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What I have for you today here are just three proven strategies that will work pretty much any business and whether you read one book or another, you’re going to find a commonality of these, of these structures in the material that you’re going to read so I can save you. A lot of times they give them to, but it costs you. Now the chainsaw on the tree was exciting. The rest is hard work. Okay, Edmonton Accountant so who would like to learn some basic hard work strategies that really work?


so the first thing

that I have here

is this is number one. We’re going to do a repeatable monthly scheduled repeatable monthly schedule. So let’s pretend you are a contractor. Edmonton Accountant? Now you can see down the bottom here. I’ve week one, week two, week three, and week four. Okay? So if I’m a contractor and I got to get my guys started everyday. Not huge yet, but I’m not super small so I don’t have enough guys that I can stay in the office all the time, but I’m not all tools all day either. I’ve gone into that realm where I’m no longer a solo printer. I’m a real entrepreneur. I got a team starting to build it. Okay. I see a supplier stung at 7:00 AM, 7:00 AM, not eight, not nine, and there’s a reason for that, so it was A. Edmonton Accountant There’s a couple of contractors in the room and if they know you’re coming every day at 7:00 AM and there’s no one else in front of you while your order be late or if you push it that you’re the fifth order, they think you’re coming sometime between eight, 30 and 11, they’re going to push them.

So 7:00 AM is that supplier visit fee and you also know it’s the only supplier visit on the table here. He’s not going back. This guy is not going back to the supplier. You should every day. Then at 8:30 AM, it’s going to do job site visit number one. So job site visit number one. Now, if you have a team and you have more than one job site, here is another move that you’ll have to do or any business where you have multiple locations and you have to check on them, schedule them at the first section of the day, okay, and do not tell them which one you’re going to see first. So when you show up there at 8:30 in the morning, you will know which one who’s on time, who’s not on time. These are guys that are on your payroll. Now, Edmonton Accountant remember we we can outsource the India anymore for two bucks an hour and what we’re doing here, we’re trying to run a plumbing company or electric company or landscaping company or I’m no designer.

It doesn’t matter if anyone. Anything where there’s a site visit here. Then we’re going to go to job site number two. Edmonton Accountant? Now things have changed since I started in business. You’ll see in here I have a marketing content at 11:00 AM pretty much Monday through Thursday. Now when I started my entrepreneurial journey, marketing was so much simpler. So you had the yellow pages and it. It was this much for a bold dad and it was this much for a quarter in a little square. It was this much for a half a page. It was as much for a full page. Now we have so many options and they are not and they are hard to understand, but you will need content. We’ll need content, Edmonton Accountant 100 percent content and that’s something you can do. You know, if you do have a location based business, you’re going to be wanting to do that out on sites where you’re looking at real projects.

Um, so you’re going to need to do that content in. It’s good to have a meaningful place in your business or when you get to the estimate at the end of the day, the phone is not going to run it. You are not going to have an estimate. So we have that. Now I have at noon return phone calls and clear email. So, um, my guys know this a lot because I preach it on them all the time. Edmonton Accountant We even have set hours wherever undistracted. Gary Keller really masterfully. Do you know what takes up to 23 minutes to get to your highest intellectual capacity once you’ve been interrupted and the average person is getting interrupted Ed plus times a day. So having a time to actually return phone calls and clear email is a fantastic opportunity and clear one up on email right now to um, I’ve been selling my life in increments of 15 minutes for a decade until we switched to the monthly billing.

If you have any discussion with the human being that has to happen and there is any sort of back and forth required, do not send an email, pick up the phone, discuss it, use email to confirm what’s been discussed afterwards. It is infinitely quicker. Um, so if you do have that email, you know for sure when you send out that email, it’s going to listen to discussion, pick up the phone. We’re going to actually get to the resolution and move forward. So we have that actually blocked in our date. Now you’re going to have to administer the business. You’re going to have to meet with your banker. Edmonton Accountant You’re going to have to meet with your lawyer. You might hire a marketing agency. That’s gonna have to be real time that’s scheduled into your business. Okay, now, now at 6:00 PM, I had an estimate. Number one, I’m at six PM.

I want to see what this looks like here. We’re talking to this guy started in the morning, not even plumbing estimates. You’re taking how far to an hour of getting home. This one that’s going to work and food. If you want to start a business and you’re looking for you know that you watched the video on youtube and it was two hours a week and work from the beach someday, not from day one. Okay? That’s not gonna happen. So Edmonton Accountant this schedule is starting to look scary for you and you might want to Polish that resume and when work somewhere first because it’s not for everybody. And then that’s part of the key strategies that can be taught, but sometimes the strategy will proceed and it’s not that you can’t do the power moves after which you better learn the basics and, and hard work is definitely one of the basics.

Okay, so now I’ll point out the different differences. You know, Edmonton Accountant he’s visiting the job sites. He or she is visiting job sites wanted to all week. Okay, except for Friday I got a good uh, networking block there and Friday are the guys I’m networking and actually you’re going to have to do whether you have a networking group or you’re meeting with the trades people are meeting with builders or in any industry, there are similar services that are going to be able to refer to each other and building those networks is going to be very important. Expecially initially, um, you know, you can move to more automated marketing streams eventually. Edmonton Accountant It’s difficult to do because it’s difficult to build that relationship before you have that significant credibility. You’ll gain that credibility of one on one probably a little quicker and be able to leverage that. Okay.

Now this guy here has had some more estimates slot. Sarah, at the end of the week, he has passed Ms Dot Lotts. He has one really two days on the tools as we can have now. We also have great at the end here, this one is missed and it’s missed a lot. I have staff meetings and hr and everyone talks about I’m going to start a business and we’re going to have a great culture. Anybody, anybody ever said that to themselves, so I’m going to start a business and we’re going to have a great culture. Now. A great culture doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t happen because it’s a great culture happens because you put it on the calendar and you meet with your team and it gets real. Edmonton Accountant When all of a sudden you’re paying those team members and you actually got to meet with them, hey then and have something to say to them, okay, you know, there’s a couple of tripping points that can have, you know, what are we going to say?

Do I actually want to pay someone their hourly rate to sit around and talk when it could be generating revenue? And that’s that balance and if you don’t do it and if you don’t do it weekly, you’re not going to build a better culture. Monthly would probably be the threshold in just maintaining. If you want to make any sort of incremental improvement, weekly is the threshold to make that happen. Now we’re going to recruit. If you want to be a business owner recruiting as part of your life, you will not have the same employees with you for 10 years. So people are going to turn over, you know, people will move, know they’ll get married, they’ll wait, they’ll start their own businesses. Um, a lot of businesses are based around guys deal completed programs and our business. You have to complete the CPA program and most trades, you know, you gotta start out and becoming a journeyman career.

And that doesn’t work out for everybody. People will kind of flunked out of the program. So you have to always be recruiting when you need someone. It is too late. Edmonton Accountant If you already need an employee, it is too late to start recruiting. You’ve now made a detrimental impact on your business. Okay? Now on Saturday. So it’s a great checklist. Now, here’s where, you know, the, the, uh, the winters are separated from the losers is when we talked about right checklist. We’re going to have to stop reading the systems and processes for our business to improve. Okay, you are the expert in your field. Edmonton Accountant Do you want to open business because you were the supreme technician and now you have to find a way to download what’s in your head so your guys can execute that in one of their former business you have. You can have a doctor’s office or you can be a plumber.

I’m going to need to be reading checklist. If you want things to happen to the late, they’re going to happen again. We’re going to return phone calls and we’re going to go, so nine and 10. There’s a couple of other variations as we get past here. They’re not. They’re not hugely unique. Some people will say repeatable daily schedule. There’s some few guys out there and say repeatable weekly schedule and the. I prefer the monthly, Edmonton Accountant but you’re going to get the consistent message that they have to repeatable schedule, but they know what’s happening at what time and that’s how they do their business.

This week two is a little bit different. You’re probably going to have to run your payroll and accounting, Edmonton Accountant, everything else is, you know, very similar to that. Okay. Um, a couple of the other keys here. Week three, we’re replacing, reviewing the, uh, replacing, writing the checklist when reviewing the financials and that’s going to be something you can do. I think the repeat of a monthly schedule actually frees up your time a lot more because there’s some things that I think are a little bit, I’m a little bit of a waste if you do them daily or weekly. Edmonton Accountant They’re better off than monthly, but the set repeatable monthly schedule that’s going to get you going in the range of action now that’s counterintuitive to what you see on tv as an entrepreneur at some guy answering his phone and drinking a coffee and running gear and he’s caught up or multitasking.

There’s an overwhelming amount of research that a multitasking reduces your performance and it just takes longer to complete goals. And really the people who think they are good multitaskers. Here’s the is the best piece of evidence that people who are think they are good multitaskers actually statistically will test worse a multitasking tasks, and people say, I’m not a good multitasker. So if you’re thinking you’re a good multitasker, you know, be aware. It’s probably not the case. So this is kind of power move. Number one, help you beat the odds. You got to have a repeatable, Edmonton Accountant a repeatable monthly schedule that’s going to become a little bit. Why is this so important? Why does the CPA care of scheduling and time management so much? So it’ll start to come together a little more when I go to planning

all planning. So now we’re starting a business. Edmonton Accountant Now what you actually have to do when you’re starting a business or running a business, you need to know your personal budget. Your personal budget is going to drive what you need from the business, what’s available to put into the business. The leaner you can live, the more likely you are for your business to succeed. If you have like $5,000 a month mortgage payment, that’s one thing, uh, but if you’re renting a thousand dollar month, place your business, you know, you don’t need a lot for your business initially, you’re less likely to run a cash. Um, so this guy’s living pretty lean. Edmonton Accountant It’s got mortgage or rent, 1200 bucks to get utilities to 300 bucks to get a car payment of 400 student loans or other hundred bucks. You’ve got total fixed expenses of 2000. Do not make budgeting complex, unique.

Anyone ever downloaded like a personal financial planning app like mint or something like that, and let you put like 9,000 categories in there. Replace them with two fixed variable, fixed and variable is all you need. All you need to know is what are your fixed personal expenses and stuff that you can’t get out of the stuff that’s pretty regular every month. That’s your fixed. If you can make a move to eliminate one of those, great, that’s going to increase the chances of success for your business, then you want to reasonable variable expense, budget, food, entertainment, clothes, etc. Breaking those down and micro components is a ridiculous waste of time as a business owner. Again, Edmonton Accountant the one limiting factor for all Businesses, whether you have $0 or whether you have $10,000,000 is 168, the number of hours in a week. You have 168 hours in a week. Trying to classify your tim away from your toothpaste is not going to help you succeed in business.

It’s not a material and so fixed variable, but know what this is. This is what I need for my business every month so I can live so I can pay my bills one from it. Roll this thing. Also, Edmonton Accountant what you’re going to need is your personal balance sheet. No, the value of real estate, the cash rsb t fsas. We’ve asked this. This guy has asked us to $320,000, got a mortgage of $200,000. Car loan at 25,000 credit limit is going to limit a 40 and a balance attempt. That’s important. Personal lines of credit are, you know, a good move on, you know, Edmonton Accountant building a business. I want to find time started a cpa for $0 and $40,000 line of credit and you know, now I have 10 employees, so um, so if you can secure a personal line of credit, great idea, credit card debt, not so bad.

So why is it so important to a business is because when I’m helping an entrepreneur to plan, I need to know what needs to come out of the business and what level of risk they have on the personal side. So if I see someone with a $500,000 mortgage and they’ve got $250,000 worth of student debt, I’m going to put them in an entirely different risk profile than someone with a reasonable debt or no debt. Okay? Edmonton Accountant so your personal balance sheet is going to guide your decision making and trying to make business decisions in a vacuum from your personal financial situation is a huge area. You need to gauge that level of risk by the amount of risk and leverage that you have on the other side and the and what you need and cost as well. Maybe it’s not time to start, you do not want to be one who runs out of cash.

ReAson number two, okay. Now, once we know that we can help you actually plan, so if you ever are meeting with a cpa and they don’t want to know what your personal budget is and they don’t want to know what’s happening on your personal balance sheet, they’re not prepared to attack. They’re prepared to, here’s your financial statements. Here’s your tax return. Edmonton Accountant I hope you’re still in business next year so I can charge you again and that’s really not going to help you that much. So if they don’t start drilling into this, when people come to our office, we have a 30 page document that we go through in the first meeting of what could be on the table, but each gather this, gather this, make sure it gets in front of somebody who’s helping quite on taxes. For the average business owner who just started. So say they’re only gonna.

Make $50,000 a year. They think they don’t need tax planning. I haven’t needed any tax by spine. That’s what taxes is your single biggest spend. Your entire life is going to dwarf house in your car. So times over just $50,000 of business income is approximately with inefficient tax buying. What? Twelve thousand $500 efficient tax buying with $50,000 of business income, usually around 7,500 bucks. That’s the entire cost of the cpa. So, Edmonton Accountant, if you’re trying to do that to save money, if you want to be mr t for tax, you might end up like a tree. You had to make a sacrifice here today. So I’m now, once we get down that personal financial planning, we can start getting into the business planning. What do you need to establish? What sort of business you’re in? Am I making bread in a bakery? Am I building houses?

And like doing design, what is it and what’s my likely average transaction size is usually a transaction project or customer. Edmonton Accountant Now here’s where people can go off the rails. Imagine you’d have a restaurant and you have 40 items that is on your menu and you’re trying to do a business plan based on each item on that menu. How many things am I going to sell? The problem is is that a small business owners don’t want mcdonald’s. You don’t have enough data. Even if you can actually calculate the number of what it was last year, it’s not a big enough sample size to be reliable. Edmonton Accountant What you actually need is your average transaction sauce so that restaurant owner doesn’t need to know. You know what? How many people are going to work on your ratings? What they need to know is every time someone walks in, how much are they going to order everything on the menu?

That’s what the small business owner needs to know and how much is that going to cost them, labor, subcontractors, materials, and what they’re going to make on that average transaction. Edmonton Accountant Now you’re ready to start a business plan. once you have that, okay, now we take that along with your vision, along with your marketing initiatives and a repeatable weekly schedule. Why do you want to repeatable weekly schedule and they get this from the banks all the time because I see your business on the job. Why do you want to know that this guy’s repeatable? Weekly scheduled. Imagine if I know what his average, which it is. Edmonton Accountant I know what he makes on every job.

I know what the marketing issues are. Now they’re reasonable. They’re gosh actually going to flow enough leads through there. How am I ever going to do a forecast for this person in this case, if I don’t know when they’re doing yesterday, I don’t know how many estimates last the end. They could have a thousand leads. They can only do so many estimates. They can only do so many jobs. Site visits, so what I’m planning for small businesses then trying to do accurate forecasts, the schedule of the entrepreneur is paramount and if I don’t know that schedule, I’m just making assumptions. That could be completely out to lunch. Edmonton Accountant I could have someone who’s working 80 hours a week in an organized manner for someone who’s working four hours a week and we need to know that that’s what’s gonna. Get us into the the path of giving reliable projection.

Now we’ll move onto the analysis, so number one, Edmonton Accountant peter monthly scheduled. Number two is you have to know your personal financial situation and what your average transaction size is going to be before you can start planning for this business. Okay. Now we get into number three is the analysis. The minute you start having employees, so you’ve crossed the threshold from solo entrepreneur even before you’re going to start, need to look at reliable financial statements, so a double entry accounting system, whether that’d be quickbooks or simply whatever using it doesn’t really matter as long as the double entry system, Edmonton Accountant as long as it’s done by someone who’s giving you accurate numbers, you need to start reviewing your financial statements monthly. When you’re a solopreneur and it’s just very few transactions, you might be able to get away with bank transactions. That’s fine. I’m the cpa telling you though, thank transactions working fine.

As soon as you start employing someone, you need some sort of professional help. If you’re not in the field of accounting, um, you should be getting some guidance there. What level depends on your business and your expertise. Okay? You always look at your balance sheet. First. Business owners are always gonna. Want to look at their income statement or profit and loss date. It’s exciting. I don’t want to know how much I made. Edmonton Accountant Now on the balance sheet, what is going to be hiding is all of the anomalies and if someone can’t give you a simple enough explanation on a number, if you don’t understand it, they don’t understand it well enough. So you need to look at your balance sheet in a comparative fashion. You know, we look at it and are from ut over six months. We’re all, if we’re looking at this month and I’m looking at the five proceeding months as well, Edmonton Accountant you know at a minimum, look at the last month and you want to look at the variances in between the items, the assets, you know, what was in cash this month versus last month, what was the receivable this month versus last month?

Inventory your assets. MaYbe you have a truck in your business, accounts payable, what did you owe people, what was on the credit card? You’re looking for the variances month to month and if you don’t understand them, that is okay, but you need to be able to get a simple explanation that you can understand them and if it’s a complicated explanation, Edmonton Accountant it’s usually wrong, so you’re usually getting the wrong numbers and if the number is wrong with a ballot sheet, when you get to that income statement to see what you want to see, it’s wrong too so that the error is high. On the balance sheet, you need to be able to understand it. You’re going to get to gst payable and that’s a big one. Edmonton Accountant You’re going to get offside in taxes, you have to have a plan in place that you’re staying current on that. You know, this guy here went from 4,000 payable to 7,000.

What if we keep going at that rate every single month, we’re going to have some, some issues in this space while you get 20 or 30 or 40 or $50,000, you’re gonna. Look aT a corporate tax payable. He’s made payments. You notice that it’s negative. If you see a negative balance in corporate tax payable, it means you’re actually making us good. Negative liability is good. Good. That means this guy paid a thousand dollars towards. Edmonton Accountant This is corporate taxes share a long lip from negative $360,000. He took another 3000 now with the company. okay? um, so it’s those sorts of explanations when you look at it, I have no idea why this went from negative three thousand six thousand. Someone needs to be able to look you in the eye and says, because you took $3,000 in the company, took me like eight words. and if it’s more convoluted than that, there’s a big chance that there’s an error here. Okay, now we’ll get to a bank loan. Went from $20,000, $27,000 off. that’s why I went there when we get to the retained earnings, which is the earnings over time. Um, maybe a little bit beyond the scope for, Edmonton Accountant your non accounting people here at this today. But it’s important to understand these variances between the accounts. So if there is unexplained variances on the balance sheet, what does that mean about your income statement?

That’s right.

Now we’re getting to the income statement. Okay. This is one of my pet peeves. I call it the wrong way. It’s not really the role which is, I think it’s the wrong way. So I see everything organized here that are for the revenue, the direct costs and the general cost. So there’s, Edmonton Accountant some people in the room here and knows why I hate this, that it’s organized this way. It’s organized alphabetically. Know, see that alphabetically organized that way. It’s not really wrong. I just think it’s wrong. And why.


So now we’re going to go to the correct way. The correct way is you guys see how this is organized here, americans, right? Edmonton Accountant This guy, the first guy comes into my office sometimes and I literally had this conversation that drives me up the wall and they’ll start saying, gosh, I paid 100 million bank charges and interest. Is there any bank? Get the better. Can I get the 95 and I can get the eight? And I started thinking to myself, this is our only meeting. You’re going to meet three or four times this year and we’re talking about interest in being charges so. Edmonton Accountant It’s hard. So because they can, you know, people don’t like the banks, so don’t like the cell phone companies and they get fixated on these issues that are very simplistic and easy to understand. But if you organize it numerically descending, here’s, here’s the move.

You take a line, Edmonton Accountant a little line, you’re going to draw halfway down here. You can see your own drawing it right here in this guy’s business. We’ve got rent and you say you spend all of your time, you’re 168 hours here, all of your time here. You spend the most time here, you spend the second most time here, you spend the third most time here and this stuff. If you’re born on a sunday or if you got someone to delegate it to, that’s where you get that too, because all of this together is going to make hardly any impact on your business, but if you miss your mark on one of these up top of the stuff that matters, Edmonton Accountant it’s really gonna matter, okay? If you’re not generating enough revenue, if you paid yourself contractors too much, if the materials for your business are costing you too much, it does not matter what your cell phone bill is.

It doesn’t matter if you’re paying two point one, four percent, you move down the line, you’re going to pay to two point, oh, five percent is bankruptcy. Either way, unless you’re focusing your time up at this level, okay? So what we’re going to get to here is we’re going to get the revenue of the business. Now we’re going to get to the direct costs. This goes back to your widgets. Leave the cost that very directly with each new project you do. If you’re a dick, if you’re a baker, is every new bolt that comes out of the bread. Edmonton Accountant if you’re a plumber is every new job that happens. You’re building houses. Every new house being The general costs, they’re really gonna stay the same most of the time, depending on what you’re doing, they’re not going to be a huge amount of variance, is not directly with the direct costs, but often in most businesses, your administrative wages are going to be a major factor. Okay? Your advertising is going to be a major factor and the rents are going to meet your factor and that says a free to focus your tIme. So the three moves that I’m giving you today is repeatable monthly schedule is to know your personal financial situation and your average unit cost in planning. And number three is the financial statement analysis. Make sure you reviewed the balance sheet first and then the income statement numerically, descending order and review the stuff at the top. spending time here. That’s what I have for you guys today. Yes.

So you already know me as well. Edmonton Accountant I’m already in business and a lot of this stuff. Yeah. What is your process of getting involved with somebody that’s already full blown chrIstian? can we bring them into our office? We give them a free consult so they know what we asked them, know what’s working, what’s not working in the business, you know, we to go through our planning process. This is a very simple conversIon. What happens in our personal pension plan, personal tax plan, what happens in our business and how to look after the. It’s kind of a free console that results in some free advice is followed by a reliable fix.

What’s your monthly? It depends. It depends. Yeah, it depends, Edmonton Accountant, you know, starting at $84 per month was one of our bigger clients are starting any boards we like to grow with our clients know what we’re all about. Taking that route. so for a fixed monthly scheduled in an industry that does have a lot of flux week to week, so a lot of us were from the personal training program and again that week to week is going to be, it could be completely different depending on a client’s schedule. How would you set up something like that wheRe there could be no fixed time that you could have to dedicate to this. You’re talking about the schedule and the schedule. So like, Edmonton Accountant like how you have it blocked out for each individual thing. And let’s say I have a client here on one week and a knock on the next.

Yeah, you’re, you’re, what I’m going to tell you is, is, is going to be counterintuitive and you’re going to have to go home and sit on this for a while, is you have to turn people away if they don’t fit in your blocks. Um, if we did everything according to or our client, one thing you can, you can conform to their schedule and their schedule. And the same thing, you know, if you have a blank for an estimate or personal training program, you can do that, Edmonton Accountant that you will never be able to scale it and you will see even if it’s just a one man operation, you will see less and less people. So for example, I do a client meetings at 3:00 and 5:00 and if someone calls me and say I want to see you at 4:00, I have to give them both of those slots. Now I have two slots tied up for one, right? When you’re first starting out, if you don’t have enough of your scheduled wide open, you can make that choice. Right? But eventually you’re going to have to get them into little defined blogs or you’ll end up with one person encroaching onto blocks when you could’ve seen two people instead of one.

You know, josh, that schedule is, is so awesome because I’ve been in for four years and you become so reactive to your customer and you’re a chase customer stuff. Edmonton Accountant then one in the morning doing the estimates of the invoice. So yeah, the Repeatable, repeatable monthly Schedules, what gives you peace of mind is an entrepreneur now, But if we have a repeatable monthly scheduled, and even if it’s an intense schedule, but you actually know that everything in your business is scheduled to occur at some time, you can actually leave your business and know that it’s okay because I’m scheduled to do this on a different day and a different time. Um, Whereas if you’re trying to deal with everything when it comes in, you are going to have a hard time shutting your brain off at night with all the things that you haven’t done and you don’t know when you’re doing.

Um, so setting that schedule and it’s, it’s an exercise, you won’t get it right the first time. Edmonton Accountant You’re going To have to set it and adjusted based on, on what works. As you move forward, it will get less and less change. But at the beginning it’s not unusual to set it. And then six months later you rip it up and you maybe you see that you’re training clients in the morning. Is that in the afternoon? Right? You’re going to find what works and what doesn’t, but actually trying to live by that, that’s the kind of the discipline gives you the freedom in a strange way. The discipline of that schedule gives you the freedom to actually, you know, go home from your business or hire someone else to do what you were doing because if you have a set schedule, you can hire someone else to do that. You know exactly how long it takes and exactly what you can accomplish. Edmonton Accountant Whereas if you’re just trying to do it as it comes in, you’re not going to have that sense when you try to scale it.

I was getting information, josh or anyone who is a industry and wanting to get into business. Um, what, what you learned here today is your goal. Like this is what separates the winners from losers. And I’m being full disclosure where clients have josh and he is completely transformed our minds and the way we think about accounting and business and um, he’s really setting aside for success. And um, you guys aren’t, aren’t yet opening a business or you thinking of it. I’ll definitely call josh and just have that consultation with him because he actually cares about business, small business growing and being successful. So just wanted to share that you guys join me in thanking josh Edmonton Accountant.