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Edmonton Accountant | Measure Impressions When Advertising


When business owners are trying to increase their revenue, their Edmonton accountant will often suggest increasing their marketing dollars online. However, business owners must not simply increase how much they spend, without measuring the effectiveness of their advertising.

However, many business owners are not sure what they need to measure. In order to determine the effectiveness of their advertising campaign. Looking only at leads as a way of determining how effective their advertising is.

Leads alone will not tell a business owner the entire story. Because it will not show them how many people are viewing the ad. And if not enough people are viewing the ad, there are several things they can do to fix that.

Impressions are what it is called when people see the ad. And there must be thousands of impressions in order to generate enough leads for a business owner. The reason why, is because customers will need to see the ad several times before they click on it.

If business owners have chosen keyword that is too specific. It could be that not enough people are seeing the ad, to generate enough impressions. In order to generate leads that a business owner needs to grow their revenue.

Therefore, Edmonton accountant recommends choosing a keyword that is broad enough to appeal to a wide audience. But being careful not to make the keyword to broad, to appeal to people outside of their intended audience.

Luckily, Google ads analytics keep track of how many people in a business owner’s local market. Our searching for which keywords. So that business owners can choose keywords that are being searched. And avoid keywords that are not being searched at all.

Using this tool, business owners are going to be more likely to be able to anticipate how many impressions they should be getting. So it is very important to monitor the Google ads analytics on a regular basis to gauge how well their advertising campaign is.

It is also very important for business owners to be consistent with their advertising area they should talk to their Edmonton accountant about how much money they can afford per week. Then ensure that they are spending that money regularly.

If business owners are not advertising weekly. They could be jeopardizing their ad impressions. By not getting their ad in front of the same people enough times. For them to click on the ad, and intentionally become a lead for the business.

Therefore, business owners need to be monitoring ad impressions. But also ensure that they are spending enough money to get their ad in front of enough people. And are consistent in their advertising.

So that they can have enough people seeing their ad consistently. To click on their Google ads, and their website. So that they can become much more likely to be a customer of the business owners.

Anytime a business owner is going to spend money with Google AdWords. They should ensure that they are not just measuring the leads that come in. But also are monitoring the ad impressions. And make changes as often as they need. To generate the results they desire.

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Often, business owners have a meeting with their Edmonton accountant. And find that they need to increase their revenue. When this is the case, it is very effective for business owners to create a Google AdWords campaign.

However, there are many things that business owners need to keep in mind. To ensure that their Google AdWords campaign is effective. And one of those things is measuring impressions.

What an impression is, is the number of people that are seeing the ad in the Google search results. And it is important for the same add to get in front of a person several times. Before they will click on that ad.

Whenever someone does a Google search. And uses keywords that a business owner has chosen their Google AdWords campaign. There ad will appear in the search results. At the top of the page, with the other paid ads.

Since most customers will not click on the add the first time they see it. It is important that a business owner has a goal of thousands of impressions. In order to generate enough leads to grow their revenue.

If a business owner finds that there not getting enough impressions. Edmonton accountant says the may not have the right keywords chosen. Or they might have set their demographic to narrow. So that not enough people are seeing their ads.

When thing that business owners should keep in mind according to their Edmonton accountant. Is that customers do not always search keywords that professionals will use. So they need to know what customers are searching. In order to find that type of business.

And it does not matter if the keyword is not something that those professionals would necessarily use themselves. As long is they can find the customers that are looking for their business with those words.

Once they have the right keyword, business owners need to ensure that they do not have to narrow of the demographic. Because while it is ineffective to have such a large demographic such as an entire city.

Having too small the demographic will mean that there ad will get in front of enough people. And they will not generate enough impressions to get enough people to click on the add to generate enough leads.

Once business owners have the right keyword, and the right demographic. Edmonton accountant says they must be willing to spend enough money on the campaign. To generate enough results for their advertising.

And if they are not spending enough money per week, even the right keywords and the right demographic. Will not get there ad in front of enough people. So it is very important that they work to spend the right amount of money each week.

So that they can generate the results that they expect. And without monitoring the Google AdWords campaign. In keeping an eye on their impressions. Business owners will not be able to have an effective campaign. Which is why it is very important to monitor.