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Edmonton Accountant | Time Blocking Is Integral Within a Business

The most important issue for a business of any size, says Edmonton accountant, is accounting for an time blocking. It is the essence of any successful business, no matter the size.

Business owners who dissect their business, set up, and keep appointments do generally better when Edmonton accountant looks at all of their financials. Employees are the backbone of the company and a properly organized company has staff that are more organized, more efficient, and much happier. On the contrary, business owners of any size who do not have a clear plan, unorganized schedule, or unaccounted for time, generally have employees that are less happy, lose clients, and generally fail. Employees as well intention to give their employers an excuse as to why they are not doing their best work.

Speaking of employees that do not work to their full potential. Statistics show that an interruption in work takes on average 23 minutes to get back on task and refocus. Further to that, the evidence shows that no one is really good at multitasking. As a business grows you will need time for more clients more sales and for more focused in solitary work as well collaborative work.

Owners often ask Edmonton accountant what kind of things they should be time blocking. The answer is everything! Employers need to look through where all the functions of their business, from small, menial tasks to the big important ones. That way, and with a proper time blocking implementation plan, businesses of all kinds will have more time for staff concerns, sales, growing their business, buying supplies, marketing and advertising, interviewing, staffing, recruiting, and hiring, etc. when implementing a time blocking business, the first step is to lay all the functions out on a yearly calendar. Within that calendar, use for templates per month, i.e.; week one, week two, week three, and week four. The more complex, important tasks should be grouped together and near the beginning of the list i.e., week number one.

Further, your more complex important tasks should be done in the mornings. Studies show that people are more efficient, awake, and productive before noon. Do all of the heavy legwork and paperwork in the mornings so that you are ready for the meetings with your clients in the afternoons.

Time blocking, too, is not industry-specific. Time blocking ideally works if you are finishing tasks that you have already started, or if you have made significant progress and are almost finished the tasks that have a approaching deadline.

Ultimately you should be working towards a schedule that does not deviate more than once or twice a year. Use those couple of blocked off times for the inevitable lives emergencies and misadventures, including car accident, jury duty, a birth, doctors appointments, etc.

A discipline schedule can and will equal maximum free time when you close your business for the day, you can actually rest assured that your business is in fact closed yet everything is all right and well taken care of.

Arguably the most important issue within businesses of any size, advises Edmonton accountant, is the art of time blocking. It can be the most important practice, is the essence of, and the cornerstone of any successful business.

So, what happens when a business does not follow astringent time blocking system? For businesses who do not regiment themselves, they have less satisfied employees, less sales, their clients abandon them, and ultimately the business fails.

And, what happens to a business who adopts the time blocking system? It’s these businesse be it small, medium, or large that show an increase in sales, and increase in productivity, have your clients, and happier employees, to name a few. Further, business owners who keep appointments with their clients do generally better when Edmonton accountant looks at all of their financial reports and records.

Statistics show that interruption of the task at hand takes 23 minutes for a person to get back on task and refocus. Further, no one is a really good multitasker.

As a business grows, the employer must take into account and put aside time for focused work as well as collaborative work. Further, they will need to find more time to set aside for more customers, more sales and sales calls, more upkeep of the brick-and-mortar establishment, etc. With proper implementation of a time blocking system, employers will find ample time in their day to get everything done. Don’t forget, as well, about travel time, which can potentially buy or steal a lot of time from your workday.

So how do you set up the proper time blocking system first, recognize and isolates all of the functions of the business. Separate those functions into daily, weekly, and monthly functions. Now, use four separate templates, week one, week two, week three, and week four, to prioritize all of those functions, putting the more complex, important tasks in the first weeks template.

Time management and time blocking is not necessarily industry-specific. However, two main points should be recognized and thought of. Finish tasks that you have started working on. Or two, make significant progress on bigger tasks that need more attention and more work.

Further, if at all possible, work your time blocking and your yearly calendar precisely so that you may only deviate once or twice a year. Understanding that life and accidents happen, if you do in fact follow the time blocking system and are very specific in your company’s functions, you will have ample time for the emergencies of life, including the birth of a baby, a family death, a car accident, doctors appointments, etc.

Edmonton accountant explains that you must shift your mindset as it is the right thing to do and it will be the thing that sets you and your life free. New paragraph the discipline schedule equals maximum free time. When you close your business for the day, rest assured that everything will be taken care of.