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Edmonton Accountant | Time Blocking Is Integral to Success

If it successful statistics and practises that your business is looking for, Edmonton accountant leads the way in business success.

Commonly, the most important issue for any small or large business owner is time blocking. Although, time blocking may be arguably the most important contribution to successful businesses. Time blocking can be the essence of success.

Business owners who set up and specifically and deliberately follow a time blocking system generally do better when Edmonton accountant looks at their financial reports. Those businesses are the ones who continually have happier employees, earn more profits, and gain more customers. On the contrary, business owners who do not follow a rigourous time blocking system have a history of losing sales and revenue, have less happy employees, and don’t gain any new business. In fact, not initiating a time blocking system may in fact give employees an excuse not to do their best work or any work at all. Employees may often give the excuse that they couldn’t do what was assigned to them because this or that came up.

Statistics show that one interruption in your workday takes on average 23 minutes to get back on task and refocus. Also, the evidence shows that no one is a really good multitasker. As a business grows, businesses will need time for focused solitary work as well has collaboration between employee employee and employee employer.

Although one may think it is time consuming, as Edmonton accountant recommends time blocking everything within your business, it pays definite dividends in the end. A business needs to look through what are all the functions of that business. Within the implementation of a time blocking system, owners will find that they have more time for such necessities as recruiting, staffing, hiring, training, payroll, sales, etc. further, one must think of the regular upkeep to a brick-and-mortar business, i.e.; running errands, getting supplies, etc. if you do not account for travel time, that is time mismanaged and lost.

To set up a time blocking system by trying to list all of the functions from within the business. Drill into the functions, which are daily, weekly, and monthly. Use for templates, which may include week one, week two, week three, and week four, the first step in a proper time block system is laying all of your functions out on a calendar from within those four weeks. More complex, important tasks should be grouped together. If all this work is done and a proper time block is implemented, owners and employees will find they have more time for extra tasks or extra free time.

Studies show that people are more productive, motivated, and clear of mind in the mornings. Try and get all of your paperwork and other tasks in preparation for your meetings which you will schedule in the afternoons. By the time your afternoon meetings come, you will have already done the heavy lifting, and you will have happy clients.

The science shows to tie the tasks to the time blocks.

The most important issue for any small, medium, or large business, and the essence of success, is time blocking, states Edmonton accountant.

Statistics show that business owners are unsuccessful because they have not implemented a time blocking plan. Because of their lack of planning, their business may have employees that are less happy and less productive, you may be unable to find more clients or book more appointments. On the contrary, business owners who have set up and keep a regimented time blocking system in place do generally better when Edmonton accountant takes a look at their financial reports.

Further to that, statistics show that when one is interrupted while doing a task, project, or job, it takes that person 23 minutes to get refocused on that project.

So, what kinds of things do you time block? Edmonton accountant advises to time block everything! You need to look through what are all the functions of the business you need to prospects and dissect your business so that you can find ways to save time in order to recruit, hire, train, do payroll, focus on sales and marketing, etc. Further, one must take into account that most
owners have a brick-and-mortar establishment to take care of, i.e.; they will have to do errands to get office supplies, or they might have to meet prospective clients, etc. Without proper time blocking, you will lose time in the day.

How do you set up a time blocking system? Go back to all of the functions in the business. Try to list them all. Drill into the functions and categorize them according to daily weekly and monthly tasks. From within that, use for templates, week one, week two, three, and week four. After that is done, lay them out on the calendar which is your first step of writing in your time block. The more importance, complex tasks should be grouped together and written at the top.

Remember, however, that time blocking is not industry-specific. Two main rules, however apply. Time blocking is ideal if one is finishing tasks that they have already started. And time blocking is also ideal when making significant progress on an ongoing project.

If you’re a business owner you should repopulate your calendar and have your calendar blocked off at least a year in advance. Ultimately, you should be working towards a schedule that only deviates once or twice a year. This will allow you certain liberties when it comes to life’s emergencies such as a car accident, jury duty, a birth in the family, or other such emergencies.

Edmonton accountant cautions you need to shift your mindset, although your shift will be the thing that sets you, your business, your employees, your personal life free.

Do you have the time in your schedule to accommodate growth, get extra work done, then finish follow-ups? By following a proper time blocking system, Edmonton accountant says you will.