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Edmonton Accountant | Monitor the Google Adwords Campaign


Even though an Edmonton accountant would recommend business owners create a Google AdWords campaign. Because it is an effective way to sell their products to their ideal and likely customers.

In order for the advertising campaign to be effective. Business owners not need to spend the right money, choose the right keywords and create an effective ad.

Business owners also need to monitor their Google AdWords campaign. In order to ensure it is effective. And if it is not, Edmonton accountant says they can change something.

So that they do not waste time and money with an ineffective Google AdWords campaign. However, many business owners are not sure what they need to look for when they are monitoring their campaign.

One of the first things that Edmonton accountant recommends. Is looking at the number of ad impressions they are getting from their campaign. Their goal should be getting thousands of impressions.

The reason why they should have thousands of impressions, which means thousands of people seeing their ad. Is because their ideal and likely customers will need to see the ad several times before they click on it.

Sometimes that is to or three times. But it could take five or six times. Which is why they should always have more impressions than clicks. But it is also why they need to be very consistent with their advertising.

If they start and stop their advertising, running Google AdWords one week but not the next. What will happen. Is they will succeed in getting a lot of online ad impressions. But not enough clicks.

In the reason why, is because they will be getting their ad in front of enough ideal and likely buyers. But not consistently, for them to see the ad enough times in order to click on it.

Therefore, a business owner needs to sit down with their Edmonton accountant. In order to figure out what they can afford on a weekly basis. So that the business owner can commit to that amount consistently.

The next thing that business owners need to do is look at the number of ad impressions their campaign is getting. Because their goal will be to get thousands of impressions.

Which means hundreds of their ideal and likely customers are seeing their ad multiple times. And they should be looking for hundreds of clicks, which means.

Enough of their ideal and likely customers saw their ad enough times to click on the ad. Which means a business owner should get dozens of leads, once those ideal likely customers see their website.

If they are getting a high quality of online ad impressions as well as clicks. But a business owner is not generating the leads they think that they should be getting.

A business owner should look at their website. Because their website should be effective at converting those people who are clicking on their website into customers.

While it might take some time for business owner to come up with the right keywords and demographic. In order to get the results they are looking for.

Once they do, a Google AdWords campaign can help many business owners increase the revenue. So that they do not have to be one of the 42% that fail because they could not find customers.

Do you want to have an Edmonton Accountant take care of that busy work?


When business owners look at their financial statement analysis with their Edmonton accountant. They might see that they have a revenue problem. And fixing it requires creating an advertising campaign.

While many business owners struggle with advertising. One method that Edmonton accountant recommends is Google AdWords. Because it is extremely effective at finding customers.

The reason why it is so effective, is because Google is the website that most customers go to. When they are ready to purchase a product or service. And they are simply looking for the business that they want to purchase it from.

And because of that, when business owners use Google AdWords. They are marketing their products and services to their ideal and likely customers. When they are ready to buy.

However, it is very important that business owners have the right keywords in place. In order to ensure that enough of their ideal and likely customers. Are seeing their ad in the first place.

It is important that they find keywords that there ideal and likely customers are using. And they are looking for the products and services that a business sells.

Because any time someone uses those keywords in order to find something on Google. If the keywords align with an entrepreneurs keywords, your ad will be shown to those users.

If they have to broad a keyword, they might be getting a lot of people to see their ad. But those people may not be there ideal and likely customers.

A great example of this says Edmonton accountant. Is if a business owner uses the keyword Edmonton crafters. They might get in front of thousands of people. But if they are specifically selling yarn.

They might be getting in front of people who paint, scrapbook, and sew. Instead of getting in front of people who knit and crochet. Which is who they are looking for specifically.

Therefore, choosing the right keyword is very important. To be able to find the right people. A business owner might discover that they have to broad of a keyword.

If they have multiple thousands of impressions. But not enough clicks. Therefore, they might want to try narrowing down the keyword a bit. To see if that generates fewer impressions, but more clicks.

If they do not have enough ad impressions at all. It could be that they are using a keyword that is far too narrow to generate results. Which can be helped by making the keyword a bit more broader.

There might be some trial and error required in setting up a Google AdWords campaign. There are many professionals that would be more than happy to help them. So that they can have an effective Google AdWords campaign. While business owners focus on what they are good at, which is their own business.