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Edmonton Accountant | Strategies For Paid Online Advertising

When clients are finally ready to start advertising online with paid ads says Edmonton accountant, they often do not know where to start. There are so many options, and it is hard to know what is the most effective method of advertising. However, there are many things that business owners can take into consideration that will help them make the best decision for them and their business.

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make most often, is thinking that Facebook advertising is effective for them. Edmonton accountant says that while this is not a bad strategy, it should also not be the first online advertising that business owners pay for. The reason is because while many people are on Facebook every day, this is not where they go to buy things. It is a social network, and unless the service that entrepreneurs are selling is an event, this is likely not going to generate a lot of leads for them.

In order to help understand what the best method of advertising is online, business owners need to consider where people who are looking to buy something go first on the Internet. 88% of all consumers actually do a Google search in order to find the products or services that they are looking for. Therefore says Edmonton accountant, Google is an effective form of advertising. The product that Google sells is called AdWords, and how it works, is that when a consumer searches for terms that match the product or service that an entrepreneur sells, they will get the ad populating in the search results. These ads appear before the map listing, and before the organic search results, so consumers are highly likely to click on those ads first.

The most important points entrepreneurs need to understand about this form of advertising, is they need to consistent and patient. The reason why they need to be consistent and patient, is because consumers need to see an ad four point three times before they take action on it. That means, that if an entrepreneur is not patient and quits the advertising after a month or two, they are not going to find many results. Also, Edmonton accountant says that entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are not starting and stopping there marketing efforts as well. If they advertise for one month and then stop for couple months and then advertise again, they are going to miss showing their ads four point three times to potential consumers.

With the right marketing strategy online, business owners can be very effective in finding new customers for their products and services. They have to ensure that they are advertising in the correct places online, and then be consistent about their marketing efforts. Once they do this, they will significantly increase the number of customers that they are going to be able to find, and be able to grow their business. When entrepreneurs are getting ready to start paying for online advertising, they should look at Google AdWords first.

Edmonton Accountant | Strategies For Paid Online Advertising

Business owners may not realize before they start their business, but the single biggest reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada is the inability to attract enough customers says Edmonton accountant. Therefore, business owners need to come up with a marketing strategy early on in their business that will allow them to find new customers quickly. While a should first explore all of the free marketing methods that are available to them, once they have maximized all of their free efforts, the next form of advertising that they should look as is paid advertising. And while many entrepreneurs struggle with knowing what is the most effective form of paid advertising, Edmonton accountant recommends online advertising is the most effective method. In fact, they compare online advertising and how important it is to how important it was to advertise in the Yellow Pages twenty and thirty years ago.

Many entrepreneurs who are ready to start spending money on advertising have no idea how much they should be spending. When most companies start paid advertising, they start spending around 2% of their annual revenue. However, business owners need to understand that the most successful companies spend more than their competitors, and that typically works out to 5% of their annual revenue. Therefore, business owners need to realize that they can advertise 2% of their annual revenue, and be good, or spend 5% of their annual revenue on advertising and be great.

But where should entrepreneurs be spending this 5% marketing budget? Edmonton accountant recommends that when entrepreneurs are thinking of online advertising, that they consider to options: Google AdWords, or YouTube ads. While Google advertising is the most effective by far, it is also very competitive, due to how effective it has been. And it is often priced out of many peoples advertising price range. Edmonton accountant recommends that entrepreneurs should spend about two hundred and fifty dollars every week in order to get effective results from Google AdWords.

Therefore, YouTube ads is a great second option. The reason why, is because there is significantly less competition for YouTube ads, and entrepreneurs can end up getting extremely good results for only pennies per click. How it works, is when entrepreneurs are advertising on YouTube, whenever someone does a Google search for keywords that fits their product or service, when they get onto YouTube, they will see an ad for that business owners company. Not only that, but because it is on YouTube, an entrepreneur will get a thirty second ad that will play for the customer. This gives great return on investments, especially because an entrepreneur will only have to pay pennies per click instead of several dollars.

When entrepreneurs understand the best way to market their business online when they are ready to spend money, Edmonton accountant says working with them to come up with the best marketing strategy can help entrepreneurs spend their money efficiently and effectively, and attract enough customers to help them avoid running out of business.