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Edmonton Accountant | Time Blocking Is Integral to a Successful Business

Edmonton accountant has the answers for why it is so important for a small, medium, or large business to learn the art of time blocking. Time blocking is arguably the most important issue and can make or break a business and its success. Time blocking is the essence of success.

Business owners who set up a time blocking system have a tendency to keep all their appointments and do generally better when Edmonton accountant look at their financial reports. Their business is generally more successful, they have generally more sales and clients, and their and ploy these show a higher rate of happiness and satisfaction. On the other hand, business owners who do not adopt a specific and regimented time blocking system have a tendency to have failing companies, with less clients, and dissatisfied employees. Often times, employees will make excuses that they were not able to do their assigned tasks because “this or that came up.”

Statistics show that an interruption in your task at hand often takes 23 minutes to get refocused and resettled the way you were before the interruption. Further to this, statistics show that no one is really a good multitasker.

As a business grows employers will need time for focused solitary work as well as collaborative group work. One might ask what kinds of things must you time block within your business? The answer, according to Edmonton accountant, is everything. A business owner needs to take a look through what all of the functions of the business are, prioritize, and categorize according to four main templates, week one, week two, we three, and week four. From within those four templates, daily weekly and monthly functions must be categorized. Labels templates in those categories out onto a computer which will be your first step of time blocking more complex, important tasks should be grouped together. As well, the more complex, important tasks should be grouped in and done in the mornings. Studies show that people are more productive, efficient, and clear of mind in the AM’s. More can get done before noon. Once all of the importance bookkeeping, paperwork tasks are done in the morning, you will be ready for your meetings with your clients in the afternoons.

Time blocking, again according to Edmonton accountants, is not generally industry-specific. However, time blocking works on two basic principles, i.e.; finishing tasks that you’ve just started looking at, generally smaller tasks. And to, making significant progress on bigger, more complex tasks that still require an immediate deadline.

As far as time blocking is concerned, ultimately you should be working towards a schedule that only deviates once or twice every year. As life often does get in the way, with proper time blocking and time management skills you will have ample time for the things that life throws at you, such as a car accident, jury duty, a birth, etc.

The science shows to tie the tasks to the time blocks.

Edmonton accountant asks, “have you ever heard of a time blocking system?”

The most important issue for any

sized business or business owner is proper time management and time blocking skills. One might say it is the most important issue in business, period. It’s is the essence of success and can be the cornerstone between financial liberty or hardship.

Many business owners, successful ones anyway, set up and keep appointments and are generally better when Edmonton accountants looks at their financial reports. Those the businesses that are just more successful, that find more clients and sales, and more revenue streams. On the contrary employers who do not adopt a proper and stringent time blocking system are the employees who see their businesses have a decline in sales, clients, or regrettably and ultimately fail. It are those businesses that who are just not as efficient. Paragraph statistics show that an interruption in focus on the job takes at least 23 minutes for a person to get back on task and refocus to do that task to the best of their ability. Further to that, no one is really good at multitasking. As a business grows, on employer will need time for focused solitary work as well as collaborative work.

What kinds of things must employer do to adopt a successful time blocking system? First, according to Edmonton accountant, they must time block everything! A business needs to look through what all the functions of that business, be it ones that work are ones that do not. You need to look at aspects of your business such as recruiting, payroll, sales, marketing, interviewing, etc.

Once all this is looked at stringently and specifically, you may time block according to a yearly calendar. From within that yearly calendar, use a monthly template, i.e. week one week to week three and week four. Include the most important or pressing projects with the closest deadline within the first week of that template. Also, get in the habit of doing all of the paperwork, all of the financials, and all of the work at your desk in the mornings. It is in the mornings that people are more productive, more awake, and have a much better functionality. Make a point, if need be, to book all of your client appointments in the afternoon, that we all of your paperwork will be done, and your meeting with the clients will be smooth and the client happy.

Edmonton accountant assures us that time blocking is not industry specific however two things must be kept in mind. Finish the tasks that you started looking at, usually the short-term tasks. And two, make specific and significant progress on the larger tasks, the tasks with a deadline further in the future.

When you pre-populate your calendar according to your templates, fill your calendar at least a year in advance. Allow for deviation only once or twice a year.

You need to shift your mindset, and it’s your shift in mindset that will set you free.