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CFO Services | What to Keep in Mind When Marketing on Google


Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of advertising their business says CFO services. In fact, so many entrepreneurs underestimate this, that not being able to find the right customers is actually the number one reason for business failure in Canada. Industry Canada did a study and found some very sobering statistics when it comes to entrepreneurs in Canada. 15% of all business owners failed in their first year of business, 30% failed by year 2. And by the time businesses were around for five years, half of them had failed. When industry Canada surveyed these business owners to find out why they failed, the overwhelming number one reason why is because they were unable to find customers to sell their products and services to.

The great big lesson in all of this is not that there is a lot of businesses out there that don’t have an active Market. But instead, there are a lot of businesses out there that think that since they have such a great idea, that customers are simply going to find them. CFO Services says that this study shows how wrong that assumption is. Therefore, business owners should realize that it is extremely important that they are marketing their business effectively right from the very beginning of opening their doors.

However, many entrepreneurs don’t know a lot about marketing, and so they don’t know the first places to start. Online seems very intimidating says CFO services. But there is not a lot of options that are in a small entrepreneurs’ price range either. Business owners need to understand that they can come up with an extremely effective marketing campaign that is well within small business owners’ price range by purchasing Google AdWords. This is extremely important because business owners can set their marketing budgets as low or as high as they want. The recommendation is for business owners to start at $250 a week. And then they can go up from there And end up spending as much as they want. Once they determine how effective this can be, adding more money to their already effective campaign will just increase the number of results they’re going to be able to get.

How Google AdWords is going to work says CFO Services is by allowing business owners to choose keywords that are associated with their products, services, or industry. When customers do a search using that search term, they will be shown the Google results including that entrepreneurs add. The ad will appear above all of the search results, above map listings, and even above organic search results. This is going to increase the chances of those ads getting clicked on first. This means that business owners will be able to get their ads in front of their ideal buyers when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. This is so effective, that is entrepreneurs are not utilizing this in their business, they are truly missing an opportunity.

Business owners need to understand that they should be monitoring their Google AdWords campaign, in order to determine how effective it is. Just by creating the campaign doesn’t guarantee success. Business owners need to ensure that they are monitoring it and adjusting it as needed.

CFO Services | What to Keep in Mind When Marketing on Google

One of the most important things that business owners can do is learn effective marketing strategies says CFO services. The reason why is because many entrepreneurs fail to advertise adequately, and their business pays the ultimate price as they fail. Many entrepreneurs think that their idea is so brilliant and their product is so good that they don’t need to generate any advertising at all. This is completely absurd because of even the most popular products in the world how companies spend billions of dollars a year advertising them. Therefore, when entrepreneurs realize that it’s going to be important for them to advertise, they will immediately increase their chances of succeeding in business.

Often, entrepreneurs are so busy learning how to run their business, that they don’t take into consideration marketing. Therefore it’s very important that when business owners are creating their business plan, but they’re also creating a marketing plan alongside their CFO Services. They can come up with a plan that tells an entrepreneur exactly when it’s the right time to start paying for online marketing, and what they need to do in a step by step to help business owners succeed.

The first thing that business owners need to do is ensure that they have 40 Google reviews or more in their business. The reason why it needs to be 40 says CFO Services is because that’s the number a Google reviews business needs to have in order to inspire customers to have faith in them. When a business has under 40 reviews, those reviews can be Shrugged off as either fake or generated by an entrepreneur’s family and friends. The more reviews they have, the more it inspires customers to put Faith in that business. If they start their advertising campaign before they have 40 reviews, they can drive as much traffic as they want to their business, they’re going to be considerably less successful at converting those into leads.

To ensure, business owners need to understand when the timing is perfect for them to start paying for online advertising. Not only is generating Google reviews free, but it can help business owners get to the top of a Google listing all on its own. Therefore business owners should avoid spending money in their business until the last possible moment. The more money than they can generate through not spending money should be maximized first.

When business owners create an effective online Google AdWords campaign, they’re going to be able to increase the number of leads that they get, and as long as they are following up on those leads properly, they’re going to have a great source of income and increased revenue for their business. So wild business owners need to ensure that they are doing this early on in their business. It’s very important that they don’t do it immediately. They need to have this plan in place so that they can simply focus on growing their business, customer service, and developing their product. And when they know the timing is right, they can seamlessly launch into creating an effective Google AdWords campaign that’s going to help them continue to grow their business.