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Edmonton Accountant | Why Is Monitoring Ad Impressions Important


Even though the failure rate for businesses in Canada is extremely high at 50%, a lot of this is avoidable says Edmonton accountant. By knowing what the reasons are that businesses are failing. And coming up with a plan on how to overcome those obstacles.

For example, the single most common reason why businesses in Canada fail. Is because businesses are not able to find enough customers to sell their products and services to. And affects 42% of the businesses that have failed in Canada.

And whether this is because business owners are not advertising their business effectively. Or if they are not advertising their business at all. This can be overcome. By creating an online advertising campaign with Google AdWords.

So that they can generate the leads the need in their business. To grow their revenue, and avoid failing because they are unable to find enough customers. However, they need to know how to set up an effective online campaign first.

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when they set up their Google AdWords campaign. Is that they do not monitor the results on an ongoing basis says Edmonton accountant.

And they look at the number of leads coming into their business. And determine that the advertising is not working for them. And they quit doing it. Even though the problem is likely fixable if they looked at the Google analytics.

There are many other things for businesses to monitor. Other than leads coming into their business. To figure out what is going on with the advertising campaign. And what they can change within it. To generate the results they need.

For example, looking at online ad impressions is incredibly important. Because in order to generate the results that they need. Business owners need to have thousands of online ad impressions in their advertising campaign.

The reason why thousands of impressions are needed says Edmonton accountant. Is because there ad needs to be seen by customers several times. Before those customers will click on the add in order to buy their products and services.

Therefore, if each customer needs to see the ad anywhere between 3 to 7 times. Thousands of impressions will result in hundreds of customers clicking on their ad. Which is why it is important that they have enough ad impressions.

But if a business owner does not have thousands of ad impressions. It could be because they are not using the right keywords. If a business owner has chosen keywords that customers are not using.

Then not enough customers are right to be seeing the ad. And they will not generate the impressions they need to have the leads to grow their revenue. However, finding the right keywords can be easier than a business owner thinks.

By using Google ads analytics. Business owners are going to be able to see what keywords are used in their local markets. By people looking to buy products and services in that businesses industry.

By using Google analytics, business owners can find the right keywords to use. In order to generate the online ad impressions they need. To increase their revenue, and avoid failing because they are unable to find enough customers.

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Often, business owners may not even realize that they have a revenue problem until they sit down with their Edmonton accountant. And are told that they need to increase their revenue very quickly.

Since most business owners struggle with sales. This can be a very daunting task. However, this is also why Edmonton accountant recommends business owners use Google AdWords to advertise their business.

Since Google is the largest search engine in the world. And this is where most customers go. In order to search for businesses selling the products and services that they are ready to purchase.

Therefore, by advertising on Google AdWords. Business owners are able to get their ads in front of their ideal and likely customers. At a time when they are ready to make a purchase.

And even though this is extremely powerful. Business owners need to understand. That even with customers that are ready to make a purchase. They need to see their ad several times before they will click on it.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they are monitoring ad impressions. Because they will need to have thousands of ad impressions. To equal hundreds of clicks on their ad.

Since each customer needs to see the ad anywhere between 3 to 6 times. It is important that business owners are ensuring that they are generating thousands of impressions in order to get the results they need.

However, if they have no ad impressions at all. And there ad campaign has been running for even one or two weeks. The likely reason it is not working. Is that there ad has most likely been rejected by Google.

Google does not tell business owners when or if the ad gets rejected. And they do not say why. Which is why it is very important for business owners to monitor their ad. And check to see if it is rejected.

Before coming to the conclusion that they do not have the right keywords or demographic. Creating the right ad can be a bit of a challenge. But once they have the right ad, it can be very effective.

Edmonton accountant recommends that business owners come up with a no-brainer offer. To encourage as many of their ideal and likely customers. To click on that ad as often as possible.

Since the people that are getting shown the businesses ads. Our customers that are ready to purchase. So by making an offer that is difficult for them to refuse.

Can encourage as many people as possible to click on the ad. However, business owners will not be able to figure this out if they are not monitoring all of the different analytics of their Google AdWords campaign in the first place.

Which is why it is incredibly important for business owners not only to set up a Google AdWords campaign. But to monitor it on an ongoing basis. And make changes regularly, as they are needed.

So that business owners can ensure that their Google AdWords campaign is effective. And can help them generate leads the need for their business to increase the revenue.