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Edmonton Accountant | What Is Included In Accounting Fees

Entrepreneurs often aren’t aware of how much they should expect to pay and accounting fees every year says Edmonton accountant. Therefore, they end up choosing their accountant based on the lowest quoted price, which often ends up business owners paying for an adequate service that actually costs them far more the long run. Red Adair, the specialist in extinguishing and capping oil well fires said, if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. Hiring the best accountant for the job is vital to the success of a business.

There are several things to consider in terms of pricing when business owners are choosing accountant to work with. There are three different ways that accountants charge for their services says Edmonton accountant. The most common way, is accountants that charge by the hour. The next most common way is a flat fee per service. And the last way, which is the least common way, is a flat fee every month.

Charging by the hour is most common, can end up be detrimental to the relationship between the entrepreneur and they accountant. The accountant is in the situation where they can increase the amount of money they get paid by increasing the amount of time it takes to complete a job. The business owner ends up wondering if the accountant is actually doing this, or if they need to be paying for all of the services that the accountant is doing. Business owner may end up cutting necessary services in order to save money.

Accountants that charge a flat fee for service often do this because it can allow them to not only quote quickly and easily, it also allows them to give a low price while increasing fees later says Edmonton accountant. How they do that, is having things that are not included in the flat fees. Where business owner may pay a flat fee for a year and, the accountant ends up charging more because calling CRA to answer some important questions, or filing that year-end was an additional charge. Business owners may prefer this, because they should be able to plan for how much they get charged, and end up with a higher bill.

A Monthly flat price is often very beneficial, because business owner can wrong on exactly how much they are going to be paying for their accounting services each and every month, which can help with cash flow says Edmonton accountant. The accountant also must price very fairly, because if they price too low, they won’t make money for themselves, and they have to ensure that they are providing quality services in order to keep the customer happy. This payment structure also ensures that there is great communication between the accountant and the business owner in order to help them achieve the goal of the business owner, which is keeping their expenses low, minimizing taxes and achieving all of the business goals.

While business owners should always be mindful of although they fees that they are paying, minimizing accounting fees isn’t necessarily the most beneficial way to keep the costs in their business down says Edmonton accountant. Since great accountants help business owners keep their own expenses low by minimize the taxes that they pay, business owners shouldn’t look for the least expensive accountant, they should look for an accountant that can help them achieve their goals.

Often when business owners are looking for accountants to hire, they try finding the least expensive accountant. However, business owners should be aware that accountants need to have a complete understanding of the business before they can quote. As a result, business owners can simply call various accountants for a price. Edmonton accountant says it would be similar to someone calling card dealership and asking what the price of the car would be. They would need to tell a dealership what kind of car they want as well as what kind of options they want. There are several variables that accountants need in order to give any sort of quote to the business owner. This needs to have answer to such questions as how many employees the business has, how much money does the business make in a year, are there any challenges that the business is facing right now like is it being audited. It is the business owner planning on growing the business or selling it. Business owners should not trust any prices that they receive over the phone, knowing that there is no way that any accountant will be able to accurately tell what they will be able to charge without having a complete understanding of their business. Edmonton accountant says that great accountants offer a free consultation, and that’s where they will find all of the answers to the questions in order to develop a reasonable quote for business owner.

Once a business owner knows what is involved in getting a quote, they should know each of the various ways that accountants charge for their services in order to choose an accountant whose price structure matches what they are comfortable with. Edmonton accountant says the most common way that accountants charge for their services is by the hour. Every hour that they work on a client’s file, they get charged that amount. This can be hard for a business owner to plan for, because they won’t know how much they are getting billed every month. The second way that accountants charge is by a flat fee per service. The third way that accountants charge for their services is the least common way, is a flat monthly fee. All of the work that the accountant does in that month is covered under that single they, a business owner is able to plan their finances around that consistent bill that they get every single month regardless of what is being worked on. With Spurrell & Associates at your side, you will always have accurate accounting in your business.