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CFO Services | Why a Well Written Ad is Important for Google Advertising

It’s very important that business owners write a well-written add when they are using Google AdWords says CFO Services. Many business owners put the least amount of effort into their ad, and this might be why they end up having a lot of Impressions but not enough clicks on their ad. In order for an entire Google AdWords campaign to be successful, business owners not only have to have the right keywords chosen, the right amount of money being spent on a weekly basis, and in addition to that, and enticing ads that will encourage the most people to click on it.

In order to help businesses have an enticing ad, CFO Services recommends that they come up with a no-brainer offer. Ideally, a no-brainer offer is going to include giving something away for free to the people who click on the ad. This might seem like it’s cheapening their product or service, but it’s simply not true. Even the largest companies in the world such as Tesla have a no-brainer offer on their website that gives people away something for free. Therefore, business owners can create a no-brainer offer for their product or service, and entice the maximum number of people to click on the ad.

One thing that business owners need to keep in mind however is that Google does not publish their requirements for ads, causing some ads to get rejected before they are even put live on the website. CFO Services says that business owners need to be aware of what their ads look like, and when it goes live. Businesses might look at the Impressions and see that there’s zero Impressions and think that nobody is doing that keyword search. When in fact, their ad was simply not approved and it is not live. Therefore, business owners should be very mindful of if they’re bad has gone live. And if it’s been rejected by Google, what they need to do in order to fix it so that their next ad will work.

When business owners are looking at the effectiveness of their Google AdWords campaign, CFO Services says that business owners need to look at the number of Impressions they get versus a number of clicks they got. Impressions refer to the number of people that see the ad. And clicks refers to the number of people that click on their ad and go to the business’s website. In order for a campaign to be effective, business owners need to have about four times as many impressions as clicks.

It is very important for business owners to have an effective Google AdWords campaign. This is going to help them increase revenue and grow their business. Therefor business owners should learn about Google AdWords campaigns early on in their business, and even write it into their business plan when they are going to implement this in their business so that they can succeed.

CFO Services | Why a Well Written Ad is Important for Google Advertising

Business owners need to understand how vital it is to find customers in their business says CFO services. In fact, the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail is that they weren’t able to find enough customers for their product or service. Some business owners might think because they could not find the customers that they didn’t exist. But that’s typically not the case. There is customers for every product and service, business owners just have to get good at finding them.

What can help business owners find the customers to buy their product or service is looking at Google. The reason why Google is so important is because it’s the world’s largest search engine. And customers that are looking to buy products or Services go to Google over and above any other website on Earth. CFO Services says that because business owners will be able to find their ideal and likely buyers who are ready to purchase on Google, it makes it a natural place for business owners to go for advertising.

And business owners are purchasing AdWords on Google, they need to come up with a weekly budget that they are going to stick with strictly. If business owners start and stop their marketing efforts, they will find that it takes twice as long to generate results, and it will cost approximately twice as much. Making it a waste of money and a waste of time if business owners are not going to be consistent. CFO Services recommends that business owners start with a weekly ad spend of $250 and increase it from there as they generate results.

In order to ensure that as many people as possible are going to click on the ad, business owners need to write a well-written ad. CFO services say that this means it cannot be too wordy. People’s attention spans are extremely low, and they are even lower online. They need to have a very good offer written in as few words as possible. As Shakespeare once said, brevity is the soul of wit. A business owner needs to learn brevity and quickly when it comes to Google ads.

When are business owners have created their campaign, CFO Services says it’s very important that they are monitoring the number of Impressions and the number of clicks as well as how many leads are coming into their business. Since people need to see an add an average of 4.3 times, business owners should see four times as many impressions as clicks. But with a well-written ad, business owners can shorten that amount of time it takes to three, two or even one clicks if the offer is right. The sooner that it’s a business owner is able to start an effective Google AdWords campaign, the sooner they’re going to be able to increase the revenue of their business. Since nothing happens in a business until somebody sells something, this is going to be how business owners will be able to grow their business and stay viable.