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It’s extremely important for business owners to have a business plan according to CFO services. So that they know what their business goals are, and what strategic priorities they need to work on in order to achieve those goals. But also, if an entrepreneur does not have a marketing plan. That puts them at risk for not being able to figure out how to find customers for their business. Which can negatively impact their ability to sell their product and services?

In fact, industry Canada did a survey to find out the reason why half of all Canadian entrepreneurs were failing. The survey results showed that 42% of all Canadian entrepreneurs. Failed because they were not able to find enough customers to buy their products or services to stay viable.

29% of all failed entrepreneurs said that they ran out of money according to Industry Canada. Therefore, this makes having a comprehensive marketing plan look like a fantastic way to beat those odds. Because chances are quite high that the businesses that couldn’t find enough customers And ran out of money. Most likely did not have a marketing plan. Rather than there weren’t enough customers at all for their product or service.

Once an entrepreneur creates a marketing plan, they will understand who their ideal and likely buyers are according to CFO services. But understanding what message they should send those customers might be confusing. Have a good no brainer offer is fantastic. But also, understanding their differentiating factor is important as well.

What a differentiating factor is according to CFO Services. Is all of the ways that an entrepreneur is different from businesses who are in competition with them. These might not be big huge earth-shattering differences. But all of the ways that they are unique should be advertised.

When they advertise their differences, all of they’re ideal and likely customers will be attracted to the business if the way that’s the business is different from the competition is something that is important to them.

A business owner can figure out their differentiating factors by writing everything that they can think of that sets them apart from their competition on a piece of paper. It could be big things such as location. It could be things like unique branding as well. Or small things like payment methods and terms, customer service, or serving a niche customer base.

Once an entrepreneur has their list, they should narrow it down to about three things says CFO services. And focus on doing those three things exceptionally well. so that they can become experts in those areas. So that when they do attract customers, they will be very impressed with the way that they are serving.

Then, an entrepreneur can not only put those differentiating factors into their marketing plan within their business plan. But also put those differentiating factors into their executive summary. Not only because it influences the marketing plan. But the marketing plan can actually Focus the entire business plan itself and keep an entrepreneur On Target.

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It’s extremely important for all entrepreneurs to have a business plan according to CFO services. But what goes in that business plan is just as important as having one. So business owners needed to do some work before they open the doors to their business. To ensure that they have a business plan, that’s has a marketing component to it.

In fact, the ability to succeed can hinge on an entrepreneur’s ability to create a business plan. Palo Alto, the software manufacturing company did a survey in order to find out how effective business plans were at helping entrepreneurs succeed.

What they found, was that business owners had a business plan within their business. We’re 50% more likely to grow the revenue of that business. Then entrepreneurs did not have a business plan at all.

However, what goes into that business plan can overwhelm some business owners. Because they’re not sure how to get started on a business plan. Or what information should go into 1. In addition to having a marketing plan, business owners should ensure that their business plan contains a concrete idea of what they want their business to look like. And steps that they’re going to take in order to get there.

A marketing plan is an important way that they’re going to ensure that they have customers to buy their products and services. and what they Market to those ideal and likely customers is important. Because business owners will want to ensure that they come to their business instead of their competition.

So if those ideal and likely customers know how their business is different than the competition’s business. They may be encouraged to come to the entrepreneur’s business to buy their products and services instead of their competitors.

These differentiating factors could be things such as exceptional customer service. Such as offering services that their competitors are not offering. Such as free pick up as well as free delivery. Or possibly offering a personal shopper as soon as a customer walks through the door. To ensure that they get personal service.

CFO Services says that’s another difference could be the fact that the entrepreneur is serving a niche customer base. Making them extremely good at serving those particular customers. In ways that their competition could not Service as well.

A great example of this would be a contractor that only builds restaurants. They will get so good at understanding exactly what restaurant owners need and want in a restaurant build. Making them far more experts at this than a contractor that does a multitude of businesses.

Some differentiating factors could be competitive advantages they have by having higher quality materials or ingredients in their products. It could be staff with more training than any other business in the same industry. or could be the fact that an entrepreneur is holding contracts says CFO Services.

No matter what the ways are that a business is different. It could be large ways or it could be small ways. These can all be important to customers when they know that a business exists with those factors.