channel or 100% free. So, and that’s where you should start anyways. So, and those are pretty good.

The youtube account will be connected with the same email address. You use a set of places, so it’d be the same whatever business email. So mine is not Josh put on that video. Someone’s going to post something ridiculous because you can see the password. I can just shut that one down. It’s not find anything. Um, yes, it’s the same one. Yeah. Yeah. I’m not sure on it, but that’s the problem. I’m not sure on it. Right. There’s so many algorithms, just play it safe and just cheaper and easier to build. So just make it go and just remembered. It’s not pretty it. Most people are just going to make the decision above the fold on the first page. So make that Craig made that exactly what you want. Spend a couple hours on. We were moving stuff around and how it looks, what it looks on desktop and how it looks on mobile. Who cares it right. Most people aren’t even going to go there. So would you expect Google to catch up to that transfusion drip because they tend to catch up to them content? Yeah. Um, I don’t think they’re going to because I think the, like the, the youtube content, they’re intrinsically motivated to keep bumping because they want more. You do content, but more so listen, there’s nothing wrong with it.

If anything, you up too long in our view. So when was that transcript? Yeah, but it’s very likely, I think two, three years maybe we can do it a different ways, but this hasn’t changed in quite some time. Actually. The guys who’ve been doing this well had been doing it this way for a number of years now. So, um, oh, this is the way a small business I believe should tackle it. And Josh Brewer, would you say, how many 10 minute videos did it take before you started to see that? The Sea of difference? Um, 10 10 10 minute videos. Yeah. How many reviews? 40th supposed to be a, I’ve heard 40 throat from guys who know more about this than me at 40 is actually in the algorithm because the Google thinks that if more than 40 people reviewed you, your circle of friends and family and stuff is, they couldn’t be exhausted by that time. So then now you’re starting to get real reviews on there. Right? So 40 is, is kind of that threshold. Okay. Yeah. Where you’re getting into starts sub sub starts working differently at 40.

This is a big topic. I need to give everyone a break and we’ll come back at uh, and actually anyone who need more help on the reviews or the Mr ticket and you wouldn’t knock get the ticket. The ticket to people that, Yup. Anyone else? So most of people we’ll send someone else up to though. So right there on the coast for a few years and then there was one up there. Okay. Right up to the girl with the necklaces. Anyone else need help or tickets? Tickets. Okay. Come back and take a 10 minute break and come back. This was a big topics, you know. Any more, any questions on the markets? I didn’t even get through it all, but I got to hopefully as much as you want and write them on the board. I’ll answer. Look like.