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CFO Services | Understanding What A Chartered Professional Accountant Is

If entrepreneurs do not understand the difference between a chartered professional accountant and an undesignated accountant, CFO services says they may be in danger of hiring the wrong professional for their business finances. A great accountant is going to help an entrepreneur significantly not only have a great interim financial statements, and have a great business plan that can help them avoid the three most common reasons why businesses in Canada fail. But a great accountant is most importantly going to help an entrepreneur with a great tax plan, that is going to help them significantly save thousands of dollars each year in taxes, that is going to help them increase the cash flow in their business, and help them save money for the future.

When an entrepreneur is looking to hire an accountant in their business, they may think that all accountants are the same, but that is not true. There are people that can operate as an accountant, and even own accounting firms who are not designated accountants. Many business owners do not know this, and so they do not know what to look for when they are hiring an accountant for their business. CFO services says that entrepreneurs should first look for firms that indicate that they are owned by a chartered professional accountant. They might have the letters CPA, CMA, CA, CGA, or LLP in the name of the business. Or, they might have the words chartered professional accountants, or professional association. These are all indicators that the accountant that owns the firm is a designate accountant.

The reason that so important, is because all accountants have achieved an undergrad degree in business, however undesignated accountants this is where their education stops. For chartered professional accountants, their schooling is only half done. CFO services says that accountants going through the CPA program have to work full time in accounting firm, under the guidance of a chartered professional accountant. While they work full time in an office setting, they will also be working on additional coursework at home in the evenings and on the weekends. While the schooling that they have has taught them great theoretical knowledge, they CPA program along with their work in an accounting office will give them the practical experience they need in order to do their work efficiently and effectively.

Since the education for chartered professional accountants is so much more than accountants with just an undergraduate degree, business owners should look for the best accountant they can to work in their business. The have experience working on actual cases, figuring out real solutions for real business owners with real problems. CFO services says that when entrepreneurs want to hire they best for their business, so that they can ensure they have the best tax advice for their business, they should look for a designated accountant, to hire in their business. It is very important that entrepreneurs hire the best, as early as they can in their business, so that they can positively affect their business and succeed.

CFO Services | Understanding What A Chartered Professional Accountant Is

Entrepreneurs often know how important an accountant is for their business says CFO services. However, many entrepreneurs do not understand how to hire the best accountant for their business. They know that it is important to have an accountant, but they also know how important it is to save money, and they end up hiring an accountant based on price, and not skill level. While saving money is an entrepreneur is extremely necessary, business owners should avoid hiring their accountant based on this criteria loan.

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs often end up with an accountant that is not the right fit for their business, when they are trying to hire based on price, is because undesignated accountants charge a lower hourly rate. Because they only have an undergraduate degree, where chartered professional accountants who had three additional years of going through the CPA program and gaining lots of valuable practical experience. This lack of experience cause them to charge a lower hourly fee. When entrepreneurs are choosing which accountant to work in their business based on that, says CFO services they may unknowingly be choosing the accountants that lack the experience that they need.

Rather than hiring based on price, entrepreneurs should hire based on skill. A higher skill accountant will be able to help an entrepreneur get their finances done properly, and quickly. An undesignated accountants may take a much longer time to do the same finances, and while there cheaper per hour, business owners may find that what they get build at the end of the month is a lot more than they would have paid if they went with the chartered professional accountant who had a higher hourly fee says CFO Services.

Also, undesignated accountants are less likely to have the experience to do great tax planning. This is the area that business owners should have the most skill and knowledge, so that they can minimize the taxes that they pay a year. The hiring an undesignated accountant, business owners often end up paying thousands more every year in taxes that could have stayed in their business. Increasing the cash flow of their business by efficient tax payments, and being of the take money out of the business earlier are two reasons why entrepreneurs should have the best tax plan possible. In order to get that tax plan, entrepreneurs should be hiring chartered professional accountants.

The decision on which accountant to hire may be a difficult one for entrepreneurs says CFO services, but as long as they are hiring based on skill, quality and trust, entrepreneurs can hire a great chartered professional accountant to help them. If they hire based on hourly rates, they may end up not only disappointed, but negatively impacting their business. In order to give their business the best chance to succeed, entrepreneurs should have the best accountant they can, and hired as early as possible.