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Small business owners in Canada are facing large odds of feeling says CFO services. With half of all small businesses failing within five years. And only three main reasons why they are not successful.

The second most common reason. Why Canadian entrepreneurs are not succeeding in business. Is because they are running out of money in their business. In fact, this accounts for 29% of all failed entrepreneurs.

And while there are many different causes. As to why entrepreneurs are running out of money in their business. When they run into financial difficulties. They think that delaying or avoiding paying their bills.

Is just a standard part of building and growing a successful business. However, this is actually the first sign that things are not going well for the company.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to understand. Is that when they get behind on their payments. They often do not know what their margins are. They end up not knowing how much money they are making.

This can end up causing a lot of problems, including contributing to their financial difficulties. They do not know what percentage of each job is cost. And what percentage is gross profit.

And they may not even realize how many customers they need in order to break even. Then so they do not even know if they are profiting. And whether they are or not, not knowing that is a huge problem.

Another problem that business owners can face. Is they think they need to grow as fast as they can. Without considering how they are going to grow. Which can put their business at risk.

They think they need to find more jobs, more customers and more sales. When instead, they should focus on doing one thing extremely well. So that they can start to understand their margins and profit first.

When they can get into the habit of turning a profit, and paying bills regularly. Before growing larger. Because if people do not have a good handle of profit and margins when they are small.

They are not going to have a good idea of profit and margins when they are larger. And without the right systems and processes in place says CFO services. They may not have a stable business that can grow successfully.

Often, once business owners start falling behind on their payments. What happens is that they do not have sustainable overhead. Because even if they double their sales, they still might not pay for their overhead.

And with an unsustainable overhead, they are simply losing money every month. But because they are not paying their bills on a consistent basis every month. They actually do not know that this is a problem.

By hiring CFO services, entrepreneurs can have a better idea of profit and margin. So that they can avoid making poor decisions. That can end up having them run out of money in their business.

When business owners understand profit and margin. They will be able to see when they are running into trouble, and when they need to engage in some more sales and marketing to find more customers.

Instead of simply falling behind on payments, hoping that they will eventually have more money at one point. That will allow them to get caught back up.

It can be very overwhelming for entrepreneurs to learn everything they need to know in business according to CFO services. And this is why business owners need to start small, and grow their business.

If business owners try to grow their business to fast, and yet they do not understand profit and margin. What can end up happening. Is they are not understanding if they are profiting or not.

And if they are running out of money, they simply stop paying their bills on time. Without realizing that the problem is with profit or margin.

This is why it is so important for entrepreneurs to hire CFO services right away in their business. So that they can truly start to understand their profit and margin very well.

So that when they start to grow, they will not grow with the problems they had when they were small. And they can understand their profit margin on a larger scale. If they understand it when they are small.

Often, one of the main problems that entrepreneurs run into. Is that they have unsustainable overhead. And what overhead refers to, are all of the things that they must pay.

In order to run their business, before they even make one sale. So overhead has things like the rent of the office space, their utility bills, phone and Internet. And even things like office supplies, bank charges and administrative staff.

And while administrative staff and rent are the two largest costs to overhead that they will ever have. When business owners start to have difficulty paying their bills. They often try cut expenses in a wide variety of unusual ways.

Such as cutting their phone bill, or trying to get the bank to eliminate as many of the charges as possible. And even if an entrepreneur could get their phone bill and bank charges to zero. If their overhead expenses are out of control.

Those smaller bills are not going to make a difference to not nor is bottom line. As much as minimizing rent or administrative salaries could be. However, it is very difficult to change these things.

Therefore, rather than think that business owners should minimize expenses. If they are running into revenue trouble, this is a good indication that they need to increase their sales and marketing.

However, by laying off some of the men administrative staff. Might seem like very harsh, but in the long term it is more ethical. Because it will help ensure that the business owner can pay everybody on time.

And if the business owner is not able to pay bills, it will be long until they cannot pay their staff. And that is not ethical way of running the business.

Therefore, business owners want to ensure that they can run a successful business. Not only should they hire CFO services. They need to ensure that they are paying bills on time every month. And if they are not able to, they should focus on increasing sales until they can.