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Edmonton Accountant | Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising Strategies

Business owners should understand that advertising their business is very important, whether it is online or off-line says Edmonton accountant. However, it can be very easy to be overwhelmed with the choices associated with online marketing. Which often ends up with entrepreneurs making poor choices initially, wasting time and money when there trying to market their business. Therefore, learning what they need to do ahead of time is an effective strategy in helping entrepreneurs create a marketing strategy that will be effective from the start.

One of the first questions that entrepreneurs often have is: when is the best time to start paying for marketing their business online? Edmonton accountant says many entrepreneurs believe that they should start paying for online ads immediately in their business. However this is not effective. One of the first things that a business owner should be doing, is ensuring that they are generating Google reviews as quickly as they can. The reason why, is because consumers typically look at Google reviews in order to influence their purchasing decisions. Under forty reviews, and that customer typically looks negatively at a business. However, over forty reviews, and that starts to increase the number of customers that converted into buyers. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have enough Google reviews in their business before they pay for any online advertising, because they can generate as much traffic as they want, they cannot convert consumers into buyers, there marketing efforts will be less effective.

The next question that entrepreneurs have is what is the best platform to advertise online? While many entrepreneurs believe that Facebook is effective because of the number of people that are on it every day. However, Facebook is not a website that people are on when they are looking to make purchases. However, Google is. Entrepreneurs simply need to think of where they would go if they had a need for service or product very quickly. Such as their basement is flooding and they need a plumber. The answer becomes very obvious that they should be advertising on Google, is that the place where people go when they are ready to make purchases.

The next question entrepreneurs have is what is the advertising product that Google sells? This is AdWords. And the way it works says Edmonton accountant is entrepreneurs can choose a variety of keywords that they will associate with their business. If a person does that Google search and the use any of those keywords, and add for that entrepreneur will appear in the search results. A business owner will only pay for those AdWords, when a consumer clicks on it.

By understanding that they needed to advertise online, and the place places to do it can help entrepreneurs develop a strategy alongside their Edmonton accountant that will help them create an effective marketing plan for their business. By starting with knowing when the right time to start paying for ads online is, knowing where to advertise, and how to advertise is important to an entrepreneurs success.

Edmonton Accountant | Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising Strategies

Entrepreneurs are often intimidated and overwhelmed when it comes to advertising online says Edmonton accountant. So much so, that they start using the most user friendly advertising services, which are not necessarily the most effective. For example, many business owners believe that Facebook is a great place to advertise because there are so many people online on that website at a time. Not only that, but is very user-friendly to start giving Facebook money for ads. However, business owners need to realize that even though this is an easy strategy, it is not the most effective one that they can use.

By understanding the answer to several questions, can help entrepreneurs understand how to implement the most effective marketing strategy. First question that entrepreneurs often have when they are ready start spending money to advertise online, is how much should they spent per week in order to get results? Edmonton accountant says the answer to this question is going to depend on what methods an entrepreneur starts buying ads with. But they need to ensure that they have enough money per week right to spend to get traction on their marketing efforts. But they also need to ensure that it is large enough amount of money, to give them enough data points to determine if it is successful or not. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is using will AdWords, they recommends that entrepreneurs spend about two hundred and fifty dollars a week to get results, or to find out if their efforts are effective.

The second question entrepreneurs have when it comes to understanding how effective online advertising is: help often do customers yet see that ad click on it, before they take action? Is an extremely important one says Edmonton accountant, because this is going to help a business owner understand how consistent they have to be with their marketing efforts. On average, consumers whether they are motivated to buy right away or not need to see and add an average of four point three times before they buy. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have a consistent enough marketing strategy in place, that will allow them to capture the right number of customers the right number of time to start increasing their business.

The third question that entrepreneurs often have is: is there more cost effective way of advertising then Google? Edmonton accountant says this is an important one, because while many entrepreneurs want to be able to spend two hundred and fifty dollars a week, that is not possible for everybody. Therefore, they might want to use a combination of Google AdWords plus a retargeting product, that will help business owners get their ads seen in other places on the Internet, once a consumer clicks on their ad once. This will allow them to be on Google AdWords, but not spend as much money in order to generate results.