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Edmonton Accountant | Should Business Owners Advertise On Google

Entrepreneurs often understand how important it is to advertise their business in order to find customers says Edmonton accountant. The number one reason for businesses to fail in Canada is because they are unable to find customers for their product or service. In fact, 42% of all businesses who fail give this reason is why. Therefore, it is very important for business owners to understand that marketing is not only important, but is necessary in order to help businesses find customers to buy their product or service. However, many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed at all of the different forms of advertising out there.

While online advertising seems like a very attractive way to spend money online, Edmonton accountant says that there is also a lot of ineffective ways to spend money online as well. Business owners who are wanting to utilize paid online advertising should consider several things before they get started, to ensure that the money that their spending is effective. And the very first thing that business owners should take into consideration, is if they have not received forty Google reviews in their business first, the advertising that they are paying for online is going to be much less effective.

The reason why business owners should ensure that they have forty Google reviews first, is because 88% of all consumers who are looking for products and services online look at Google ads before they make their purchasing decision. And not only that says Edmonton accountant, but they also use the results of those Google reviews to influence their purchasing decision. When businesses have less than forty Google reviews, consumers lack confidence in that business, and will be less likely to buy from that business. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is advertising online, they might be driving traffic to their website or business, but if they do not have forty Google reviews, they will have a harder time converting those people into customers.

Therefore, businesses should focus on getting forty Google reviews first, and focus on getting one new review every month in order to ensure that their online advertising is effective. And once they have achieve that, then they can start thinking of where they are going to spend their money. One mistake that many people when they are ready to spend money online, is that Facebook is an effective place to start. And once an entrepreneur has maximized all of their other online advertising, Facebook is not terrible. However it is not a great place to start. The reason why, is because most people who are on Facebook are there to be social and not there to buy. All an entrepreneur has to do to prove this concept of themselves, is think of themselves and where they go when they need to buy a product or service, and they do not already have a company that they use. They go on Google to find that company, or do they do a Facebook search for that company?

By understanding where most people go to look for products and services can help convince business owner that not only is Facebook not an effective place to start, but advertising on Google can be extremely effective. In fact, Edmonton accountant recommends that this is a place for most businesses to start, because it is effective. By using this method of advertising, business owners will be more likely to find customers, and be able to help avoid failing by not being able to find customers.

Edmonton Accountant | Should Business Owners Advertise On Google

When business owners have ensure that they have over forty Google reviews for their business, Edmonton accountant says that is when they can start thinking about where they are going to advertise online. The most effective place for businesses to start is simply because most consumers do Google searches in order to find companies for the products and services that they are looking to purchase. However, there is many things that business owners need to take into consideration to ensure that there marketing dollars are being spent effectively on Google.

One of the first things that business owners need to ensure that they are doing when they have made the decision to advertise online, is to be patient and be consistent. The reason why, is because it takes a consumer viewing and entrepreneurs add on average four point three times before they take action. Because of that, Edmonton accountant says that entrepreneurs need to ensure that there being consistent in their online advertising, because if they start advertising, and then stop for a month and then continue later, they are going to take a much longer time to have those customers see their ad on average four point three times. Every time they stop there marketing efforts online, they are going to have to recapture that customer from the beginning.

The second reason why business owners need to be patient when it comes to advertising online, is because in order for consumers to see that ad point three times, is going to take a while. Therefore, Edmonton accountant says business owners need to be patient enough to understand that if they do not see results in the first month, that is not long enough time to wait, in order to understand if it is being effective or not.

One product that can help entrepreneurs ensure that they are maximizing the number of times that consumers are seeing their ad, is using a retargeting product. What this does, is if an entrepreneur’s ad has been seen once, retargeting add will help entrepreneurs add be seen by that consumer more often, by showing it on other places online. By using retargeting products, can help an entrepreneur ensure that there minimizing the amount of time it takes to get that ad viewed enough times to inspire the consumer to purchase.

By understanding they most effective ways to advertise online can help entrepreneurs spend money on Google AdWords that they need in order to get the results that they desire. By utilizing online marketing effectively can help business owners find new customers for their product and services. By finding new customers, business owners can avoid the number one reason for failure in Canada.