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Edmonton Accountant | Large Accounting Firms Versus Small Accounting Firms

Many entrepreneurs often do not know the difference between hiring a large Edmonton accountant and a small accounting firm. They are looking to have the best services that they possibly can, and they do not know which size of firm is going to be the most beneficial one for their business. There is lots of things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when they are looking at which Edmonton accountant to hire, especially when they are brand-new in business. Since industry Canada says that the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is quite high, 15% of entrepreneurs fail within the first year, 30% fail within the first two years, and only 50% of entrepreneurs will still be around on their fifth anniversary. There is many reasons why entrepreneurs may fail, but hiring the right Edmonton accountant can significantly improve these odds. Therefore hiring the right one for their business is extremely important.

One thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when they are hiring and accounting firm, is that a one person accounting firm may be far more expensive than is necessary. The reason for this is because there is an extremely high amount of administrative work is necessary in an accounting firm. In addition to the filing of tax returns and bookkeeping, other administrative duties that entrepreneurs need to work on our correspondence including email and phone calls, phoning Canada revenue agency, organizing receipts, scanning documents, and troubleshooting. In a single person Edmonton accountant firm, these duties are all going to be done by the only worker they are, who is the accountant. They will charge the same amount of their hourly fee regardless of what tasks they are doing, high-level accounting services, or filing. Because of that, entrepreneurs may find that the will have a large bill, because the accountant is charging them their high hourly rate for every single duty.

In a larger accounting firm, entrepreneurs may discover that the hourly rate is less, because of those administrative duties, the accounting firm will of hired student who needs the experience in order to finish their degree, but who do not need to get paid the same amount as a tenured CPA. Therefore, all of the most important tasks of the accounting office still get done, but at a much lower rate in paying all high-level CPAs.What this does, is it frees up the more experienced chartered professional accountants to work on higher level activities like business plans and tax plans that can significantly impact an entrepreneurís ability to succeed. Especially in the first year, if an entrepreneur is able to find a Edmonton accountant that can do a comprehensive and well done business plan, they can significantly impact an entrepreneur positively and help them succeed their first year in business.

Entrepreneurs may not know how significant it could be to hire a fully functioning multiperson Edmonton accountant firm and how it relates to their overall business success. This can be extremely pertinent for entrepreneurs, so they should hire the right accountant in their business as early as they can.

Edmonton Accountant | Large Accounting Firms Versus Small Accounting Firms

The learning curve for entrepreneurs is extremely steep in every single aspect of business, including knowing what Edmonton accountant they need to hire in their business. Many entrepreneurs do not understand the difference between a large multiperson accounting firm and a one person accounting firm. They often think that they will be able to get better service and more services from the single person accounting firm. The reason why entrepreneurs believe this, is because one person will be more familiar with their business and their file, and rather than being a faceless number in a large firm, they will know what their accountant personally. However this does not always end up working the way an entrepreneur believes, and instead of getting better services from their accountant, they end up getting worse. In order to improve this, and help entrepreneurs get the best services they possibly can, they should understand the difference between larger accounting firms and smaller ones.

When entrepreneurs are thinking of larger Edmonton accountant firms, this means any firm that has more than one accountant on staff, and multiple employees. The reason why this is important, is because when one accountant gets busy, there is other people that can help out. And how this typically happens, is firms that have multiple accountants and staff members, typically also higher accounting students to work in their firm. There is an extremely high amount of administrative duties that need to get done in order to complete the accounting tasks for business, and if that can be moved to an accounting student, that can free up the amount of time that the tenured chartered professional accountant has to work on higher level tasks.

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs understand how these students can not only benefit the accounting office, but how the accounting experience benefits them. Students have already completed a four-year chartered professional accounting degree, but in order to receive their designation they need to apprentice with a tenured accountant for three years or more. This means the students are extremely knowledgeable and have a high level of experience already. That means they can very adequately help with filing, filing returns, talking to Canada revenue agency as well as bookkeeping which can free up the tenured accountants. Once the accountant has more time in their business, will be able to more adequately help entrepreneurs with their business planning that can help avoid business problems and also create growth plans. Can also help them create tax plans to help entrepreneurs minimize the amount of taxes that they are going to pay their business that can help them increase cash flow in their business as well as wealth accumulation in their business.

By knowing how to hire the right Edmonton accountant for their business, entrepreneurs can end up with a great business ally that can help them not only grow their business, but significantly avoid the reason why 50% of all entrepreneurs fail within the first five years of business.