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Edmonton Accountant | Commonly Asked Questions About Online Marketing

It is very important that entrepreneurs understand that online marketing is necessary in order to grow their business says Edmonton accountant. However, most entrepreneurs have never need to advertise online, and do not always know the best places to start. Therefore, they have a list of questions that they ask when they sit down with their marketing representative, to help them understand what they need to do and what they need to avoid to have a successful online marketing campaign.

The first question that entrepreneurs have when understanding marketing and advertising is: what did most companies spend on advertising? Edmonton accountant says this varies by industry, but on average, companies spend around 2% of their annual revenue on advertising. However, not all of this is online advertising, and not all of it is an effective advertising either.

The second question that business owners have when they are understanding advertising and marketing, is what do the top companies spend on their advertising? Ultimately, the answer to this question is that they spend more than their competitors. If competitors are spending 2%, a should understand that their competitors are spending on average 5%. The take away that entrepreneurs should get from this, is that they do not necessarily need to advertise their business in order to be completely average. However an entrepreneur does need to advertise their business to be good, and they need to advertise business more than their competitors in order to be great. A business owner simply has to think how successful they want to be when they decide how much they want to spend on advertising.

The third question that entrepreneurs have is should any money be spent on online advertising? This is extremely important, and Edmonton accountant would argue that online advertising is as important now as advertising in the Yellow Pages was twenty and thirty years ago. Businesses were not considered serious unless they had ads in the Yellow Pages. The same thing here, businesses are not be considered serious if they are not advertising online.

another question that entrepreneurs have the comes to learning how to advertise and market their business, is what is the best platform to be advertising their business online? Edmonton accountant says ultimately, a business owner needs to understand that the best platform is the one that people are most going to utilize when they are ready to buy a product. This is Google. In order to prove this concept, business owners simply have to think about what they would do themselves, if their basement was flooding and they need the plumber, if there tooth is hurting and they needed a dentist, or if there free to stopped working and they need a repairman. Therefore, Google is one of the most effective places to advertise a business, that will be targeted at people looking to buy things.

By understanding a bit more about the online marketing process, as well as whether they should be marketing at all, business owners will be able to understand what to do in their business to help them attract more customers to their business.

Edmonton Accountant | Commonly Asked Questions About Online Marketing

Entrepreneurs are often very overwhelmed when it comes to learning how to market their business effectively says Edmonton accountant. There are many different methods, and that is especially the case when it comes to online marketing. Therefore, business owners have a lot of questions associated with effective online marketing. By answering these questions, entrepreneurs can gain a lot of information, as well as increase their comfort level with becoming familiar with getting online and marketing their business.

The first question that business owners often have is how often do people have to see an ad before they take action and buying? This is a very important one, because it is going to help a business owner understand how consistent they must be with their marketing efforts. As a person even in a buyer who is ready to make a purchase needs to see an entrepreneurs add an average of four point three times before they take action on it. This means, that a person is going to have to see an ad more than four times in order to purchase products.

The second question that entrepreneurs often have is why is that important to know? Edmonton accountant says the reason why it is important to know, is the entrepreneur can be consistent with their marketing strategy. Starting and stopping their marketing, an entrepreneur stalls the processes of getting a likely and ideal buyer to see and add the correct number of times in order for them to act on it. Not only does starting and stopping increase the length of time it takes to close a leave, but it also increases the amount of money that an entrepreneur has to spend for that method to be effective. Therefore, an entrepreneur can eventually spend less money and to get results faster by simply being consistent with their marketing strategies.

The next question entrepreneurs often have is while Google is an effective place to advertise, what specifically is the advertising products that Google sells? Edmonton accountant says AdWords is what the name of the product is. And what it is, is an ad that is generated the search results related to an entrepreneurs business. Entrepreneurs choose a variety of keywords that they want to be associated with their business, and if someone uses those keywords when they are doing a Google search, that will appear at the top of the search results. This is over the organic listings and over the map listings as well. The best part about this method, is that entrepreneurs only have to pay Google when an entrepreneur clicks on that ad.

Entrepreneurs need to be very familiar and comfortable with online advertising, so that they can not only be less intimidated by it, but be confident when implementing their marketing strategy. By sitting down with their Edmonton accountant ahead of time can allow them to create an effective business plan that has an online marketing component. This will help entrepreneurs do what is necessary to grow their business.