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Edmonton Accountant | Learning About Ad Impressions Is Beneficial


Even though many business owners need to increase their revenue, and do so through Google AdWords on the recommendation of their Edmonton accountant. If they are not taking care to choose the right keywords. As well as monitor their campaign. They may not get the results they expect.

In fact, if business owners are only using one metric in order to determine how effective their Google ad campaign is. They will most likely be very disappointed. Because leads alone will not tell a business owner what is going on with their online Google AdWords campaign.

Instead, business owners need to be aware of online ad impressions. As well as clicks. To determine what exactly is going on with their campaign. And how to make it more effective if necessary.

Online ad impressions refer to the number of people that see their ads. And this is very important to keep track of her Edmonton accountant. So that they know how many people are seeing their ad especially in relation to how many are clicking on the add.

Business owners should expect to get thousands of impressions in order to get hundreds of clicks. The reason why they need so many more ad impressions. Is because customers who are ready to purchase. Still need to see the ad several times. Before they will click on it.

Therefore, there will always be more ad impressions, even if every person who sees the ad will eventually click on it. And even then, that is not very common. So the number of ad impressions is going to be significantly higher than the number of people who click on the ad.

If they have no online ad impressions says Edmonton accountant. They either have two narrow of a keyword, and nobody is searching for those specific sets of keywords. Or, their demographic is set to narrow. And not enough people in that specific area are searching for those keywords.

Or, if they have absolutely no ad impressions at all. Is quite possible that their ad was completely rejected by Google. Because Google does not inform businesses if or when their ad gets rejected. So is very important for business owners to be able to view this information.

However, if business owners do have thousands of ad impressions. And yet they do not have very many clicks on their ad. There may be a few problems that need to be fixed. Starting with having too broad a keyword and demographic. Which means they will have a lot of people seeing their ad.

But since those people are not their ideal and likely customers. That means that despite the fact that lots of people are viewing the ad. Fewer people are clicking on the ad. And that can be fixed by having a bit more of a targeted keyword or demographic.

Or, the problem could be that the ads are not enticing enough to click on. And in this case, Edmonton accountant recommends putting in a no-brainer offer. To get as many people who are shopping for that product and service to click on the ad as possible.

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Business owners have a lot of odds stacked against them according to Edmonton accountant. With 50% of all small businesses in Canada eventually failing in five years. However, the common reasons for businesses to fail in Canada come down to three obstacles that business owners need to overcome.

The single most common reason why these small businesses in Canada are failing. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services. Whether this is because they are not advertising their products or services at all. Or they do not have effective marketing methods.

When they sit down with their Edmonton accountant. And find that they have a revenue problem in their financial statement analysis. They are often told that they need to increase their revenue, or they may not remain viable in business for very much longer.

When this is the case, business owners are faced with the challenge of trying to increase their business quickly. And one way that they can do this effectively. Is by setting up a Google AdWords campaign. The reason why this is so beneficial.

Is because it is the only place that a business owner can market their products and services. Directly to their ideal and likely buyers. At the time when they are ready to purchase those products and services that a business sells.

However, in order to ensure that this is effective. Business owners need to set up their Google ads campaign says Edmonton accountant. And then monitor it several times a week. And make changes as needed. In order to ensure that they are going to get the results that they desire.

One of the keys to having a successful Google AdWords campaign. Is choosing the right keywords. Their customers may not be using the keywords that business owners themselves would use. Especially if they are not specifically accurate as far as the industry goes.

A great example of this. Is when people who are looking for a family lawyer they use the keyword marital law. Although in Alberta, lawyers would never use that phrase to describe what they do. But it is not important what business owner would use to describe what they do.

All they have to do, is find the keyword that most of their customers use. When they are looking to purchase the products and services that that business sells. However, because this can be difficult to figure out sometimes. Business owners can look at Google ads analytics.

In order to see who is searching for businesses using which keywords. So that not only can business owners use a keyword that customers are using. But also, so that they can avoid using a keyword that nobody is searching for as well.

By having the right keyword in their Google AdWords campaign. Can ensure that a business owner will get enough online ad impressions that they need. In order to generate the leads that they require to increase the revenue of their business.