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Edmonton Accountant | What Are Ad Impressions


One thing an entrepreneur might hear after they have a meeting with their Edmonton accountant. Is that they need to increase their revenue. So they recommend starting an online marketing campaign.

Doing a Google AdWords campaign can be very beneficial. Because it can help entrepreneurs target the type of customers they want. And get there ad in front of his many people as possible.

However, it is not enough for business owner to simply increase their ad spend online. And then sit back and wait for the leads to rolling in. There are things they need to look for to ensure their campaign is working.

If a business owner looks at the leads alone. In order to understand if there is something going on with the ad campaign. All they are going to know, is that they are not generating any or enough leads.

However, it is just as important for an entrepreneur to know why they are not generating enough leads. So that they can go into the campaign and fix the problem quickly.

One thing that business owners need to be aware of. Is that the number of clicks they get on the ad. Will help them understand how many people are taking action on the ad that they see.

But it is also important to keep track of how many people are seeing the ad in the first place. Edmonton accountant recommends entrepreneurs create a campaign that will generate thousands of impressions.

Because thousands of impressions should translate into hundreds of clicks. That will generate enough leads in a business, to help them increase their revenue.

Something to take into consideration for example. Is if an entrepreneur looks at their Google AdWords campaign. And discovers that they have zero ad impressions. It is very likely that their ad was rejected.

An entrepreneur might not get notice immediately. When there ad gets rejected. Which is why it is very important to be looking at the Google ad analytics on a daily basis.

If they find that their ad has not been viewed at all. They should check to see if the ad itself is running. Or if it was rejected for any of the reasons Google might have.

Therefore, they can see zero impressions, and change the ad and rerun it. So that they do not waste any time. Thinking that they are going to generate leads when they will not.

The next thing that they need to consider, is the keyword that they are going to use to find customers. Goal will be to find a keyword that is broad enough to appeal to enough people to see their ad.

While making the keyword specific to target the audience that they are looking for. This might take some trial and error. However, business owners can find some keywords to use says Edmonton accountant.

By looking at the Google ads analytics. Because there will be a list of all of the most searched keywords for certain industries. It can help entrepreneurs create their marketing campaign.

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When business owners are creating an advertising campaign, at the request of their Edmonton accountant. They should take into consideration the ad impressions in their campaign.

The reason why ad impressions is so important. Is because this tells an entrepreneur how many times there ad is getting viewed by potential customers.

A business owner should aim for getting thousands of impressions. Because they will get fewer clicks, and even fewer leads from those impressions.

So they need to have enough impressions. To translate into enough clicks and ultimately leads so that they can increase their revenue.

One of the most important things to determine in the advertising campaign when using Google AdWords. As looking at what keywords specifically they should use.

The key is to ensure that they have a keyword that is broad enough to get a large audience. But there will enough to help them find their ideal and likely buyers.

And one problem that Edmonton accountant sees quite regularly. Is that the keywords that an entrepreneur has used. Are very specific, and are not getting in front of enough people.

Therefore, business owners should look at the Google ads analytics. In order to help them find the right keywords for their industry. Without being too generic, and getting a lot of impressions from people who might never be their customer.

However, it is also important to note. That for a lot of entrepreneurs. They might have trouble finding the right keywords. Because what their customers are searching for. Are not terms that they are likely going to think of for themselves.

A great example of this says Edmonton accountant. Is the person who is looking for a family lawyer. Might use the keyword marital law. Although a lawyer in Alberta would never use the term marital law to describe what they do.

However, it does not make a difference at all. On what keywords they are using to find customers. As long as keywords are what those customers are using. In order to find that business.

Therefore, business owners might have a lot of lock. Finding keywords in the back of a book designed to teach people about the basics of the business. Because the index might have a lot of terms that laypeople would use and not the professional.

And another thing that Edmonton accountant recommends business owners do. Is ensure that they are bidding enough money for their ads. Because if they do not, what could end up happening.

Is they do not get viewed by anybody. How Google ads work. Is people specify how much they are willing to pay for their advertising. And the highest bids will have first dibs on the ad time.

And when the money that they have to spend is used up, they will go to the next highest bidder on the list. If a business owner does not bid enough for their ads.

They will never have the cycle come around to their business. And they will never get their ads run. This is why it is very important that if business owners truly want the best ad campaign possible. That they hire a professional that knows Google ads to manage their campaign.