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Edmonton Accountant | Learning About Ad Impressions Is Important


When business owners sit down with their Edmonton accountant. They might find out that they have a revenue problem in their financial statement analysis. And are told that they need to increase their revenue in order to remain viable in business.

In fact, this is a very common scenario. With the number one reason why businesses in Canada fail. Is because they are unable to find enough customers. By their products and services.

This could be that they are either not marketing their products and services effectively enough. Or they do not have plans on how to find those customers, thinking that is going to be easier to find them than it ends up being.

However, in order to help business owners increase their revenue. Edmonton accountant recommends business owners setting up a Google AdWords campaign. To find their ideal and likely customers.

Went to the Google AdWords campaign will allow business owners to do. Is to get their ad in front of their ideal and likely customers. When they are ready to purchase those products and services.

And while this is an extremely effective way of online advertising. Business owners need to know. That they can simply establish a reasonable ad spend. And then think that they can sit back and wait for the leads to role into their business.

Edmonton accountant says they actually need to be actively monitoring their campaign. And making changes to it if it is not generating the results that they are expecting.

Measuring leads alone is not going to give business owners enough information. To understand if they have an effective advertising campaign or not. And if a business owner is not getting the leads they expect.

Rather than scrapping the entire advertising campaign. Business owners should instead look at all of the different metrics. And figure out what needs to be changed to make it effective.

For example, one of the first things that business owners should look at. Is the online ad impressions. Also known as the number of people that are seeing their ads.

Business owners should aim for thousands of online ad impressions. In an effective Google AdWords campaign. Because their ideal likely customers will need to see their ad several times.

Before they will click on it, even if they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, thousands of online ad impressions will result in hundreds of clicks on their ad.

So if they do not have thousands of online ad impressions. They need to figure out why not, so that they can generate to be impressions they need.

They might not be getting enough online ad impressions. Because they are not using the right keywords. Such as having a very narrow and specific keyword, that not enough people are searching.

Or, it could be that they have their demographic set far too narrow. And not enough people in that area using that keyword to search for that business.

By understanding the important part that online ad impressions play. To the effectiveness of Google AdWords campaign. Can help business owners create the best AdWords campaign for their business.

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Even though many business owners may not understand the importance of online advertising, their Edmonton accountant does. And creating an effective online advertising campaign. Can help business owners increase their revenue.

However, in order to set up an effective Google AdWords campaign. Business owners not only have to set the right keywords, and demographic. But also craft the best add to get those ideal and likely customers to click on it.

Therefore, business owners have a bit more work to do. Then just setting their weekly ad spend budget with their Edmonton accountant. And setting up their advertising campaign and then waiting for the leads to role in.

Looking at online ad impressions is very important. Because it will tell a business owner how many people are actually seeing the ad. And if not enough people are seeing the ad, they need to know what needs to be changed.

For example, a business owner might have no ad impressions at all. And rather than think that they are using a keyword that nobody is using. One of the first things that they should do is see if there ad was rejected by Google.

Since business owners are not likely going to get told by Google if or when their ad is rejected it is important that if they are not generating any leads. That they look at the metrics.

To determine if there ad is even running. And if it is not, they need to craft a different ad. That will be less likely to get rejected by Google.

Edmonton accountant says this can be a bit of a trial and error. Especially since Google does not share the information of why they reject ads.

But in addition to having an ad that is not rejected by Google. Business owners need to come up with an ad that is inspiring enough. For their ideal and likely buyers to click on that ad. Over and above their competitors.

However, it is important that business owners are looking at the keywords as well. And if they are not sure if they are using a keyword that is helping them generate results. They can always look at Google ads analytics.

This shows business owners what keywords people are using to search for certain businesses or products and services. And this can help business owners choose a keyword that will work.

However, the most popular keywords are likely going to require a larger bid to generate results. Spending a bit more money to actually get results is a lot more effective. Then spending a smaller amount, and not getting the results that they need.

However, if business owners do not have the time in order to set up and monitor their own Google AdWords account. Edmonton accountant recommends that they hire a professional.

Who will not only be able to help them get an effective campaign. But will allow business owners to generate the online leads that they need. While focusing on their business.