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Edmonton Accountant | Time Blocking for Business Success

The most important issue for small businesses according to Edmonton Accountant is time blocking. It is arguably the most important issue in running a successful small business.

Time blocking, or lack thereof can be the essence or demise of a business owner. Business owners who time block and keep their appointments do generally better than business owners who do not. Further, employees who tend not to time block now have an excuse to not work at their maximum.

Statistics show that a less efficient office, employer, or employee cannot get back on task for 23 minutes after an interruption. And, contrary to popular belief, no one is a really good multitasker.

As a business grows, employers and employees need time for focused work as well is collaborative work. And as a business grows, time blocking becomes ever more important with busier days, more tasks, and more clients.

Everything and every part of your day needs to be time blocked. If you think of all of the functions of a business; marketing, hiring and interviews, sales, etc., employers and employees need to stay on task and maximize efficiency. As well, don’t forget about travel time in between appointments, picking up supplies, etc.

Generally, Edmonton Accountant advises that the functions of a time-blockedday is can go to the screen may business can be broken down into three categories; daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Go back to all of the functions within your small business or within an employee’s designated tasks, and break them up into four different templates; week one, week two, week three, and week four. Lay all of the tasks, appointments, and chores out on a calendar. As employees and employers tend to be more efficient in the mornings, set the more complex, important tasks to be worked on and or completed in the a.m.

Yes, there should be a certain amount of time for time blocks. However, these time blocks tend to be industry-specific. A time block is ideal for two reasons. One, for finishing tasks. And two, for making significant progress on a task being worked on.

Don’t forget, says Edmonton accountant, to pre-populate your calendar at least a year in advance. If you D from your calendar and or time blocks, you should only be deviating once or twice a year. Those once or twice a year our time blocked for unforeseen accidents or situations that are out of your control such as a car accident, a doctor’s appointment, or jury duty, etc.

If you are unsure of how to time block, you need to shift your mindset as time blocking may be the tool that sets your life free. Disciplined scheduling and time blocking equals maximum free time.

Accountants, for example use to items in time blocking that affect projections more than every other consideration. Number one, what are the clients marketing initiatives? And number two, accountants have to understand what the business owners schedule looks like. Business owners must be aware now that they time block to properly schedule the growth in clients accordingly.

Edmonton accountant instills the fact that the most important issue for any small business, and arguably the most forgotten practice is time blocking. Time blocking is the essence of success.

Business owners who keep appointments do generally better with their businesses than those who do not. Further to that, without time blocking employees feel as though they have an excuse to not work as hard, are not as efficient, or miss days of work.

As well, employers will do well to time block on a daily basis as statistics show that an interruption in work and concentration takes 23 minutes to get back on task. Further to that, and contrary to popular belief, don’t let anybody tell you that they are a good multitasker, because that’s just not the case. As a business grows, you need time for focused work, as well as collaborative work.

What kinds of things should you time block? Edmonton accountant says…Everything! For example, what are the functions of your business that you need to focus on for that day, week, or month? You need to fit in time to prospect, markets, interview, drive sales, etc. You have to look at every function of the business. Do you have meetings to go to? You should also be time blocking your travel time. If you have two meetings back to back, you will be sure with proper time blocking not to miss either of them.

It’s easy, albeit a little daunting, to set up a time blocking calendar go back to all of the functions of your job, your day, week, and month. Drill it into your head, and use for templates, example. Week one, week two, week three, and week four. Lay them all out on a yearly calendar.

People have a tendency to be more productive in the mornings. With that, do, assign, delegate, and complete tasks in the a.m.

Edmonton accountant says you should allot a certain amount of time to each task. However, this tends to be industry-specific. I time block can be ideal for two reasons. Reason number one, if you are finishing tasks. And reason number two, if you are making significant progress on the task at hand. There is not necessarily a length in time to prove significant completion or progress. However, make sure significant progress is happening.

This seems tough, however, pre-populate your calendar a year in advance, if possible. As well, deviate only once or twice a year from your years scheduling. Of course you leave in your calendar the designated deviation days for unforeseen circumstances such as an accident, a family emergency, or jury duty. Things will happen that are out of your control and you need to allot for that.

You need to shift your mindset, although if you do so that will be the thing that sets you free and gives you more time for your passions and your family.