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Edmonton Accountant | Common Questions About Ad Impressions


When business owners are setting up a Google AdWords campaign after speaking to their Edmonton accountant. They might have a lot of questions about how to set up an effective campaign.

When the goal is to increase their revenue, it is important that business owners are monitoring their campaign on a regular basis. This is important in order to generate the results that they need.

One of the first questions that business owners often have. They are setting up their Google AdWords campaign for the first time. Is what they need to monitor in order to determine if they have an effective campaign?

Many business owners think that measuring leads alone. Will allow them to figure out if they have an effective campaign. This is not necessarily the case says Edmonton accountant. Because number of leads will not tell a business owner. What is going on with their campaign.

For example, they might not be generating enough leads because they do not have enough ad impressions. Or they might be generating thousands of impressions, but not getting enough clicks on their ad.

Which is why they need to monitor more than just the leads. When they set up their Google AdWords campaign. In order to ensure its generating the results they need to increase the revenue as suggested by their Edmonton accountant.

If they have not enough impressions, they might not have the right keywords. And without the right keywords, they will not have enough customers searching for that phrase. And they will not get the impressions they need to generate the results for their business.

However, if a business owner has thousands of impressions but not enough clicks. It could be because their keyword is too broad. And they are not getting it in front of enough ideal and likely customers.

Or their ad is not written effectively enough. And not inspiring enough people to click on the add. Which is why business owners are not able to get the results that they are expecting from their advertising campaign.

This is why Edmonton accountant recommends business owners create a no-brainer offer. And put that no-brainer offer into their ad. To entice those ideal and likely buyers. Who are ready to purchase those products and services. To click on a business owners add.

Another question that business owners have is why is setting to narrow a bad thing? Many business owners understand that they do not want to have a very broad demographic. For example, dentists do not necessarily want to have a demographic from all areas of the city.

Because if they are on the south side, they are less likely to get people from the north side utilizing their services. However, too narrow of a demographic. Means that not enough people will see the ad in the first place.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they are choosing a demographic that is broad enough to have enough people see their ad. Which is why is very important for business owners to monitor at impressions. Because this can help them determine if they have the right demographic.

Creating an online advertising campaign with Google AdWords can take a bit of trial and air. But once a business owner has the right combination. It is going to be an extremely effective form of advertising for their business.

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Often, business owners think that their financial troubles can be fixed by cutting expenses says Edmonton accountant. However, more often than not. The problem is that they need to increase their revenue.

When this is the case, Edmonton accountant recommends that business owners set up a Google AdWords campaign. Because it can be very effective at generating enough leads to increase a business owner’s revenue.

However, it is important that business owners are monitoring their campaign. In order to ensure that it is effective. And is generating the results they need in order to grow their revenue. Which is why it is important for business owners to monitor ad impressions.

However, one of the first questions that people often have. Is what is an ad impression, and how does it relate to their Google AdWords campaign? Essentially, ad impressions are the number of times their ad is viewed by of potential customer.

When people are looking for a business that they can buy products or services from. They will go to Google, and do a search for those products and services. And if a customer uses same keyword that a business owner has chosen for their Google AdWords campaign.

There ad is going to come up in the search results. And the number of times there ad is viewed in this way. Is called an ad impression. And thousands of ad impressions are needed to generate results.

The next question that people often have. Is why do they need thousands of ad impressions in order to generate results? Business owners may think that they only need hundreds of impressions to get hundreds of leads for this is not the case.

The reason why thousands of impressions are needed says Edmonton accountant. Is because customers will not click on the add the first time they see it. And will need to see it anywhere between 3 to 7 times. Before they act on it.

Therefore, business owners need to monitor their Google AdWords campaign. And if they are not getting thousands of ad impressions. They will need to change one part of their campaign. In order to be more effective.

For example, if they have thousands of impressions, but not enough clicks. The problem could be with their ad, not encouraging customers to click on it.

But if they have only hundreds of impressions. They might have the wrong keyword or demographics chosen. And by altering one or the other, and then monitoring to see if that increases impressions.

Will be how a business owner can monitor their Google AdWords campaign. And make changes to it, in order to help it be as effective as possible for them.

This is why is very important for business owners to create a Google AdWords campaign. And then monitor the results on a consistent basis. In order to generate the results they need to grow the revenue in their business.