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Edmonton Accountant | Teaching Entrepreneurs How To Market Their Business Online

Most entrepreneurs do not have a marketing background when they decide to get into business ownership says Edmonton accountant. And because of that, they do not know the best places to start to market their business online or off-line. However, it can be particularly intimidating to market a business online, because there is such a wide variety of products, websites and services available to entrepreneurs. Therefore, a business owner needs to be armed with knowledge as early on in their business as possible, and sit down with their Edmonton accountant in order to come up with a strategy that they can use confidently, as well as be able to know when the right timing is to start paying for online advertising in their business.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to understand, is that the first thing that they need to do in their business is not start paying for online advertising. In fact, the first thing that they should do is not even get a business website going. While many entrepreneurs believe that if they do not have a website, they are considered irrelevant, that is not true. The first thing that entrepreneurs should do to start generating customers online, is simply by creating Google my business or Google places listing.

The best thing about the Google my business or Google places listing is that it is completely and 100% free says Edmonton accountant. This will give entrepreneurs the ability to be found in Google searches, through the map listing. As well, and most importantly it is going to allow businesses to start generating Google reviews immediately. Google reviews are extremely important, because the effectiveness of all other marketing is going to hinge on how many Google reviews a business is going to be able to get.

88% of all consumers actually look at Google reviews as part of their purchasing decision. Businesses that have less than forty will have a negative impression on those consumers. The reason why, is because it shows lack of confidence, or that an entrepreneur is not good enough at what they do yet. Therefore, they should be gathering those Google reviews early and never stop.

One of the most effective ways to generate Google reviews for their business, is to come up with a script that they use on their customers to get them to give them Google reviews. It starts with being asked if they were happy with the service, and when they say yes, an entrepreneur will ask them to leave a Google review, and offered to help walk through the process. If people have said yes, they will not want to turn down an entrepreneurs ask for Google review, because they do not want to be seen as not telling the truth. Then, an entrepreneur can simply walk their customer through the process, and start generating reviews in their business consistently as possible. By implementing this in their business, business owners will be able to get forty reviews, so that all other marketing efforts can build upon that.

Edmonton Accountant | Teaching Entrepreneurs How To Market Their Business Online

Business owners need to understand that they should not be focusing on how much money to spend on line to market their business until they have forty Google reviews says Edmonton accountant. And after that, business owners need to understand that how they market their business online is still going to be just as important. By learning exactly where to market their business, especially after they get forty Google reviews can help entrepreneurs find enough customers in their business to become successful.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind, is that once they get forty Google reviews in their business, Google AdWords are much less expensive. The reason why, is because Google wants to ensure that the highest quality businesses are able to buy the most ads, to keep customers happiest. Therefore, by giving a bonus to businesses that have the most Google reviews, will inspire them to use Google AdWords to market their business says Edmonton accountant.

How Google AdWords works, is that an entrepreneur picks whatever keywords they want to use, and it can be as many as they want. When a consumer uses one of those keywords in a Google search, and entrepreneurs add will appear at the top of the search. This will appear above the organic listings as well as the map listings. This will increase the likelihood of a consumer clicking on that ad. The great thing about this is that an entrepreneur will not have to pay for the Google AdWords until a consumer clicks on the entrepreneurs add.

This thing is that entrepreneurs need to decide on when they are going to use Google AdWords says Edmonton accountant is what keywords to use and how many. And how much money to spend per keyword. The popularity of the keywords drives up the price, and some keywords can be pennies to click on, and the highest most popular keywords can be twenty or thirty dollars each. Therefore, an entrepreneur must figure out what keywords to use, and how much they are willing to spend. By setting element of a hundred or two hundred or five hundred dollars per week, an entrepreneur can calculate the frequency of how often they want people to be able to click on that keyword and find their business.

One thing for entrepreneurs to keep in mind when they are using Google AdWords, is that in order for an ad to be effective, it must be viewed by an ideal and likely buyer an average of four point three times. Therefore, a business owner needs to understand that a customer needs to see that ad not once, not twice, and not even three or four times for them to buy when they see it. They need to see it more than four times in order for it to be an effective marketing strategy.