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Edmonton Accountant | the Importance of Ad Impressions


A very common scenario, is an entrepreneur going to their Edmonton accountant. And finding out that they have a revenue problem. And they need to increase their revenue in order to succeed.

This is common, because while 50% of entrepreneurs in Canada fail. 42% of those failed entrepreneurs. Say the reason why they were not successful. Is because they could not find enough customers to buy their products and services.

Therefore, Edmonton accountant recommends that any of the customers who are struggling to increase revenue. Should create a Google AdWords campaign. Because this can be effective at helping them grow their revenue.

Since Google is the largest search engine in the world. More customers go to this website than anywhere else in the world. In order to find the products and services that they are ready to purchase.

By advertising on Google, is is owners can market their products and services. Directly to their ideal customers, at a time when they are ready to make a purchase.

Therefore, this is a very popular form of advertising. However, it takes a bit of knowledge for an entrepreneur to set up correctly. Because they need to not only figure out what keywords.

There ideal and likely customers are using. In order to find the products and services that they sell. But also, they need to figure out the demographics, create an ad that people want to click on.

And choose how much money they are willing to spend every week. And then stick to that ad spend consistently. Because they will not generate the results they desire.

if they are not advertising every single week in their business. An advertising budget is something that they can talk with their Edmonton accountant about. In order to ensure they can afford that weekly amount.

The next thing they need to do is choose what keywords there ideal and likely customers are using. However, if a business owner is struggling to figure it out.

They can look at Google ads analytics. Because they track how many people in a business owner’s local market. Our searching a keyword. So that business owners can choose a keyword that people are using.

And at the same time, they can avoid using a keyword. That there ideal and likely customers are not using. And this way, they can anticipate how many impressions they are likely going to get.

However, Edmonton accountant cautions business owners. By saying the more popular the keyword, the more expensive the ads are going to be to run because of the popularity.

Once a business owner has created Google AdWords campaign. They need to monitor it regularly. In order to see how many ad impressions and clicks they are getting.

They should expect to have thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks. In order to generate the leads that they need. To grow their revenue significantly.

If they do not have enough ad impressions, or if they do not have enough clicks. They can change something in the campaign. That will make it more effective. So that they can increase the revenue and stay viable in business.

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If business owners have been told by their Edmonton accountant that they need to increase their revenue. They might turn to Google AdWords to help them increase the revenue in their business.

Google AdWords are extremely popular, because they are very effective. And can help entrepreneurs find their ideal and likely customers. At a time when they are ready to make a purchase.

However, it is a little bit more complex. Then simply choosing amount of money to spend, and then paying a bill every week. Edmonton accountant says business owners need to choose keywords as well as demographics.

And then they need to monitor the results consistently. In order to ensure that the campaign that they created is working for them. And if not, what they need to do to change it.

A business owner should aim to get thousands of online ad impressions. Which means how many people are seeing their ad come up when they search for that business owners keyword.

They need to have thousands of impressions. Because there ideal and likely customers. Will need to see their ad several times. Before they are going to click on it.

If they find that they have no ad impressions at all. One likely reason is the ad was rejected. Because Google does not inform the business if there ad has been rejected.

Business owners can go into their Google AdWords settings, to see if there had is running. And if not, they know that they will have to change their ad, in hopes that it will not get rejected again.

Google also does not specify why an ad be rejected, or how to avoid this. So often it requires trial and error. In order to determine what ad is going to not get rejected by Google.

If a business owner has thousands of impressions, but not enough clicks, the problem could be the ad itself. Not being enticing enough to get ideal and likely customers to click on it.

Edmonton accountant recommends putting a no-brainer offer in the ad. To make it as attractive to those ideal and likely customers. Who are ready to purchase those products and services from somewhere.

Another thing for business owners to watch out for. Is having several thousand online ad impressions. Because while they should be getting thousands, getting too many means.

That they are not targeting their ideal and likely customers. And likely, because their keyword is too broad. By making their keyword a little bit more narrow. They can target their ideal customers better.

This is why it is very important for business owners to monitor their Google AdWords campaign. Because there could be several different things that are contributing to the campaign not being effective.

And knowing what to look for. As well as knowing what to change. Can help a business owner ensure that they are able to fix their Google AdWords campaign. So that it is effective at increasing their revenue.