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Edmonton Accountant | How Google Adwords Work


When business owners Edmonton accountant that has them know that they need to increase their revenue. There are many different things that a business owner can do to increase their sales.

And creating an online advertising campaign is one of those things. The online advertising campaign that Edmonton accountant recommends is Google AdWords. Because it is extremely effective.

Google is the largest search engine in the world. And is the place where most customers go. To search for the products and services that they are ready to purchase.

Therefore, when business owners advertise their business on Google AdWords. They are advertising to their ideal and likely buyers. At the time when they are ready to make a purchase.

This is one of the reasons why it is incredibly effective. However, a business owner must have the right keywords and demographics. In order to ensure their ideal and likely customers are seeing their ad.

In order to determine if they have the right keywords and demographics chosen. Business owners need to monitor their campaign. And one of the first things that they should be looking for our company ad impressions they get.

What an ad impression is says Edmonton accountant. Is the number of people who are seeing their ad. It is very important that this number is very high, and ideally thousands of ad impressions.

In the reason why it should be very high, is because business owners ideal and likely customer needs to see the same ad several times. Before they are ready to take action on that ad and click on it.

If there are not enough had impressions. Then a business owner might get some results from their Google AdWords campaign. Not enough to increase their revenue significantly.

So if a business owner sees that there are too few ad impressions. They need to look at their keywords as well as demographics. To figure out what the problem is, so that they can make their campaign more effective.

However, if a business owner finds that they have no ad impressions whatsoever. It is very likely that their ad was rejected by Google. Because they typically do not get informed when an ad gets rejected.

Therefore, business owners can look to see if there ad is running. Because if it is not, that will be the reason why they are not getting any impressions.

However, if there ad is running. It might be because they have not bid enough for their ads. Because the highest bidder will get their ads run first, followed by the next highest bidder.

And if a business owner does not bid enough for the ads. They simply will not get their ads shown during the week. Resulting in no impressions even though their ad is running.

While Google analytics suggests how much to spend as a bid for the keyword. Business owners can choose whatever amount they want. But they should know if it is too low, they put their campaign at risk.

Learning how to create a Google AdWords campaign takes some trial and error. But the results can be very dramatic. Once a business owner gets the right words, demographic and ad spend.

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One of the most common problems business owners face says Edmonton accountant. Is not being able to find enough customers for their products and services.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not only are half of all the business owners failing in their small business. But 42% of those failed entrepreneurs.

Say that the reason why they failed is because they could not find enough customers. By their products and services and grow their revenue.

One of the most effective forms of advertising according to Edmonton accountant. Is Google AdWords. Because at allows business owners to advertise to their ideal and likely customers.

At a time when they are ready to purchase the products and services that the business is selling. However, in order for it to be effective business owners need to do a few things first.

They need to talk to their Edmonton accountant. And decide what weekly ad spend they can afford. And then ensure that they are spending that amount consistently every week.

In order to get enough people to see their ad in order to click on it. Business owners need to be consistent. And if they are starting and stopping their advertising campaign.

They might get a lot of people seeing their ad. But they may not be getting enough people to see their ad enough times. In order to click on it, and by the products and services.

Therefore, they need to figure out what their budget is. And then stick to it this to high. In order to get the results that they need.

The next thing that they need to do, is ensure that they have the right keyword. And the keywords are what specific search terms their ideal and likely customers are using.

When they are looking for that businesses products and services. If a business owner chooses a keyword that is very narrow, not enough of their ideal and likely customers are using that exact keyword.

And they might end up with not enough online ad impressions. In order to get enough people to click on their ads and by their products and services.

However, another common problem is if a business owner is setting their keyword far too broad. Because while they want to have a lot of impressions. If they are reaching outside of their ideal and likely customers.

They might get thousands of impressions, but from people who are never going to be there customer. Which would result in high at impressions but low clicks.

Therefore, it can be a very difficult balance. To find the keywords that work at targeting their ideal and likely customers. To get thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks.

If business owners would like help with this, Edmonton accountant says they can always talk to Google AdWords professional.

Who would be more than happy to manage a business owner’s campaign. So that they can have an effective campaign. While allowing a business owner to focus on their business.