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Edmonton Accountant | Attracting Customers Through Online Advertising

It is very important that entrepreneur’s create a plan to help them attract customers for their business says Edmonton accountant. The reason why, is 50% of all entrepreneurs in Canada will fail by year five, and 42% of those failed businesses want to say that not being able to find enough customers for their product or service was the reason why they failed. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are addressing this obstacle, so that they can find those customers, and increase their chances of success. One of those ways that entrepreneurs can find new customers is through online advertising. However, business owners need to be very careful about how they spend money online, to ensure that the methods that they are using is effective for the money that their spending.

The very first thing that entrepreneurs should understand, is that they should not start spending any money online unless they have a minimum of forty Google reviews. Edmonton accountant says that 80% of all consumers look at Google reviews as part of their purchasing decision. If an entrepreneur has under forty, that purchasing decision will likely not be in their favour, therefore making the money that a business owner spends on advertising online be ineffective. If they can drive traffic to their website, but not inspire consumers to buy, it is not going to be a good investment. Therefore, entrepreneurs should concentrate on getting Google reviews first, and ensure that they are working to have one new Google review every month in their business in order for their online advertising to be effective.

The second reason why Edmonton accountant recommends that entrepreneurs get to forty Google reviews prior to start paying for online advertising, is because Google AdWords are going to be less expensive once an entrepreneur has forty Google reviews. This way, Google can ensure to the customers that the businesses that have more Google reviews will be more likely to advertise more, allowing higher quality of advertisers to be seen by customers.

Once an entrepreneur has the right number of Google reviews, they can start thinking about how much money they are going to spend online. And while Google AdWords is the most effective online marketing, it can be very intimidating or overwhelming for most people. Therefore, it is very important that business owners create their marketing plan ahead of time, so that when it is time to start paying for online advertising, they can be confident in the plan they created, they do not have to feel intimidated.

By having a plan in place, and then working to get forty Google reviews in their business as fast as possible going to be an efficient and effective way for business owners to start their online marketing. By doing this, business owners will be able to ensure that the money that they are spending online is effective at not only attracting customers to their business, but converting those customers into purchasers, is that business owners can sell more products.

Edmonton Accountant | Attracting Customers Through Online Advertising

There are many mistakes that entrepreneurs often make when it comes to advertising online says Edmonton accountant. If they do not have an effective plan in place, they might end up making several mistakes, which will have them spending lots of money, and not getting the results that they need to stay in business. Therefore, it is very important that entrepreneur’s higher professional to help them create an effective online marketing plan, so that when it is time to start spending money on ads, business owners can ensure that their plan will allow them to actually attract more customers.

One mistake that business owners often make, is thinking that they should start advertising on Facebook. The reason why many people believe this is the way to advertise, is because many people are already on Facebook. However, they are on Facebook to be social, and not to buy things. Edmonton accountant says all an entrepreneur needs to do to prove this to themselves, is think about where they themselves would likely go if they needed a product or service very quickly. When they do search on Facebook, or what they do a search on Google? However, business owners should understand that if they are selling an event, Facebook can be effective, because since as a social site, people are often interested in events.

Another mistake that entrepreneurs often make when they are ready to spend money online, is that they are not consistent enough in their efforts. Have to stick with a method for long enough to ensure that enough people can see their ad to take action. Edmonton accountant says that consumers need to see and add an average of four point three times for they take action on it. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is not consistent in their marketing efforts online, they will not get enough consumers through that purchasing cycle to have them take action if they are not consistent in their efforts.

By starting and stopping their marketing online, an entrepreneur will find that not only is it much less effective, but it is going to end up costing them much more money to attract the same number of customers that they could have if they were consistent in the first place. By starting and stopping their marketing, entrepreneurs are significantly wasting their money, and having an ineffective strategy.

While Google is an extremely effective place to advertise, business owners can also utilize a retargeting product that will help customers who have clicked on a Google ad ones to see that add more often, so that an entrepreneur can get people through that purchasing cycle.

It is impossible for an entrepreneur to know all of these things without help, therefore it is very important that an entrepreneur works with their Edmonton accountant in order to come up with an effective and proven online marketing strategy that can help them not only attract more customers, but convert those customers into buyers, and avoid feeling in business because they have been able to find those customers. Effective online marketing strategy can help entrepreneurs survive and become successful.