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Edmonton Accountant | How Monitoring Ad Impressions Is Beneficial


Even though many business owners set up will AdWords accounts after hearing from their Edmonton accountant. Because they need to increase the revenue of their business. If they do not know how to monitor the campaign, it is in jeopardy of not working effectively.

In fact, many business owners need to understand. That finding customers is incredibly important. And while industry Canada says 50% of entrepreneurs in Canada will fail.

42% will fail because they are unable to find the customers they need to buy their products and services. Making finding customers effectively one of the most important ways that business owners can avoid the high failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada.

And while many business owners think the only thing that they need to do. In order to have an effective Google AdWords campaign. Is to create it and commit to a weekly advertising budget.

It is actually a little bit more complicated than that. Requiring business owners to monitor the analytics on a regular basis. To gauge its effectiveness. And make changes as needed.

In order to generate the results that will allow them to increase their revenue and grow their business. One of the first things that they need to monitor when looking at the Google analytics will be there online ad impressions.

An online ad impression is essentially the number of people that are seeing their ad on a regular basis says Edmonton accountant. And business owners need to have thousands of online ad impressions.

The reason why they need to have thousands of impressions. Is because their ideal and likely customers will need to see the ad several times. Before they will click on it, even if they are ready to purchase the products and services that the business is selling.

If they look at their Google analytics. And find that they only have a few hundred online ad impressions or less. They will need to figure out what to change in order to increase the ad impressions they do get.

It could be that they are not using the right keywords. And they can determine this says Edmonton accountant. By looking at the Google ads analytics.

And comparing the keywords that they are using, to the keywords that people are searching for on Google. When they are looking for that businesses industry. To purchase the products and services.

They might be using a keyword that nobody is searching. Or if this is the case, they can choose another keyword when they realize they are not getting the online ad impressions they need.

By changing the keywords, and then monitoring that online ad impressions. Can help business owners figure out what the right combination is. To generate the results they need to.

When business owners are able to do this. They are going to be able to start increasing their revenue as recommended by their Edmonton accountant. So that they can remain viable in business. And once they have the right combination, they can get even more leads by increasing their online ad spend.

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When business owners are ready to start advertising online, Edmonton accountant recommends Google AdWords. The reason why they recommend this form of online advertising is because it is incredibly effective.

How Google AdWords works, is by having business owners choose keywords related to their business and industry. And when customers use those keywords in their Google search.

When they are ready to buy those products and services. And are simply looking for a business to buy them from. The businesses ad will show up in the top of the search results on the Google results page.

Therefore, Edmonton accountant says business owners can advertise to their ideal customers. At a time when they are ready to make a purchase for those same products and services.

This is why it is so effective as an advertising tool. However, business owners should not make the mistake. Of setting up their Google AdWords campaign. And then just waiting for the leads to come into their business.

Measuring leads alone is not an effective way of figuring out if their advertising campaign is effective. Because if they do not generate leads they are expecting. There may be many things that could be the cause.

For example, business owners should look at the online ad impressions that they are receiving. Because if the have no online ad impressions. It could be because their ad was rejected, or they have the wrong keyword or demographic chosen.

However, if they have thousands of ad impressions. But not enough clicks on the ad. It could be that they are using to broad keyword or demographic. Or their ad is not enticing enough. To inspire their ideal customers to click on it.

Therefore, business owners need to be monitoring specifically the online ad impressions. As well as the number of clicks that their ad is getting. In order to determine what the likely cause of not getting the leads they are expecting would be.

And from there, it will be a bit of a trial and error. To figure out what keywords they need to use. And what demographics are the best ones to use for their business.

However, business owners can look at the Google ads analytics. In order to see what keywords customers are most often using. When they are searching for that particular industry.

So that business owners can choose keywords that are being used. However, Edmonton accountant says business owners need to keep in mind. That the bid for the most popular keywords will be higher.

So in order to generate the results they need. If there using a popular keyword. They need to increase their bids, so that enough people will be able to see their ads.

And while this is not necessarily an extremely complex process. It can take a lot more time than business owners often have to figure out.

Which is why any business owner who would like an effective Google AdWords campaign. But does not have the time to put towards it. Should hire a professional.

A professional can help them set up an effective Google AdWords campaign. While allowing a business owner to concentrate on what they are best at. Which is running their business.