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Even though it is possible for entrepreneurs to be successful without a business plan says Edmonton accountant. It is much more difficult to be successful without a business plan. And even if entrepreneurs can be successful without a plan. Having one will make them 50% more likely to grow their revenue in their business. It is a great reason why business owners should have one.

The number one reason why business owners in Canada are failing. Is because they cannot find enough customers purchase their products and services. In fact, according to industry Canada, out of the 50% of entrepreneurs that fail. 42% of them say that this is the number one reason why they were not successful.

However, having a business plan can help entrepreneurs overcome this obstacle. Because they will be able to define things such as who their ideal and likely customers are. How to find those customers, and creating a marketing plan in order to get the message out to them.

In fact, even though many business owners understand how important sales and marketing is. They either do not have a marketing plan. Or there marketing plan is missing vital information. Such as how often they are going to do each of their marketing activities. And what their measurable’s are going to be on their marketing plan.

Creating a business plan can also help entrepreneurs figure out their pricing says Edmonton accountant. Because even if they can find their ideal and likely customers. If their pricing is off. They may not end up generating sales they need to stay in business.

The business plan can help entrepreneurs understand exactly where their price points need to be. So that they know that they are covering not just their direct expenses. But their overhead expenses. And how many customers they need in their business to breakeven. And how many more customers they need to hit their revenue goals.

The second most common reason that industry Canada found that failed entrepreneurs said was why they not successful. Was because they were running out of money. A business plan can significantly help entrepreneurs avoid this. Because they will be able to see what the budget for their business is.

By understanding if their spending is reasonable were not. An understanding how many sales they need to generate in their business to breakeven. Can help ensure that business owners are going to understand their finances a lot more.

In addition to that, business owners who have the business plan. Will also know how many customers they need in their business to grow their revenue. And when it is they need to engage and revenue-generating activities. And if they need to increase their marketing efforts.

The sooner a business owner can create a business plan the better according to Edmonton accountant. And ideally, a business owner should have this before they open the doors to their business.

However, if a business owner has not done this prior to opening their business. The next best time is now for business owners to create a business plan. That is going to help them significantly succeed.

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It is quite possible that business owners have started their business without a plan says Edmonton accountant. But find that they are running into obstacles. That are making it hard for them to succeed. These businesses should understand how important it is to create a business plan. To help them succeed.

However, if entrepreneurs are not encountering obstacles. There are still many reasons why they should create a business plan. According to Palo Alto, the software manufacturing company. Creating a business plan can help business owners be 50% more likely to grow their revenue in their business and therefore succeed.

Another reason why a business owner might want to create a business plan. If they do not already happen in their business. Is they are planning on making some major changes to their business says Edmonton accountant. They might be adding a new revenue stream, and would like help navigating that change in their business.

Or perhaps they are planning on having huge business growth. Such as doubling their business, or doubling their revenue. Perhaps the business owner is doubling their space, so that they can significantly increase their capacity. By sitting down with their Edmonton accountant and creating a business plan. Can help an entrepreneur understand what they need to do in their business to help this change be successful.

Even businesses that are planning on making a major technology upgrade, may find that having a business plan can help them understand exactly what they need to do in their business. To ensure that they are successful in implementing these changes.

Another reason why business owners might want to create a business plan. Even if they have been operating without one for many years. Is that they need financing. Perhaps they need financing in order to buy an asset they need to grow their business. Or they are planning on purchasing a building.

Most financial institutions or bank’s need a business plan. In order to make their decision on whether or not loan money to a business or not. And in this case, making an appointment with Edmonton accountant to create a business plan. Can make them far more likely to get approved for this loan then if they tried to create when using a template online instead.

Or, if the business has been running for several years without a business plan. And they used to be doing good. But now are struggling because they cannot find customers, close sales. Perhaps there running out of money, or cannot find or keep staff in their organization. They can significantly benefit from creating a business plan.

By taking the time to create a business plan. Business owners can understand exactly what they need to do in their business each day. So that they do not get sidetracked. But also so that they know exactly what they needs to do in their business to achieve their objectives. So that they can be more likely to succeed, matter what that definition of success looks like to each business owner.