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Edmonton Accountant | What To Expect With Our Accounting Fees

There are many important decisions that business owners need to make when they first start up their business says Edmonton accountant, but choosing their accountant is one of the most important ones. The reason for this, is because a great accountant will be able to help a business owner is effective tax planning strategies in order to minimize the taxes that a business owner will pay. This will help a business owner increase their cash flow and can help them avoid running out of money in their business. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know how to hire an accountant, and don’t know what is a reasonable amount to pay for accounting services. By choosing an accountant that does not give them the proper service, will cost business owners far more in terms of additional tax that they will end up paying.

One of the most important things that a business owner should consider when they are hiring an accountant, is by three different ways that accountants normally charge. The first way is the most usual way says Edmonton accountant, which is by the hour. The accountant bills the business owner for every hour that they work on services for the business owner. This seems straightforward, but it puts the accountant in the awkward position of the able to build more by taking a longer time to work on the clients project. This can end up creating a strained relationship between the two, where the business owner wonders if they need the particular service that the content is providing in the first place. This ends up with the business owner potentially cancelling vital services and fear of getting a huge bill.

Another way that accountants often charge their clients, is by a flat fee per service. Edmonton accountant says that this is where accountants have a service list with braces attached. This often also seems straightforward, but business owners should be warned, that there are no additional services included in flat fee. This often end up with the accountant being able to give the business owner a low price, while increasing the fees based on things such as floating CRA, or sending emails.

The third way is the least common way, that business owners get charged for accounting services. And that is a flat monthly fee for all of the services that the accountant provides within month. This can bring back the confidence between the business owner and the accountant, if the accountant charges to little, they won’t make any money, and if the business owner is unhappy with the services that the accountant provides, they simply stop paying their monthly fee and go elsewhere. This helps accountants work with business owners much more collaboratively.

By understanding the various price structures, and what’s included in the price, entrepreneurs can make a great decision on what pricing structure makes sense for them, so that they can hire the best accountant for their business says Edmonton accountant.

When entrepreneurs try to save money on their accounting services by going with the lowest priced accountant, they end up not being aware of how much inadequate services will end up costing them in their business in terms of additional tax says Edmonton accountant. Since 50% of all businesses close the doors to their business within five years, and 29% of those entrepreneurs say that the reason they close their business was because they ran out of cash, business owners need to make a great decision when it comes to hiring their accountant. Save money on the services, and ineffectively minimize tax, or spend more money on the services, and end up saving so much taxes, that it to positively impacts their business.

The only problem with business owners paying more for their accounting services, is they don’t know how to properly hire an accountant to do the services that they require. Edmonton accountant says it’s extremely important that business owners do planning as part of their accounting services. Many business owners try to save money on this aspect alone, and it’s not a great idea, because business owners without proper planning in place make bad tax decisions. Business owners should understand that not all chartered professional accountants do planning, and even the ones that say they do, don’t do them on a regular enough basis. Business owners should choose accountants that do business plans on a regular basis, a great recommendation is a firm that does at least 100 a year. This way, the business owner can be confident in the firm’s ability to do the business plan well.

Once they have identified a few firms who do plans, they should go in and meet with those accountants, and asked to see some of their completed documents. An accountant should be able to show a business owner what completed business plan looks like from their organization. Not only should they be able to show that, they will be able to point out all of the recommendations that they made to their clients, different aspects to consider, and most importantly says Edmonton accountant, how they plan on quantifying the document. It’s extremely important that the plan contains measurable so that the business owner as well as the accountant can ensure that it is working. Accountant should be able to ask all of the questions that the business owner has, and satisfy the entrepreneur that their plan is meaningful and has deliverables.

Once they understand how the business plan works, business owners can then talk about the pricing structure, keeping in mind that they will end up with a great document if they have followed this advice, so price should factor in very little since a great business plan will allow them to reach their business goals and help them keep their expenses low by minimizing taxes says Edmonton accountant. By being able to hire the best accountant for the job, instead of hiring based solely on price, entrepreneurs can be certain that the accountant they higher will be the best one for them.