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Edmonton Accountant | Key Performance Indicators Online Ad Impressions


While many business owners understand that if they have a revenue problem, they need to get more sales after they see their Edmonton accountant. However, business owners can simply increase their ad spend. And ensure that that is going to result in increased revenue.

There are many things that they need to track. After they have spent money on an advertising campaign. In order to gauge how effective that advertising campaign is.

Measuring leads alone is not enough. For a business owner to understand what is going on with their advertising campaign. And if they have very few leads. They need to understand why.

This is why it is very important for business owners to know. That after they increase their advertising budget online. That they need to look at ad impressions as the very next metric to follow.

The reason why ad impressions is so important says Edmonton accountant. Because this tracks how many people actually see a business owner’s ad. If they are not having enough people see the ad.

Not enough people are going to click on it, and it will result in very few leads for the business. However, if they have a lot of ad impressions. But not enough clicks. It will typically point to another problem.

Therefore, if business owners are going to spend the time and money on an advertising campaign. In order to generate more revenue in their business. They need to be able to review that campaign.

In order to understand what is going on with it. And if they need to fix something in the campaign. In order to make it more effective for their business.

A great example of this is if an entrepreneur has no ad impressions whatsoever. It is entirely possible. That the ad itself was rejected.

Google AdWords does not tell entrepreneurs immediately. If their ad was rejected. Which can lead to entrepreneurs creating an advertising campaign, thinking that they are generating a lot of leads.

However, a week or two later. If they do not get any leads coming into their email inbox. When they look at the Google ads analytics. They will find out that the ad had serum impressions.

Which likely means there ad was rejected. And not only do they not get notified if the ad is rejected. They also do not get notified of why. And the ad can get rejected for a variety of random reasons.

Such as having too many capital letters. Therefore, Edmonton accountant recommends that after a business owner creates a campaign. That they review it every day.

That way, they will be able to figure out if they are actually running an ad. Or if they are not, which is not resulting in any impressions. Which will not result in any leads coming into the business.

Understanding Google ads is very important. And if an entrepreneur is having any difficulties. They should hire a professional to help them with this. So that they can have a top-level marketing campaign. While they are focusing on running their business.

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While many business owners understand that online marketing can help them find customers which is important after they speak to their Edmonton accountant. Because the number one reason why businesses fail. Is being unable to find customers in their business.

However, if business owners do not have an effective online campaign. They might not get the results that they are expecting. And could be costing them lots of money, to not generate results.

One problem that many business owners have. Is that there keywords that they are using are too narrow. How Google ads works, is that an entrepreneur will choose some keywords.

That when customers search for those specific keywords. The entrepreneurs ad will show in the search results. And every time customers have that ad show up in their search results. That is called an impression.

It is important that a business owner gets thousands of impressions. In order to get hundreds of clicks to generate leads for their business says Edmonton accountant.

However, if they do not have enough impressions. Because the search terms are too narrow. They will not be able to generate the clicks they need to have enough leads come into their business.

Therefore, business owners are looking to strike a balance between specific keywords that will help them find the audience they are looking for. But being brought enough, that they can capture a large audience.

However, business owners will be able to get help in figuring out what keywords to use. Because Google ads analytics tracks all of the various keywords that people are using says Edmonton accountant.

This way, people can choose keywords that are being searched often. And avoid using a keyword that nobody is using. So that business owners can anticipate how many impressions they are likely going to get on this campaign.

Another thing that business owners need to keep in mind when they set up their online advertising campaign. Is that customers are not always going to search keywords. That a professional may use in their business.

A great example of this, is a customer who is looking for a family lawyer might use the keyword marital law. Although a lawyer in Alberta would likely never use that keyword themselves.

So by understanding keywords that their customers are likely to use. Even if it is not can help business owners find the right keywords that will help them get the impressions they need.

Another key to helping get enough ad impressions. To generate revenue in their business. Is ensuring that they are not setting their demographic to narrow.

Since people can choose a demographic when they set up their Google AdWords campaign. Setting the right area or neighbourhood is important. But if they set the demographic too small, it will not get the impressions they need.

And while the goal is not to get as any impressions as a business possibly can. They do need to get thousands of impressions. In order to generate enough clicks to result in leads for their business.

Understanding the delicate balance of keywords during a Google AdWords campaign. Can help business owners pick the right keywords to help them get the results they are looking for.